Shanshi Co., Ltd.

Shanshi Co., Ltd.

On May 10th, Ningbo Shanfu Shanna Shanna Shanno Brand Operation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shanshi Brand”) received the my country Securities Regulatory Commission “Approved” Shannab branded is not more than 42,857,000 foreign market foreign stock stocks, and the annual value of RMB 1 is all ordinary stocks.

. After completing this release, the saicon brand can be listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Joint Trading Office Co., Ltd.

. This means that the original main business saicon garment will be split, and go to the H shares on the list..

After listed, the main business of Shanfu Shares is more prominent, and it is a lithium-e-energy industry company that is dominated by lithium-ion battery materials.. Many people think that the main business of the Shanxi is a suit.

. But in fact, it has been completely transformed into a lithium-ion battery industry company, and is the world’s largest lithium-ion battery positive, negative electrode, electrolyte material supplier. The above-mentioned transformation can be analyzed from the business annual report of Shanfu Shares.

The 2017 Sc Curry has shown that the company has achieved operating income of 8.27 billion yuan, up 51.07% year-on-year, achieving net profit of 896 million yuan, increased by 171.

42% year-on-year. The net profit of deducting non-recurring profit or loss is 441 million yuan, up 72.07% year-on-year.

. Among them, the new energy business has achieved 7.489 billion yuan, accounting for 90.

5% of total operating income; costume brand operations is 666 million yuan, accounting for 8.1% of the company’s total operating income, and the net profit is 49.3748 million, accounting for 5.

5%.. From the perspective of revenue, the 2017 annual increase in the largest part of 2016 is also from new energy services, such as lithium-electric materials, more than 2 billion yuan, other and new energy related business A revenue of nearly 700 million yuan.

It is reported that the positive material produced by Shanfu stock has been ranked first in the country in four years, and the negative material is the first time in 2017, and the electrolyte rises to the fourth and foot see this. Transformation success. And, the spools on the clothing business have also been recognized by the securities industry.

The research report of the Skywind Securities Research reported that the research report of the Scenary of April 2nd believes that in view of the company’s current focusing in the new energy field, in order to make the garment business Better financing platform, company split clothing business is listed in H shares. And the clothing business is split, and the sauté is more focused on battery material business..

It is reported that the Shanshu Co., Ltd. has established a new energy material industry in lithium-ion batteries as the company’s main business.

In the future, the investment in technical research and development and production scale will continue to increase.. From the perspective of R & D technology, Shan as the first company in my country’s first company in China, has established a national corporate technology center, 2 provincial corporate technology centers, 2 postdoctoral workstations, high pressure cobalt The strength of the frontal area of ​​lithium lithium, high nickel trimeterials, low temperature fast charge, silicon negative electrode material is strong.

Separates use “application generation, develop generation, reserve generation generation” research and development ideas, mass produced the world’s first 4.45V high-voltage cobaltate product in high voltage sorbate. In terms of three-yuan materials, the company has more than 80% of materials, mass production and promotion of single crystal ternary materials while developing nickel content, and can effectively improve battery capacity and cycle performance.

. From the scales, Shan is the world’s largest lithium-ion battery material production company. At the end of 2017, the picotic electrode output was 60,000 tons, the normal current production was 43,000 tons, all of the world.

. The lithium production line of the second phase of Hunan Sushi Xining Township has been put into production in April 2017, and the three yuan production line is investigated by the end of 2017..

Submerged energy is initiated in Ningxia Shizishan City, which has launched an annual output of 7,200 tons of high-nickel-based three yuan and precursor project, and tried to invest in March 2018.. In 2018, the construction of two 100,000 tons of projects through Changsha positive and Baotou, will further increase the advantage in production.

. Shanshi Co., Ltd.

is a very successful one-step chess. It has been early, accumulating the accumulation of thickness, and the strength of the strength of the thickness, the Shanfu stocks, the leading company, the leading company in the field of negative electrode materials, is being reached to the electrolysis The fields of liquids and other materials, trying to build a kingdom of lithium-electric materials, with my country’s new energy automotive industry, the split service business is also rational. .

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