Self-combustion frequency after watching the car enterprise how to ‘preservation’ power lithium battery

Self-combustion frequency after watching the car enterprise how to 'preservation' power lithium battery

Recently, with the cooperation of the ASLA carbon and new material manufacturers, the development of the dynamic lithium battery shell, Volkswagen recycles the battery, as well as strong combination of domestic host factory and battery recycling company, these initiatives let the public It is seen that the various problems caused by the increasing number of automobile power lithium batteries or will have a solution.. Passive protection is attached, carbon fiber plastic protects to interview with relevant experts in this website to explore the story behind the electric car battery, a statement in Sigli Carbon Company in its official website has caused our attention.

. This statement said the company will cooperate with the awareness to produce carbon fiber plastic material power lithium battery housing, which is 40% weight than the same volume of aluminum alloy material, and has higher strength. More importantly, this shell will support more OEM methods, and better support the proposal plan.

Previously, Sigli Carbon Company was disclosed by its official website and the declaration of the awareness and its research and development of the dynamic lithium battery shell sample in it. The ES8 model was charged in Xi’an 4S shop in Xi’an 4S shop. After the self-ignition report, the problem of passive protection of electric vehicle power lithium batteries has attracted the extensive attention of electric vehicles and practitioners.

. Previously, this ES8 power lithium battery and its cooling plate have hit, causing short circuit to fire..

Working with Sigli to promote the power lithium battery housing to a higher strength and lighter case, will effectively improve the passive safety of electric vehicle power lithium batteries.. This is in the past, and we interviewed the expert’s view, but the way to take the same way, the expert’s point of view is the use of airgels for passive protection.

Electric cars are all over the world, and the recycling battery is hot discussion on the promotion of driving lithium batteries, while other car companies are also upgraded to strategic status to strategic status.. Volkswagen will start recycling 1200 tons of batteries in Germany in 2020.

This is closely related to the world’s electric car in the world.. In my country, the public has launched two electric cars with E-Golf and E-BORA.

. According to the plan previously announced by Volkswagen, by 2025, the company produced 1 million electric vehicles each year, and the company’s electric vehicle power lithium battery used was 10-15 years..

After the battery is significantly attenuated, the Volkswagen will re-manufactured a portion of the battery into a remote charging station or a home energy storage device, another battery disassembly, refining rare metals, and re-manufacturing the battery.. The picture shows the electric vehicle renderings announced by the Volkswagen, with the popularity of electric vehicles in my country, especially the development of bus electricity in the country, my country’s battery recovery company and the main plant will also fully appear.

. In the “waste battery recycling dismantling” and “waste battery recycling residual detection” and other national standards, and “Shenzhen 2018 new energy vehicle promotion and application financial support policy” local subsidy policy Driven, Hunan Bangp and BMW, Green Mei and BYD and Beiqi Penglong, Zhangzhou Haoting and Beiqi Xin Energy and other companies, Guanghua Technology is more rapid and Guangxi Huaao, Nanjing Jinlong, Chery Wanda, Wuzhou Dragon Motor Waiting for many car companies to establish partnerships. As with the public, these power lithium battery recycling companies will have a great change in the rare metal recycling field of scrap dynamic lithium batteries.

. It is reported that lithium, cobalt, nickel, manganese, copper, aluminum, graphite, diaphragm, etc. in power lithium batteries, etc.

, theoretically achieve 42,900 yuan / ton. According to incomplete statistics, our national reported electric vehicle power lithium battery accumulated electricity will break through 25GWH in 2020, facing such a huge battery scrap, the “rich” effect of this market is highlighted. The power lithium battery that prevents some scrapped standards has been simply refurbished by lawless practitioners, and the hidden dangers that have been combined with a larger self-ignite or more serious accident, it has become an urgent problem in the industry.

. Editor’s electric vehicle power lithium battery spontaneous, recycled, and remanufacture, with the acceleration of electric vehicles in the world, will become hot topics of the entire automobile. At present, the powerful lithium battery is actively protected or will become an important measure in the internal short circuit of the control dynamic lithium battery.

. In addition, the standardization of the dynamic lithium battery recovery industry, the rational mining of “rich mines”, has become a problem that the entire electric vehicle industry and even a circular economy is urgently needed..

With the advancement of technology, the electric motor industry will also upgrade, we look forward to the existing power lithium battery can be more properly recycled, and more new energy storage materials will also be safe while solving the mileage worries of electric vehicles. Increasingly improved, as much as possible, consumers, the worries of electric vehicles. .

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