Shi Dasheng Huaquan City built new energy material projects continue to increase the charging lithium battery business

Shi Dasheng Huaquan City built new energy material projects continue to increase the charging lithium battery business

On the afternoon of October 13, Shi Dashenghua announced the notice, the company intended to cooperate with Chengzhong Quanzhou Petrochemical Co., Ltd. to establish a joint venture company, invest 440,000 tons / year new energy material project.

According to the company, the project is implemented in two phases, and the company intends to set up a joint venture equity to account for 55%.. The company said that this investment can consolidate the leading core position of the stone big win, the company’s lithium-ion battery material business continues to raise supply source.

In recent years, Shi Dasheng Huaxin Energy Chemical Business has enabled rapid rise, and the company is important products with dimethyl carbonate, carbonate products such as propylene carbonate, electrolyte special additives and MTBE and other products.. The company has become a high-quality solvent raw material supplier of many lithium-ion battery electrolyte manufacturers at home and abroad.

. According to the notice, the company intends to set up 440,000 tons / year new energy material project in the investment construction of joint venture companies in Quanzhou. The total investment of 1301 million yuan, the overall project is planned, and it is divided into two phases.

One of the first phases of investment of 794 million yuan. 120,000 tons / year carbonate device, 100,000 tons / year carbonate devices, the planning period is 19 months, planned in April 2021 to be completed. Later, the company will build the second phase of the project according to the market situation, and also includes a set of 120,000 tons / annual carbonate device and a set of 100,000 tons / annual carbonate devices, the planned construction period is 12 months.

. The company predicts that after the 440,000 tons / year new energy material project is put into production, the business income can be achieved of 2.26 billion yuan, and the total amount of net profit is 21 million yuan.

. The company said that the lithium-ion battery electrolyte material is an important part of the stone big victory of Hua, which is one of the core business segments of the company’s future key development..

Based on the future development prospects of the new energy vehicle industry, the company’s layout can give full play to the company’s carbonate business advantages, integrate market resources, seize market opportunities, and enhance the company’s overall profitability, in line with the company’s long-term strategic development plan. The “Securities Daily” reporter learned from the company, since this year, Shi Dashenghua has grown with new energy automotive industry, continuously encrypting lithium-ion battery electrolyte materials, in the solvent, solute, additive all-round layout, business further to the new energy industry chain. In March this year, the company announced that it is planned to establish a joint venture company in Poland, which plans to build a 20,000-ton / annual carbonate (EC) product project in Poland to explore the European market, fully bind the downstream core customers.

. In August, the company also announced the notice at the same time, and proposed an investment of 560 million yuan to build 50,000 tons / annual carbonate (DMC) project in Dongying Hong Kong Economic Development Zone, and it is also intended to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary in Kenli District, Dongying City. Investment of 160 million yuan to build 5,000 tons / annual lithium battery additive project.

Among them, after the expansion of 50,000 tons of DMC production and supporting equipment projects were put into production, the company DMC equity production was 1.5 times from the current 105,000 tons..

According to the National Sea Stock Executive, the DMC series products have broad market space in electrolyte solvents and polycarbonate synthesis, and the new production will be opened for the company to grow long-term growth space.. Newly built power lithium battery additive projects are also available in the industry.

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