Sino-Japan and South Korea’s War ‘Battery Market

Sino-Japan and South Korea's War 'Battery Market

China Japan and South Korea “Three Kingdoms” At the Popular Group Financial Report, Volkswagen CEO Muller announced a battery procurement plan of up to 50 billion euros.. In my country and Europe, there is currently 20 billion euros procurement, including only two suppliers – one is my country’s CATL, Muller did not disclose another company name, only coming from South Korea.

. Volkswagen’s procurement plan shows the current market style in the battery sector. In addition to China and South Korea, Japan in East Asia is also a strong existence in the battery sector, such as Panasonic in China, because of the supporting TSLA, has been known for its world.

. Bathers manufacturers in Sino-Japan and South Korea have constituted the world’s strongest lineup. In the sales of global power lithium battery companies in 2017, in the top ten rankings, my country’s company accounted for most of the market share, Japan and South Korea, LG, Samsung, and three shipments were 10GWH, 4.

5, respectively. GWH, 2.8GWH.

Since the birth of the lithium-ion battery industry, it has been born since the early 1990s, and has been monopolized by Japan. At the beginning, the Japanese Han Han Heart, now China and South Korea Sanyuan Ding Li, looking at the current lithium-ion battery industry pattern, China and Japan and South Korea The situation will continue in the future for a long time..

CATL “Different Army Procedures” At present, the global power lithium battery market is from Asia 5 companies.. Including CATL, Panasonic, South Korea, South Korea, Shenzhen Byd.

CATL is an inconspicuous unknown suburbs in Ningde.. This three-tier cities located in the southeastern southeast are unlikely to be the forefront of the technical revolution, but the company born here is expected to exceed TSLA, Samsung and other old manufacturers.

. When TSLA is high-profile, my country’s battery manufacturers have made significant progress in bad batteries..

According to the “2017 my country Unicorn Company Development Report” announced on March 23, CATL is a sixth year, and it is a sixth year and become a super unicorn company.. In addition to CATL, Tianjin Zhishen, BYD, etc.

also followed. Under the active support policy of the government, my country’s battery companies are beginning to dominate the 30-year industry in this Japanese and South Korea (such as Panasonic)..

With the investment of automotive manufacturers, lithium-ion batteries will become key technologies in the next at least 10 years.. According to the industry estimation, by 2025, the scale of this market will reach 40 billion US dollars, and is dominated by my country.

. In 2013, my country exceeds South Korea, becoming the world’s largest electronic equipment lithium-ion battery supplier. One year later, with the shift of electric motor market in my country, the lead price rose.

In 2016, my country’s market has sold 507,000 electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles, adding 50% from the previous year.. Data show that although Panasonic is still the world’s largest electric vehicle battery supplier, my country’s Bayi-fund manager Barings Global Resources Stock Director Duncangoodwin said: “Japanese people invented this technology, and Koreans expanded their scale and put into production, and my country Finally lead the market, because this is the final direction of the market.

“According to the data of BloombergneWenergyFinance, if my country’s battery company can achieve the goal, by 2020, they will have the capacity to produce 121GW batteries.. In contrast, TSLA has achieved complete production in 2018, its goal is 35GW.

A unit of GWH will be sufficient to supply 100 kilometers from 4,000 electric vehicles. CATL’s research and development department has 1,000 employees. The company has more than 2,000 battery-related patents, and industry analysts said last year, they expect the company to “catch global peers in product quality”.

On March 15th, CATL (or “CATL”) has also obtained the British “Financial Times” 2017 “Commercial Power Award” (BoldnessInbusinessAwards). As a world leading power lithium battery system and energy storage system, with its non-challenge of commercial courage and innovation, the “most powerful emerging market company award” has been awarded the first award-winning new energy since the establishment of the award. Automotive lithium-ion battery company.

The polarization of the battery industry “Dalang Tsueping” power lithium battery industry has formed a technical barrier, and the first year has cost advantages and customer barriers, and has formed an important moat of the industry. Therefore, in the field of power lithium battery, some will have announced giving up. For example, the world’s largest automotive parts manufacturer in Germany announced that the self-made power lithium battery unit will be given up, and the purchased battery unit.

In the future, the complete battery system will be supplied through its own battery management system technology and system integration.. Previously, Bosch investd about 400 million euros per year, tried to break through the electric travel field, most of which used to develop battery technology.

In December last year, Bosch said it is considering investment of 20 billion euros, making its battery output to 200GWH in 2030 to fight against competitors from Asia.. Since last year, the giants, including Nissan, NEC, have begun to extract from the lithium-ion battery service.

. “Do the biggest risk of making batteries comes from market, technology and resources..

“Zhongguancun New Battery Technology Innovation Alliance Secretary-General, the Battery Chamber of Director said that the future world is not short-term, but lack of core materials and resources. As the moxibustion of the raw material market is hot, capital has become a key to a new round of strength. “Bosch et al.

Gives up the battery investment is very sensible. “In recent years, the news of the extraction of lithium-ion battery business has not been seen. In addition to Bosch, in August last year, NEC will determine the lithium-ion battery business, and will produce the subsidiary of the electrodes, selling to my country’s private equity investment fund.

Jiang Capital (GSRCapital). This subsidiary is important for Nissan pure electric vehicle “LEAF” car battery production electrodes, annual sales of approximately 15 billion yen. In addition, Nissan and NEC’s joint venture Battery AUTOMOTINERGYSUPPLY (AESC) Division also sold Golden Shajiang Capital.

AESC’s capitalization ratio is 51%, NEC and NECENERGYDEVICE account for 49%. At that time, Nissan will first acquire AESC49% of the AESC49% from NEC. After holding AESC, they will be packaged to Jinshajiang Capital.

. AESC is purchasing electrodes from NecenergyDevice, with an annual sales of approximately 30 billion yen..

In 2016, AESC was shipped with 1622MWH, second only to Panasonic, BYD and LG chemistry, ranked fourth worldwide.. Therefore, the sale of AESC at the time, is considered to be a lithium battery old Sony (47.

99, -0.35, -0.72) after exiting the battery service, another heavy bomb in the global power lithium-ion battery industry.

The sale is considered to be around 100 billion yen. About Bosch withdraw from the lithium-ion battery business, Bosch said that the current global dynamic lithium battery market is from 5 major companies in Asia for a long time. Including CATL, Panasonic, South Korea, South Korea, Shenzhen Byd.

These have had climate, Bosch, if the battery unit is put into production, will take a lot of market risks. Secondly, at the cost level, 75% of the cost of a battery unit comes from raw materials such as lithium, plus processing, packaging, transportation, etc., the profit space is very limited, once the price war is set off by competitors, it is easy to return to death.

Yu Qing said that the top ten battery manufacturers have occupied 70% of the battery market in my country.. These battery manufacturers have complete layouts on the four key materials.

. Dr. and NEC, including Mercedes, Daimler, Volkswagen, in my country’s market does not have resource advantages, materials are all purchased from my country, so there is no bottom at all levels.

In addition, from the perspective of investment, it is also obvious that after Bosch is deeply integrity, it believes that by 2030, the global power lithium battery production will reach 1000GKWH, such as Bochi to meet 20% of the market share, at least To invest 20 billion euros to purchase equipment production, testing, recycling equipment. This huge investment has stressful for any parts company..

Once the technological revolutionary innovation, the early investment is very likely to become a heavy cost. At present, the energy density of the lithium ion battery mainly based on liquid electrolyte can not fully meet the needs of electric vehicles..

And the Bosch plan “corner overtaking” will be put into solid-state batteries and next-generation lithium-ion battery technology, but it is expected to be mature by 2025.. In the CDC, unless there is very obvious subversion on the material, the lithium-ion battery is still mainstream in the next three or five years in the next three or five years.

. Other technologies of innovation and replacement, still have a long time to go. The industry will welcome deep shuffling.

Although my country has already occupied most of the market in the dynamic lithium battery, it is largely relying on government subsidies.. Today, with the resurface of government subsidies, this situation will change.

Japan and South Korea and other batteries have plans in our country. It is waiting for the policy to lifting the ban – Currently, Panasonic has established a factory in Dalian and Suzhou, and the large-scale plant has been put into production..

Suzhou factory produces 18650 cylindrical batteries. And Samsung is in Xi’an, Samsung SDI Battery Factory is put into operation in Xi’an, and its production line will have an annual output of 40,000 high-performance automobile power (pure electric EV standard) batteries..

In addition, LG can supply more than 550,000 batteries in Nanjing, with approximately 180,000 new energy vehicles.. In fact, there is currently a Japanese-Korean battery in my country’s plug-in hybrid vehicles, which is not very wonderful in my country’s battery companies.

. On the other hand, my country’s powered lithium battery has not been successful to international cases..

CATL plans to build plants in the Europe this year, but the current address has not selected. From the public’s “super” order, its attitude towards my country is still – my country exclusive. CATL “Going out” is still relying on its growth “novice” – BMW Group, the latter helps CATL quickly become the main lithium battery supplier in my country by introducing technical standards.

. Of course, Bosch’s extraction of the battery business does not mean that this market will be given up, and it will continue to increase research and development in terms of integration of battery systems..

In the future, Bosch will continue to force in system integration, energy efficiency core and standardization.. And this is the ability of many battery manufacturers.

. In addition, the development of the next generation of batteries will also make my country feel the future pressure..

In the industry, fine division of labor will become the development direction of future battery sectors.. In 2019, my country will begin to implement new energy vehicle points policy.

This will be a turning point that the electric car is really popular.. Under the “Market and Policy” two-wheel drive, the dual integration policy is implemented, and the fuel-saving, the continuous improvement of infrastructure such as the agenda, charging piles and power resources, and the increase in power lithium battery energy density and cost reduction.

Industrial production ushered in growth …

In this context, the market competitiveness of the battery industry chain will be greatly improved in the market.. “The gap between my country’s technical route and Japan and South is gradually narrowing.

“In the eyes of the Qing Dynasty, in the future, my country’s battery companies can exceed Samsung, LG and Panasonic.. On the one hand, my country’s battery companies will include M & A reorganizations through various ways, or obtain relevant technologies from the market.

. On the other hand, China is sitting in my country’s largest battery market, it is likely to develop standards and rules through their own sound after technology maturation..

In various power lithium battery leaders accelerate the expansion, the lithium-eM new energy industry will usher in a new round of depth shuffling in the context of competition.

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