Shenzhen Airbal Battery Laboratory cooperation BYD to develop advanced charging lithium batteries for electric aircraft

Shenzhen Airbal Battery Laboratory cooperation BYD to develop advanced charging lithium batteries for electric aircraft

: Airbus) According to foreign media reports, recently, in my country’s new airbar my country Innovation Center (ACIC) Battery Laboratory is looking for new technology, supplying power for a new generation of electric aircraft. Asia is the center of global battery development and production, Japan and South Korea are the world’s leadership..

However, my country is also accelerating development, caught up with traditional big countries.. Moreover, my country has the ability to become a superpower in the battery.

It is estimated that by 2021, my country’s electric vehicle battery production will account for 70% of the world.. This is also why vibrators choose to set up new battery laboratory in my country’s Innovation Center (Shenzhen).

The laboratory opened in August 2019, not only using the rich ecosystem of Shenzhen (my country’s technology center), but also uses my country and Asia’s ecosystems, and testing the electricity propulsion system, electrical system and other broad fields.. Although battery development has made impressive results in recent decades, there is still a lot of research and development potential, including research and development of new materials and chemical combinations.

. In addition to battery safety and durability testing, ACIC Battery Lab will also be dedicated to search for a solution for a long battery charm..

One of the problems is thermal out of control.. Thermal out of control is an unable to prevent chain in the battery, which will cause the battery to quickly overheat and cause a fire.

. Although this situation is rare, it will happen on a computer or mobile phone..

In 2016, due to battery failure, millions of electronic devices were recalled.. Although lithium-ion batteries are considered to be the most effective rechargeable battery, the recall event also reminds people that such batteries are not safe hidden dangers, which also limits their applications in the field.

. In order to develop new battery solutions that can be used in commercial sectors, the ACIC team will cooperate with Shenzhen local partners such as one of the world’s largest electric vehicles and battery manufacturers – BYD..

The team also works closely with AirbusbatteryCoc, which is committed to developing new battery solutions for aerospace applications.. If the industry should promote the development of flight electrification, improve the safety and performance of the battery is crucial.

. Specifically, the success of urban air travel and future hybrid aircraft depends on whether high performance and safe battery technology have been developed..

This is also the core focus of the ACIC battery laboratory, which is dedicated to the development of the battery for the power promotion system, which is a prerequisite for the power supply of the new aircraft.. The ACIC battery laboratory also studies how to securely use high-end lithium-ion batteries safely with high-grade lithium-ion batteries without restricting the weight of the housing, supply power for the aircraft system.

As the laboratory quickly expands the scope of operation, it is also possible to further explore other fields.

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