Retired dynamic lithium battery: refinement is not easy “

Retired dynamic lithium battery: refinement is not easy

“On the one hand, the number of retired batteries is not much in the event of the recovery channel. On the other hand, the currently retired power lithium battery is based on lithium iron phosphate, which is less, recovery efficiency Low. “The data released by the new energy car National Big Data Alliance has shown that by 2020, my country’s retired dynamic lithium battery will reach 25GWH (about 200,000 tons), about 116GWH in 2025 (about 780,000 tons).

. The power lithium battery “retired” is approaching, and its recycling problem begins to cause a lot of attention..

What is the progress of my country’s power lithium battery recycling? How can retired batteries can keep up, receive back, use it? Recycling is a hot spot. my country’s automobile industry association statistics show that as of the end of July this year, my country’s new energy vehicle output has accumulated 3.73 million, and the power storage battery is more than 176GWH.

Industrial scale ranks first in the world.. According to industry, the power battery will be retired, if you do not properly dispose and maximize the utilization, you will threaten public safety, causing difficult environmental pollution, and waste valuable price metal resources.

. “‘Retired’ does not wait for scrap, but the beginning of recycling. Wu Mengqiang, Professor, Materials and Energy Academy, University of Electronic Science and Technology.

From the current situation, the retired battery is important to go: First, the ladder utilization, such as the backup power supply of the energy storage system, mobile power, communication base station; the second is the regenerative utilization, the battery is disassembled, the raw materials and metal refinement After use again. The industry is generally believed that the power storage battery capacity is less than 20%, which can meet the use of automobiles; attenuation is 20% -40%, which can meet the tradder; when attenuation is more than 40%, it is necessary to perform regeneration treatment..

In order to strengthen the recycling management of power storage batteries, the competent department has introduced relevant regulations: In February 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly announced the “Interim Measures for the Administration of New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling Management”, clearly stipulates that the automobile production company undertakes the power battery The main responsibility of the recovery, implemented the producer’s responsibility extension system; on August 1, 2018, “Interim Provisions on the Management of New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling” officially implemented, the supervision process, established traceability platform; then, “new energy The implementation method of the recycling of automobile power storage battery “Keep up with 17 regions such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Shanghai, and my country Tower Company to carry out pilot, explore the technical economy, and the resource environment and friendly diversified recycling mode. Under policy guidance and market driver, relevant companies have entered the game, initially forming the dynamic lithium battery ladder utilization and recycling system with automotive production companies, battery suppliers and third-party companies. According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Director Gao Yunhu, as of September this year, there have been 89 automobile production companies to establish 5116 power storage batteries in the country.

. Reality hinders a lot of power lithium battery recycling market potential is huge, but from the actual situation, facing reality is also a lot. “There is currently only two0% of the output to be used, it is difficult to maintain the normal operation of the factory.

. “Tianjin Saidimei New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

related person in charge. This is not an example. The reporter learned that because the recycling scale has not yet formed, the scale effect is difficult to achieve, many compliance recycling companies have facing profit-making problems.

. “On the one hand, the number of retired batteries is not much in the event of the recovery channel. On the other hand, the currently retired power lithium battery is based on lithium iron phosphate, which is less, recovery efficiency Low.

“Secretary-General of my country Chemistry and Physical Power Industry Association Liu Yanlong said the reason. A highlighted performance of the recycling channel is the existence of a large number of “small workshops”. A battery recycling practitioner told reporters that “small workshops” did not have business qualifications, not affected by environmental supervision, low operating costs, often recycling of waste batteries through high-priced recycling batteries, squeezing the profitable space of formal recycling companies.

At the same time, the “small workshop” process equipment is behind, the dismantling technology is just that only only charges the most valuable part, and the rest is exacerbated.. In addition to the less recycling channels, some technical difficulties for the recycling of power lithium batteries have to be broken.

. According to experts, there are three more technical difficulties in the current comparative technology: First, the dynamic lithium battery is designed and complex, and the standard is different, the battery pack size, species, structural design, process technology, etc. have diversity, and the difficulty of dismantling technology; When the ladder is used or dismantled, the protection of the core technology of the battery manufacturer, the residual value of the retired battery, the compatibility processing of a variety of batteries, has not yet formed a more mature technology route; three is the key to high efficiency extraction of the price.

Technology, recycled dismantling equipment and pollution prevention levels to be improved. Follow the lives, get back, and use well to solve the problem that the problem is not a chairman..

Liu Yanlong said that the dynamic lithium battery recycling market will gradually improve, mature in the development process, which is the key to construct high quality, high level, and high efficiency recycling system.. To achieve the maximum recycling, the pollution is minimized, keep up, close, and use it well.

. Follow the lives, receive back, important relying on the traceability management of the power battery. At this point, the “New Energy Automobile Waste Body Battery” (Revised Draft for Comment) “(hereinafter referred to as” Revised Draft “) (hereinafter referred to as” revised draft “) is highlighted in the” Revised Draft “) “In the overall requirements, new energy should meet the relevant requirements of new energy vehicle power battery recycling and use, with information traceability, such as traceability information systems and coding identification.

. “In the” Product Quality and Vocational Education “terms, the” revised draft “requires the requirements of the recycling company from the previous” establishing a complete traceability system “to” establish a complete information production process management system “, thereby Conficient use of more complete and mature waste power lithium batteries comprehensive utilization database. It is well used, you have to use the upper and down efforts in the ladder.

. It is understood that my country Tower Company is the largest user of the retired dynamic lithium battery ladder, has been used in the existing field of approximately 300,000 base stations in the country, and the amount of battery quantity is about 4GWH, which is equivalent to the amount of electric passenger car..

Dealing with the problem of power lithium battery recycling, in addition to policy support, the most important thing is to establish a close cooperative relationship between automobile production companies, battery suppliers and recycling companies. Industry experts say that the power lithium battery factory understands the battery structure, and can fully consider the trail using and easy to dismantle the scene demand in the battery design link, which is more convenient to disassemble the dynamic lithium battery; Accelerate the battery recycling system to reduce battery purchase costs; recycling companies need to increase technology investment, continuous efforts to improve dismantling efficiency and economic interests, and reduce fixed cost expenditures. The above unspected experts also pointed out that ensuring that the power lithium battery is recycled and environmentally friendly, the security is the top priority, the government and the industry must strengthen supervision, will implement the relevant management specifications and standard systems, the elimination technology is behind, high energy consumption, high Contaminated battery recycling company, rectifying some of the current unregulated “small workshops” to undertake the main body of the recycling, preventing the waste battery from flowing into the handkerchief.


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