Samsung leads the Korean Separate my country’s power lithium battery cake

Samsung leads the Korean Separate my country's power lithium battery cake

[Samsung SDI and LG chemistry have more than 10,000 registration patents in the battery, and 7% to 10% of the annual sales are investigated.. The Korean battery company rolls, in China, the operation is frequent, want to cut to a larger cake from my country’s new energy vehicle field.

. Recently, there is close to Samsung SDI industry to report by the reporter that Samsung SDI may might carry out the battery layout for micro-passenger cars, and launch the energy density to 300Wh / kg, staring at my country’s new energy car subsidies in 2020. Market after exiting.

When the first financial reporter finalized to Samsung SDI, the company did not discuss this. However, Samsung SDI mentioned in its third quarter earning: “From a medium long term, with the 2020 my country market will relieve new energy subsidies, it will effectively expand the development of Samsung SDI in China and increase the increase in profits. Great contribution, we will prepare for the new movement of the market.

“Not only Samsung SDI, the other two LG chemistry and SK of the three major battery companies in Korea, but also have new actions in Hua. On April 11, Huayou cobalt industry (603799, shares) ( announced the notice, intended to establish two joint ventures in the RMB 4 billion, and the two parties will be put into production.

After the annual output of 100,000 tons of high-nickel power lithium battery, the second plant of Nanjing battery, which is nearly 2 trillion won, will also start construction.. In April this year, Skinnovation, SKINNOVATION, announced by the Notice, will invest 86.

4 billion won, restarted and Beiqi company, Beijing Electric Control Ericsson Technology Co., Ltd. (BESK).

As the world’s largest new energy auto market, my country’s new energy vehicles rise rapidly, and this year is expected to exceed 1 million units.. The power lithium battery is known as the “heart” of new energy vehicles, approximately 50% of the new energy vehicle costs, and the Korean battery company looks at my country’s huge market space, and accelerates the pace of China, determined and local battery manufacturers.

High and low. Korean entered the “White List” May 22, 2018, the China Automobile Association and my country Automotive Lithium Battery Industry Innovation Alliance jointly publicized the “car power storage battery and hydrogen fuel power battery industry white list (first batch)”. This white list known as the powerful lithium battery industry is covered with 16 domestic and international power storage batteries.

In addition to BYD, Li Shen and other local companies, Samsung ring new (Xi’an) Power Lithium Battery Co., Ltd., Nanjing Le Golden Chemical New Energy Battery Co.

, Ltd. (LG Chemistry), Beijing Electric Control Ericsson Technology Co., Ltd.

(SK) three Korean battery companies have also been included in the whitelist. The “White List” is the “Standard Conditions of Automobile Power Battery Industry”, which is announced in March 2015, is the important assessment of local governments, investment institutions and vehicle companies to list this list as project project. Condition, so the list naturally becomes a “white list” directly and subsidy.

. However, when the “White List” announced, Dong Yang, vice president of the China Automobile Association, clearly, the new version of the white list and subsidies are not directly related. “This list is important to strengthen the industry’s self-discipline, and ask the company to ask the company.

From the perspective, to assess the power lithium battery company. Notify what battery products of the entire industry and the vehicle company are reliable. “In this year, the Minister of Industrial Cooperation, the Ministry of Industry, Minister of Industry, Minister of Industry, and Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, and the new energy vehicles, including electric vehicles, have huge.

Cooperative space. The relevant person in charge of a Korean battery company talked about it. The Korean battery company once in the state of stagnation due to various reasons, but with the “White List”, this has brought certain confidence in the Korean battery manufacturers.

. Other Lu believes that although “White List” itself is not directly and subsidized, it is also the affirmation of the Korean battery manufacturers technology, and the Korean battery company has a certain amount. Advantage.

On the one hand, the Korean company has cultivated in technology, and Samsung SDI and LG chemistry have more than 10,000 registration patents in the battery, and 7% to 10% of the annual sales will be put into development, especially In terms of three-yuan battery, Korean power lithium battery company gradually forms a soft bag + independent model, with the ability to have the ability to solve the entire chain solution from the battery to modules, supply and power lithium batteries in the dynamic lithium battery. On the other hand, it is the advantage of the Korean company’s production layout..

After many years ago, LG chemistry has established the full coverage of Sia, the United States, and Europe, and Nanjing’s largest layout in the world is the largest, and Samsung SDI has built in my country and Hungary in addition to China. Power lithium battery factory. The Korean company passed the joint venture factory of my country, according to the estimation of the cost of 15% to 20%, the cost gap between the same type of products between China and South Korea is further reduced.

. Wolf is coming? Recently, my country (Qingdao) Lithium Electric New Energy Industry International Summit in Qingdao, the new dynamics of Han China companies have become a number of focus on multiple and powerful lithium battery research companies and scholars..

Zhongguancun (000931, shares) New Battery Technology Innovation Alliance Secretary-General believes that behind the blue sea of ​​my country’s powered lithium battery, the crisis has been initially appeared, especially the foreign investment giants concerned about the market, becoming my country’s battery market One of the challenges faced. Unlike industry leading companies, the pressure of local low-end output is greater. Anxin Securities Related report showed that the power lithium battery company outside the TOP10 in my country has only about 13% of the market share, but accounting for 55% of the total output, the output utilization is less than 10%, compared to the Korean power lithium battery industry.

Nearly 80% of the production utilization rate is far away. Anxin Securities Company analyst Deng Yongkang said that the pure electric passenger car is expected to replace the fuel car, the battery energy density should reach 300Wh / kg or more, and the third star is in the fourth of the energy density at 270 ~ 280Wh / kg. After the battery, it is quite close to the fifth generation of energy densities to 300Wh / kg.

. Whether the Korean power lithium battery is a brand premium capacity, supporting service capabilities, or core technology, strong than most local companies. Li Xian, an analyst of South Korea, Tellors, told the first financial reporter.

With the advent of the “post-subsidized” era of my country’s market in China, the market about the performance of the Korean battery company is high, LG Chemical and Samsung SDI battery sales will Double two trillion whatei, which is expected to be at the end of 2020, the sales of LG chemical sector will exceed 16 trillion won, compared to 2017.. “Although because of equipment investment, there are still some losses, but the fastest from next year, the three giants will gradually turn to profitability.

. Although the performance of the SK battery sector is due to late investment, it is temporarily lost, but the industry believes that it will also be able to turn to profit in 2021..

Li Xianyu said. In the face of the reshuffle, once the new energy car subsidy is completely canceled, my country’s power lithium battery industry will face the shuffle. A Han dynasty dynamic lithium battery company said that the power lithium battery in my country is at this stage, especially the low-end production basically depends on subsidies in survival, and subsidies can cover 50% of the cost.

Therefore, after the 2020 subsidies exited, my country The market will have a huge adjustment, combined with the quality requirements of the government on quality, the ultimate low-end output will gradually be eliminated. Ni Shaoyong, Dean of the Chery New Energy Automobile Research Institute, pointed out that after the subsidy canceled, in order to maintain the price of the existing new energy car, the cost is at least 40% or more..

SemiSysco (136510.kosdaq) is a “new power” company in Korea, which is launched for miniature passenger electric vehicles. At the same time, it will introduce a variety of new energy vehicles such as knowing the beans D2 to Korea.

It has become a native of South Korea. New energy car brand for Kia. As a “new power forces” using my country’s power lithium battery manufacturers.

Semisysco Chairman, CEO Li Wei, told reporters that my country’s powertrain’s power lithium battery is full, and the industrial chain is fully equipped, and the layout of overseas construction is not a power lithium battery in Japan.. He believes that our company’s power lithium battery products are not inferior in some areas in the sect of Korea, especially in my country’s related experience in square cells, and numerous models of models, accumulated related experience data is also overseas Companies competitive supply strong support.

Obviously, South Korea has a long way to walk, future power lithium battery market, and companies in various countries will occupy their own advantages in their own field, and the global division of labor on the industrial chain will Gradually mature. .

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