Separate energy in five years is a global lithium-eM new energy leader company

Separate energy in five years is a global lithium-eM new energy leader company

On April 18th, the new three-board company Shanshi energy announced the 2017 annual report said that the company achieved business income of 4.26 billion yuan last year, up 69.86% over the same period last year; net profit was 600.

2 billion yuan, up 192% year-on-year. The company is important to supply lithium-ion battery positive material products, including lithium cobaltate, multi-positive electrode material (such as NCM, NCA, etc.), lithium manganese acid lithium manganganate; wherein the sales of lithium cobaltate, multi-positive material product is an important income of company And profit source.

Products are important to sell to my country, South Korea, Japan, my country and other areas, and customers are important for international domestic well-known lithium battery manufacturers, applied to all kinds of digital products, electric tools, energy storage, and new energy vehicles lithium-ion battery cells.. With the rapid development of new energy vehicles and consumer electronics, battery materials, especially lithium-ion battery materials, rise rapidly.

The company is the world’s first lithium-ion battery positive material manufacturer, currently nearly 50,000 tons of lithium-ion battery positive material, precursor production scale, with national corporate technology center, national post-doctoral research station and other scientific research and innovation platforms. The company will focus on new energy vehicles, 3C digital domain markets, focus on the development of high security, high voltage type, high voltage real-purpose, high-proportional energy and other models of lithium-ion battery positive materials, important to targeted domestic and foreign development, high quality Digital and power customers, at the same time, overseas markets will achieve high speed rise. The company continues to steadily develop 3C consumer battery market, deeply dig new energy vehicle power battery market, close attention to storage battery market.

The company said that in the next five years, through continuous strengthening technological innovation and scale process, in the traditional 3C digital field, high-voltage, high-pressure real, high circulation and other product technology, focusing on high-capacity, high security in the field of power lithium battery Performance Trimage Product Technology, eventually reached “Global Lithium New Energy Leaders”. .

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