Shanxi Technology 100,000 tons of charging lithium battery negative material officially put into production

Shanxi Technology 100,000 tons of charging lithium battery negative material officially put into production

On the morning of August 3, the world’s largest lithium-ion battery negative material base – Shanxi Technology 100,000 tons of Baotou integrated base in Baotou Qingshan held a production ceremony. Zhangyuan, Zhangyuan, Party Committee of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, deputy secretary of Baotou Municipal Party Committee, deputy secretary of Baotou Municipal Party Committee, Zhao Jiangtao, Baotou City and Qingshan District, Jiuyuan District and other relevant leaders attended the meeting. Chairman of the Shansan Holding Board, Zheng Yonggang, Chairman of Shanxi Technology, attended and speaking.

Shanni company’s core executives and saicon customers, suppliers, hundreds of guests have gathered together, witnessing this historical moment.. Baotou integrated base started in April 2018, lasted in 15 months to build production, important production of negative materials suitable for electric vehicles and energy storage areas.

The project plans to invest 38 billion yuan, covering an area of ​​980 acres, with a total construction area of ​​330,000 square meters.. After the project is completed, it can produce 60,000 tons of graphite negative electrode materials and 40,000 tons of carbon coated graphite negative electrode materials, including 50,000 tons of graphitization capacity.

. It is expected that the annual output value is 5 billion yuan, which can create taxes of 400 million yuan for the Baotou area. Supply 1,000 jobs.

. Li Fengfeng said that Shanxi Technology is currently establishing six production bases in Shanghai, Ningbo, Ningde, Baotou and other places, with national company technology centers and the world’s leading research and development technology team, enters the world’s important customer supply chain. The completion of the Baotou Base is a historic breakthrough, which will effectively fill the negative output gap, realize the company’s cost control capability, production delivery capability, product quality capacity.

. In the future, the Separate Technical Team will continue to work closely with quality customers and suppliers, and achieve the win-win situation of the industrial chain, and strive to make the industry’s promoters and leaders..

Zheng Yonggang said, 20 years ago, the Shanshan Institute of Heat Energy Research Institute, created my country’s lithium-ion battery negative material from nothing. In the past 20 years, Submerged adheres to independent innovation, continuous development of enterprising, and develops a comprehensive supplier of lithium-electric materials for global technology and scale..

With the transfer of the global lithium-electric industry and the development of new energy vehicles, a new energy revolution has come, and the development of Shann Industries is in line with the Times Trend.. In the face of change, Sub will seize the opportunity and work hard.

. He emphasized that the production of Baotou Base also means new mission and responsibility, hoping that Shanle can achieve the world’s leading technical standards, becoming the leader of the development of industry standards, achieving the “Global Lithium New Energy Leaders” Goal. Zhao Jiangtao said that the production of the first phase of the 100,000-ton lithium-ion battery negative electrode material, which not only created the leadingment of similar projects, reflecting the work efficiency of Shan, which reflects the work efficiency of the Shanshan, the advanced management, and the hard work style, which is also the header.

Create upstream complete industrial chains, speeding up the development of new energy industries is important. The project is also a great results in the strategic cooperation in Shanxi and Baotou City, which laid a solid foundation for the subsequent cooperation between the two sides..

At the scene, Zhang Shu Zhong, Zhao Jiangtao and other municipalities and municipalities leaders, Zheng Yonggang, Zhuang Wei, Li Fengshui, and the important customer guests of Shanxi Technology jointly launched the production ceremony, and at the same time, more than 400 workers at the production workshop of Baotou Base were also started. Official production of Baotou Base. After the ceremony, the site guests led by the staff to the production of Shanxi Technology Baotou production workshop, the production status of the overall base of the head.

Baotou integrated production base puts into production, marking Shannon will have a leading lithium-ion battery negative material industry base in the world, achieving Shanxi Technology from raw materials to finished product integrated strategic layout. Founded in 1999, Shanghai Shanchi Technology Co., Ltd.

is the first lithium-ion battery negative material production company in my country. At present, Shanghai, Ningbo, Zhangzhou, Fujian, Huzhou, Inner Mongolia and other six major research and development and production bases..

In 2019, Ningbo Shanxi Technology Technology Co., Ltd. was identified as a national company technology center, marking the company’s first in the same industry.

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