Sino-Japanese and Korean dynamic lithium battery European ‘colonial’ Europe seeks to achieve ‘independent’

Sino-Japanese and Korean dynamic lithium battery European 'colonial' Europe seeks to achieve 'independent'

From the fifteenth centuries to the twentieth century, Europe has begun to take the wealth and conquer the world, starting for a few centuries of colonial expansion and colonial plunder, North America, South America, Australia, Africa, and Asia.. Today’s “War”, more times, it is given to describe the fierceness of the market, the excellence, the short-selling.

However, one of the unique situation still exists, once the unicorns of the country have become invincible and loneliness, seek overseas expansion will become an inevitable trend, and the power lithium battery field is this scene.. The power lithium battery army headed by Zhong Japan, is going to step to the European land, and the latter will apparently believe that this action has been considered a “aggression”.

. In such a European unhappy, the role of hundreds of years ago was reversed..

So described may be just a joke, but Europeans are serious, “For a long time, we must not rely on several Asian manufacturers!” Volkswagen CEO Herbert Disason finally couldn’t sit, righteous indignation, It means that the situation is very unbearable, how will Europeans break the bureau? Asian dynamic lithium batteries in Europe, my country, Japan, South Korea, these three power lithium battery companies in the three Asian core countries, which have poured into Europe in two consecutive places, and build large plants in the local area.. It seems that there is a coincidence, but the reasons behind it have explained that this is an inevitable result.

. Let’s see what case: Germany Time July 9, 2018, Catlcatl and Germany Thingen State Government signed an investment agreement at the Prime Minister of Berlin..

The former will invest 240 million euros (about 1.87 billion RMB), set up battery production base and intelligent manufacturing technology research and development center in Elfurt, Germany, Germany. For this chairman of this Catlcatl said: “In the first step in Europe, we chose Germany.

. We hope to bring the world’s most leading power lithium battery technology to Germany..

Through the formation of localized power lithium batteries in Europe, we can further close European customers, supply a more timely and effective product solution, and better respond to customer needs and more quickly.. “Catlcatl also has related plans in BYD in the domestic power lithium battery field – BYD has also revealed that we are considering production of batteries outside of my country, including Europe.

Recently, the German media reported on this, which reported that my country’s auto manufacturer BYD plans to build battery production plants in Europe and are currently tested in Germany and the United Kingdom.. More than 20 years of domestic old style battery companies have been established – Tianjin Zhizhen, although there is no construction plan for the time being, but it is interested in opening a sales office in Wolfsburg, Germany, and this city is the headquarters of the Volkswagen.

South Korea acts earlier in this area, in 2015, Korea LG announced the planning of the battery factory near Wroclaw, Poland, with a total investment of approximately $ 1.63 billion, which can supply 100 electric vehicles. Lithium Ion Battery.

Not long ago, South Korea announced that it would increase investment of 5.565 billion US dollars for this Polish battery factory. I hope to significantly increase production.

. “The factory is the first large car lithium-ion battery production plant in Europe, which will play an important role in the electric motor industry in Europe. We hope to build the Polish battery factory into the production of the world’s electric car battery.

. “South Korea’s LG Chemical Company President Ublee has introduced this factory. Samsung SDI and SKINNOVATION are not idle, the former Hungarian factory is completed in May 2017, 2018 completed official production, the annual output can be 5,000 electric vehicles supply power lithium batteries, follow-up will be special for Jaguar Road Tiger Production line of 21700 cylindrical battery.

Skinnovation’s European plant is also in Hungary, which is called the factory to be officially put into use in 2020.. Although Japan has no strong strength in my country and South Korea, many related companies are making it ready to move.

At the beginning of 2018, Gsyuasa (Gsyuasa) showed the attitude of the Hungarian construction plant.. According to the “Nikke Industry News”, GS Tang Ya-shadow company must not only build in Europe, which will also produce high-end new three-dimensional ion batteries here, and plans to put into production in 2020.

. Choosing the reasons behind Europe in July 2018, European electric vehicle sales have accumulated more than 212,000 units, up 41% year-on-year, and the overall protection of electric vehicles has exceeded 1 million units..

Obviously, the European electric car market is in booming. Frankly, the development of the European electric car market is so fast..

Since 2025, the Netherlands, Norway, France, and UK will begin to ban traditional gasoline vehicles and diesel vehicles, and the use of policy orientation is very obvious.. Take Germany as an example, in 2010, German Chancellor Merkel made a goal, that is, from the end of Germany, 1 million electric cars travel on the road at the end of 2020.

. Later, the German government found that the reality was very bone. It seems difficult to complete, so it delays the deadline of the target for two years, and launched “purchase incentives” and started with the vehicle enterprises.

. The government directly came out to encourage the development of electric vehicle market, and in other European countries, it can be described as full from the perspective, scale, and firmness..

As we all know, the automotive industry is the economic pillar of Europe, which has created an unacceptable favorable condition for the development of electric vehicle market.. Take the public as an example, the idea of ​​transition electricization has long been rooted.

In the future, all models in the group will achieve electricization, 3 million goals and direct investment of 20 billion euros prove the public determination.. Of course, my country’s market has also played a strong driving use.

. The reason why the car enterprises and batteries are so decisive, and the bright temptation of bright future has a lot..

Regarding the scale of the European battery market, the EU EN EN EN EN SEXKochi gives the answer not long ago, “the European battery market will reach 250 billion euros in the future. “The policy is in place, the market is developing rapidly, and the car enterprise actively cooperates, but Europe’s dynamic lithium battery industry is too late..

The number of European local dynamic lithium battery companies is small, especially related to Asia. The British “Financial Times” gives this group of data: currently around the world’s existing and planned batteries in Asia, only 69% of my country. The United States accounts for 15%, and the EU only accounts for less than 4%.

. Although European car companies are very tough, the demand for Asian dynamic lithium batteries is like hunger, and the government has to create favorable conditions for Asian companies..

The Hungarian government is the case, and its long-term equipment investment or mold investment is implemented in the French Tax Tax Rebate Policy.. In addition to the “inducement” of the government, the germs of German cars are also become the fragrance of the site.

. Elford is the capital of Turin, Germany, is close to Limixi, Hannover, surrounding layout, Bosch, Mercedes, BMW and other cars and auto parts companies, Catlcatl chooses to build plants here, and future cooperation channels will become convenient and smooth..

Why is China and Japan so strong? Recently, Switzerland Bank (UBS) announced a research report that the demand for dynamic lithium batteries will rise nearly 10 times, which is expected to increase from 93GWH in 2018 to 973GWH in 2025, which is equivalent to 19 TSLA Super Factory Yield. In this increasingly large cake, there is only a drool-free part of the European, and you must pay yourself to meet the company’s development needs..

In March 2018, Volkswagen announced that the global market has been bidding for battery purchases, and the amount of orders reached 50 billion euros. CATL will divide this first cup..

In December 2018 Daimler announced that it will purchase more than 20 billion euros in the world, Catlcatl, South Korea LG, Skinnovation, etc.. So why is the Asian dynamic lithium battery industry representative of China Japan? Think carefully, the reason is nothing more than three: one, the industry chain is perfect.

In the 1990s, a mobile phone lithium-ion battery can sell around thousands of yuan, South Korea and Japan’s battery companies have soon been a leader in the world.. However, the reason is to be large because Chinese people have not entered.

From BYD to get the lithium-ion battery order in 2000 in 2000, the quality and performance of my country’s lithium-ion batteries have been widely recognized.. With the rise of BYD, a large number of battery manufacturing companies began to quickly enter the lithium-ion battery industry.

. Once the market size of my country, once the cost advantage is played, it is not the price of Europe, and it is not a competitive in Japan..

Today’s electronic products, the domestic supply chain has begun to try to reduce the dependence on the international brand, and the more and more powerful, which is from domestic brands.. Today’s dynamic lithium battery industry is also the truth, plus the entire industry chain is supported by policy, and it is difficult to develop.

. Although the policy has gone some detours in the mature process, it has proved that the entire industry chain has been quietly pulled. From the upstream non-ferrous metal processing, mining, import, to the middle-reachable positive and negative, electrolyte, diaphragm, and then to the downstream battery development, the entire chain can’t find the short board, especially in Catlcatl’s unicorn Battery manufacturing company.

Related to my country, although Japan’s industrial chain has technical advantages, more closed features limit the scale and development speed. South Korea pays more attention to globalization, which is its greatest core advantage, and the second point to say below. Second, global cooperation.

Taking my country as an example, powerful policy driving for the domestic new energy car market is thriving, the new forces, such as the rain, spring bamboo shoots. Catlcatl did not advance overseas in such a large environment, but the deep tillage in our market made it firmly occupied the first place in my country, which also launched a solid foundation for it is about to layout Germany..

Catlcatl’s success, inseparable from the start of the initial period and BMW, it is the latter to give this very potential battery manufacturer’s all-round support and cooperation opportunities, in the birth of this unicorn. Panasonic and TSLA cooperation is more deeper, the former’s technical advantage is the latter value. South Korea’s LG and European mainstream traditional car companies have been started, Volvo, Volkswagen, general equivalent is LG’s deep partner.

. After these battery companies and European car companies have become partners, from the initial partnership, slowly develop into today’s dependencies, and Catlcatl today has successfully made many European car companies and lost. Happy, battery companies from my country have a very good choice; the cause of loss is very simple, they take a step forward on “dependence”.

Third, technical advantages. Although it has achieved successful success, these Asian dynamic lithium battery manufacturers will not be in the current situation. They know that the three-yuan lithium-ion battery will not always be pet, and the future is the best way to bring their partners for a long time.

. Therefore, the solid state battery, fuel power battery and other technologies are slowly mastered by Asian Battery Company..

As early as in 1992, Feng Tian began to develop hydrogen fuel power batteries. Today, Toyota Mirai, Honda Clarity has successfully mass production and enter the market..

In addition, my country has also reserves in fuel power batteries, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Ouyang Ming Gao, said in 2018 my country Automotive Industry Development (TEDA) International Forum, is expected to be in 2020 Reaching 10,000, and reached 1 million in 2030. In addition, the solid-state battery is also an important development direction of the future. The relevant person in charge of CATL has said that the solid-state battery is a consensus on the future, and CATL also has in-depth research, and has applied for a lot of relevant patents.

. After reading the information, CATL has obtained a number of patents such as solid electrolyte diaphragm and lithium-ion battery, lithium-ion battery..

The monopoly advantage of lithium-ion batteries allows Sino-Japanese and Korean power lithium battery companies with more time and capital to lay out. If Europe is not going to meet, hard work, in the future, the dynamic lithium battery sector is still Asian company’s world. How to achieve “independent” “dynamic lithium battery is an important part of electric vehicles, Europe must take action, because global competition is increasingly fierce.

If the previous engine is the most important part of the car, then the future will be battery and software.. We must prevent yourself from over-reliance on competitors in technology.

“Vice President of the European Commission Mallos Sevkovic launched in the European Battery Industry Alliance Action Plan. So how do you do it? From the individual, December 11, 2018, Daimler announced that it will invest 1 billion euros to build a powerful lithium battery production network, covering the eight major dynamic lithium battery factories in the three continents, including the first power lithium in Carmenz, Germany. The battery factory has been put into production, and it is also included in the second power lithium battery factory in Carmenz and two plants located in Stuttgart, Germany.

. Swedish Battery Northvolt has established cooperative relationships with BMW, the former TSLA executive Peter Carlson’s Northvolt to raise 4 billion euros, the purpose is only one – construct plant, but the output is less poor, and Asia’s batteries Manufacturing companies cannot compare. The foregoing mentioned the state of Hurt Disresses, the CEO of the Popular Group, and he announced that it is planned to produce solid batteries, expected to start mass production from 2024 or 2025.

. In addition, he also stressed that the factory is very likely to build in Germany..

Prior to this, the public invested 100 million US dollars to Quantumscape, California, USA, jointly establishing a joint venture, important research and development direction is a solid battery technology. At the time of the government and organization level, in October 2017, the European Commission established a European battery industry alliance consisting of European automotive manufacturers and battery companies, hoping to build 10-20 large-scale battery factories, the public, and BMW in the future. Well-known manufacturers such as Daimler and Renault have joined.

In November 2018, France called on European batteries and automakers to set up a league to meet the expected electric vehicle battery needs and compete with currently dominated Asian producers.. From a positive perspective, as long as it is determined to develop the dynamic lithium battery industry is not shaken, all the efforts in Europe are not too late, many related technologies have great development potential, and the market is far from saturating.

According to the report published by the research institution WoodmackenziePowerRenewables, European output will grow 20 times in the next 7 years, and the battery production is expected to add 90GWH annually until 2025.. As a chasing person, Europe has to pay more funds and greater effort than Asian companies, and actively and latter cooperation, while purchasing orders, enhance technology reserves and promoting the maturity of industry chains, only constitutive systems, It can cultivate the growth effect of benign cycles in the market.

. In addition, the European automotive industry has a long-term solid foundation and technological innovation ability..

Technical, European batteries want to complete counterattack in the future, limited to the technology in front of them, and increase the new technical field of research and development of solid-state batteries is positive solution. Looking at the future, investing in the long line, maybe you can bring the biggest and most practical opportunities for Europe.

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