Retired dynamic lithium battery ‘gorgeous turn “

Retired dynamic lithium battery 'gorgeous turn

With the rapid development of society, people have higher requirements for life and environment, new energy vehicles as a green transportation, more and more entered ordinary people’s home.. New energy automotive production and sales have risen, and the rapid development of lithium battery industry.

The improvement of science and technology, the improvement of living standards cannot be at the expense of the environment, and high-pollution that has accumulated in a large amount of dynamic lithium battery will become the problem we have to overcome.. Environmental and efficiency win-win “electric vehicles are environmentally friendly green zero pollution, but expensive power lithium battery is positive and negative electrode materials, electrolyte solutions, etc.

. “July 28, talking about the original intention of carrying out the recycling and recycling research of retired dynamic lithium batteries, Dr. Zhao Guangjin, Henan Electric Power Company Science Research Institute.

According to the “2017 Second Quarter Global Electric Automotive Development Index” report released by the Global Well-known Strategic Management Consulting firm, my country’s electric vehicle development index ranked first in the world, and new energy vehicles were developing high-speed development.. Can I dig the environmental and economic potential of retired dynamic lithium batteries? In 2010, Zhao Guangjin began researching the retired battery, serving energy conservation and emission reduction in the power industry, and founded the way for the retired battery that emerged after my country’s new energy vehicle.

. He took the tradder and the recycling as the main attack direction, led the team to carry out the retired battery ladder in the new Misi Mountain experimental base, built the first real-demand-based battery-based air storage hybrid microgl software network system in China. This is important for digestive retired dynamic lithium batteries, reducing battery and storage costs, promoting the development of electric vehicles in industrialization.

As a new energy car core component, the cost of the power lithium battery accounts for 30% to 50% of the cost of the vehicle, and the battery cost is too high to hinder the development of electric vehicles, and the cost of the power lithium battery directly depends on the price of the raw materials.. Zhao Guangjin invented the automatic low-cost green recovery technology, which not only realized the harmless treatment such as electrolyte, but also recycles copper aluminum of the battery, especially the most expensive cobalt, lithium battery in electric vehicle power lithium battery, once again For production of battery materials, realize resource recycling.

At present, the extensive storage micro-grid demonstration project has been continuously operated in nearly 4 years, accumulating new energy power generation more than 60000 kW, the battery cycle is more than 500 times; the total contracting country network Qinghai Electric Power company 250 kW / 500 kilowatt retired battery energy storage system Realize the operation of the Qinghai Electric Power Company of Xining City Qinghai Electric Power Company Operation; Participation and National Surgery Demonstration Project (Phase II) 3 MW ¡Á 3 Hours Ladder Utilization Energy Stations Construction; Based on the Development of Lithium Bases Substation with DC power system has been demonstrated in Xinyang Power Supply Company, and the electric motorcycle battery pack developed has been operated on more than 10 electric motorcycles. The single vehicle has more than 20,000 kilometers..

The above project has a total of more than 20 million yuan.. The research results, frequently reported that the National Network Henan Province has long been a strong investment in science and technology projects, also created a good condition for the project.

. With the support of the company’s science and technology project, the first decision line of the domestic decomated dynamic lithium battery pack was successful, and it was officially put into operation on July 10..

It is understood that the battery pack is removed by means of mechanized operation, electrification control and intelligent management. Due to loss of disintegration, convert into multiple separate battery modules, which is beneficial to carry out the next step of the next ladder utilization battery restructuring. At the same time, the split wiring greatly reduces the degree of manual direct reference and battery pack dismantling, improves the safety and efficiency of demandation work in retired battery pack, which is conducive to the low-cost marketing operation of the retired battery ladder.

“Next, we will use the full life cycle with the retired battery ladder, focus on improving the ecological chain of the ladder, find the pain points and difficulties of the ladder, develop more practical technology and products, and realize the low-use battery energy storage technology. Cost application. “Zhao Guangjin said.

“The value of scientific research is far from what we have, and there are also responsibilities and responsibility for human civilization.. The dream of blue water is to support my spiritual power I do.

. “With such a belief, Zhao Jinguang and his team will continue to work hard to overcome a technique.

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