Relationship is tense! Panasonic refused to build battery factory in China: Optional enterprise supply

Relationship is tense! Panasonic refused to build battery factory in China: Optional enterprise supply

These two days of power lithium battery market is very lively. This side has just passed the purchase of CATL, which followed, followed by today, Panasonic finally made a statement on the battery supply of Shanghai TSLA..

Local time on Friday (22nd), according to Reuters report, Panasonic Electric CEO Zhizheng said in the strategic briefing meeting, did not plan to build a new battery factory for TSLA for TSLA. He frankly, the company underestimates the risk of TSLA, and it is difficult to earn profits from existing battery services..

The above report believes that the expression of Ziyi Hong is implying that Panasonic and TSLA cooperation is increasingly cautious.. “Whether it is using the battery produced by our manufacturers, or using our partner GigaFactory1 battery, the decision is in TSLA.

. “Japan Asia News” quoted Zhizheng Macro said. The newspaper also quoted a Panasonic person in charge, so far, Panasonic has always been the only battery provider of TSLA, if there is no production plant plan in my country, then TSLA will choose my country’s battery manufacturers.

. Panasonic Electric CEO Zi Ziyi Macro relationship is more tight TSLA and Panasonic cooperation has become more tense. “Japan Asia News” said that partly reason is that the battery business is difficult to obtain profit.

. Panasonic and TSLA cooperation Battery Factory GigaFactory1 is located in Nevada, USA, and both sides have invested $ 5 billion for this..

The battery factory starts production batteries for Model3 isometric from June 2017. In 2018, TSLA was in realizing the goal of 5,000 models of Model3, and Yoshioito, the head of Panasonic Automobile Business, said in the shareholders’ meeting, and the improvement of Model3 production causes shortage of battery..

Nijing News has been revealed in April this year that Panasonic is freeze the expansion investment of the battery factory Gigafactory1, the previous TSLA and Panasonic planned expansion factory 50% yield. Subsequently, TSLA responded to the investment plan to continue, but I hope to focus on improving the production of existing production lines..

The Panasonic Automobile Business Header Yixiong responded to the media that Panasonic’s preliminary investment in the battery factory is close to completion, if TSLA has demand, consider additional investment. In fact, both parties seek ways to reduce interdependence. At present, there is a battery factory in Dalian, my country, an important faculty facing the North America and my country, but the battery produced is a square hard shell battery, while TSLA is used by a cylindrical battery.

. In addition to TSLA, most new energy vehicles are used by the previous battery..

About the battery supply of the TSLA Shanghai factory, the outside is always concerned. Bloomberg revealed in August, domestic TSLAMODEL3 will use Korea LG chemical batteries. In addition, whether there is a preliminary supply agreement with CATL, Tsla November 6th responded to the observer network: “Everything is subject to official news”.

In addition, LG chemistry and CATL refuse to review. In addition to the above two, in January this year, Tianjin Zhishen has been exposed to TSLA, and it has entered the quotation stage..

4 days ago (18th), the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology publicized the new car of the 326th batch of “road motor vehicle production companies and product notices”, and the MODEL3 manufactured by TSLA Shanghai Factory is in column. The above announcement shows that the power lithium battery manufacturer used in the application model is “TSLA, TSLA (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

“. Therefore, the media have speculated that the battery should be the Panasonic Battery module imported from the US..

It is worth mentioning that the local time is 21 days, BMW announces the new amount of CATL’s purchase amount, raising from the original 4 billion euros to 7.3 billion euros, supply time is 2020 to 2031. In July 2018, CATL announced that overseas first station was built in Elfurt, Germany, and the base is responsible for the production and intelligent manufacturing technology of battery production and intelligent manufacturing technology.

It costs 2.4 billion euros..

BMW Group will become the first customer of Catl German Factory. .

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