Reuters: Breakthrough Battery Technology! Apple Automobile is put into production in 2024

Reuters: Breakthrough Battery Technology! Apple Automobile is put into production in 2024

On December 22, the news is reported that Apple is promoting its “Apple Automobile” project, and plans to put into production in 2024, which may carry independently developed breakthrough battery technology. Since 2014, Apple has designed your own car from zero, that is, the so-called “Titan Plan” (ProjectTitan, but progress slow. Apple even gave up the efforts of R & D car, turned to focus on R & D automatic driving software, and re-assess its own goal.

. Dougfield returned to Apple in 2018 in 2018, in 2018..

Two insiders said that since then, Apple has made enough advances, and now its goal is to develop a whole car for consumers.. Apple creates a personal car to the mass market and the Alphabet’s unmanned car company Waymo and other competitors.

Waymo has created unmanned taxi, and tried to supply unmanned car service.. Informed people said that the core of Apple strategy is a new battery design, which can “thoroughly” reduce battery costs and add new vehicles.

. Apple refuses to comment on its plan or future product. However, even for Apple, there is a daunting supply chain challenge to make a whole car.

. Apple has strong financial resources, producing hundreds of millions of electronic products every year, and components come from all over the world, but they have never produced any cars..

TSLA has been in the past 17 years to ultimately achieve continuous profitability. It is still unclear who will help assemble the complete Apple brand car, but the insider said they expect the company to rely on manufacturing partners..

According to estiminal, Apple is still possible to decide to narrow the effort to only develop the automatic driving system, which will integrate with traditional car manufacturers, rather than selling Apple brands.. Two people who understand the Apple program warned that the delay related to the new crown pneumonia may postpone Apple Automobile to 2025 or later.

However, Apple has decided to get support from external partners, including introducing a laser sensor, which helps automatic driving a three-dimensional view of the road. Another people who know that Apple cars may be equipped with multiple laser sensors for scanning different distances..

Some sensors may come from the laser developed by Apple, which is equipped with laser sensors this year.. I have reported that Apple and potential laser suppliers have negotiated, but the company is also studying manufacturing their own sensors.

. As for the battery used by Apple, Apple plans to use a unique “monocell” battery design, to enable a single battery in the battery to release the space inside the battery in the battery..

Apple’s design means that more active materials can be stuffed into the battery, which may make the car’s battery life longer. According to a person familiar, Apple is still studying a lithium phosphate ion battery. This battery is less likely to overheat, so it is safer than other types of lithium-ion batteries.

. When the insider talks about Apple’s battery technology: “This will push the battery to a new level, just like people see the same iPhone..

“It is reported that Apple has been negotiated with Magnainternational, but with the apple’s plan is no longer clear, negotiations finally have endless. Magner did not immediately reply to the reporter’s request request. In order to achieve a profit, the number of manufacturing manufacturers often requiring apple may also make a challenge for Apple, because Apple is still a new hand in the automotive market.

. Informed people said: “In order to find the right car assembly factory, Apple may produce 100,000 cars each year, and will increase year by year..


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