Rilevo can hold the space Berk to cooperate in the field of charging lithium batteries.

Rilevo can hold the space Berk to cooperate in the field of charging lithium batteries.

On the evening of September 23, Rare Wo can notice that the company has signed the “Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement” with Aerospace (Guangdong) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Aerospace Berke”, intended to be in wisdom, Lithium-ion battery market application, lithium electrical product assembly production, lithium-ion battery technology research and development is cooperative.

In the case of this cooperation, the relevant person in charge of Jenovo said in an interview with the “Securities Daily” report that the company and subsidiary Waterma have always actively launched self-rescue work such as restructuring, introducing strategic investors and resume production.. But at the Waterma level, the relevant rescue work is slow, and at the same time, the company is also actively docking strategic investors.

. “Based on the self-judgment of the company’s resume production and industry prospects,” to strengthen the development cooperation between the two parties in the development of the company’s comprehensive solution and related products, promote the development of the various business, and intended to have a comprehensive strategic cooperation relationship..

“The above person in charge said. “Cooperation model may have a different development, product license, create a platform, etc..

“The person in charge tells the” Securities Daily “reporter, both sides hope to use their respective business advantages, technical advantages, channels, resources and corporate brands, in wisdom new energy, lithium-ion battery market, lithium electrical products assembly, lithium ion battery technology research and development Cooperation in the field to create a win-win, sustainable development of strategic partnerships, reach a strategic alliance, integrate both channel resources, supply lithium battery development, production, sales, after-sales service to integrated solution, broaden the terminal market, take joint development , Product licenses, create platforms, etc.. According to the data, the Aerospace Bake is established in 2011, and the registered capital is more than 60 million yuan.

It is a top technology and overall solution to research and development, production, sales, and customized power supply, etc.. A small number can also develop manufacturing high-power UPS power supplies and EPS power supplies.

Its controlling shareholder space peak is the subsidiary of my country Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd..

In August 2018, the Space Peak announced that the space Berke won the bid for my country Tower project, the number of equipment purchases was 300MWH, and the total amount of the project exceeded 200 million yuan.. According to the agreement signed by Rarewo and Space Bake, both parties will cooperate on the supply and related business matters of “my country Tower Co.

, Ltd.” project..

Rilevo will supply Watema batteries, Pack factory production line processing and comprehensive laboratory services to Space Bake. 5 years of cooperation. This cooperation is undoubtedly a great advantage in the Rilevo that is in the crisis.

. However, the above person in charge is still concerned about the cooperation..

Therefore, whether the relevant cooperation will be formally implemented, and if the cooperation between the cooperation, the cooperation between the cooperation, the corresponding obligation is more uncertain, “. It is understood that Rilevo can disclose the “Shaanxi Justuiwo” and Shenzhen Jiayuang Senior Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

on the release of the issued shares of the Assets “” Shaanxi Jian ” Ruiv Can Co., Ltd. and AlturaminingLimited Cooperation Framework Agreement “2 major asset restructures have been terminated;” Shaanxi Lihe Nai New Energy Partnership (Limited Partners) Partnership Agreement “is being implemented in October 23, 2018 China; Duowo and Jiangsu Hua Control Investment Management Co.

, Ltd., disclosed on April 18, 2019, have not officially implemented. .

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