Reduce the gap giant accelerated in China: the US car battery industry suddenly speeds up

Reduce the gap giant accelerated in China: the US car battery industry suddenly speeds up

Report Message November 23 Reports the “World News” website in Spain recently reported that the battery plays a vital use in the future development of the electric motor industry.. This is already a “secret” that is known to be a person.

. Large car manufacturers are accelerating the transition to electric vehicles while throwing internal combustion engines behind the brain..

And this process involves controlling battery production, battery will become new “black gold” in this industry.. Not long ago, Samsung, US Samsung, South Korea, signed an agreement to produce batteries in the United States, further confirming the above views.

. According to Samsung SDI, Samsung, Samsung, Samsung, South Korea, will build a battery factory in the United States 2025 to reach 23 GM, and finally its annual output or will When rising to 40 gigatings, and achieving at least 40% of the sales share of electric vehicles in the US market in the late 1920s. The protocol is designed to meet the production needs of Stronis’s existing plants in Mexico and the United States, but the exact position of the new factory has not disclosed.

The agreement also aims to narrow the gap between and more advanced competitors, the first rush is Tesla. As an electric vehicle leader, Tesla has been operating in the United States..

Carlos Tawres, CEO of Stranis, said: “The implementation of the battery factory project will make us have powerful competitiveness and become the leader in the US electric vehicle market.. “The company’s brands include Peugeot, Fiat, DS, Citroen, Opel, Alpha-Romeo, Blue Ban, Jeep, Dodge, etc.

. At the same time, Samsung will add a new US plant in a global scale..

Samsung is already in our country, Hungary and South Korea, is currently a supplier of BMW, Ford and Modern cars.. According to reports, in recent months, many US giants that urgently need automotive batteries have signed a contract.

. US Ford and South Korea Xijing Company (SK) announced in September to the plan of Kentucky and Tennessee, invested $ 11.4 billion, and will create 11,000 job opportunities.

. In April, US General Motor Company (GM) announced an agreement with South Korea LG new energy company, establishing a second battery factory in the United States, investing $ 2.3 billion, is expected to create 1300 job opportunities.

. GM CEO Mary Bala said: “I believe this alliance beyond the partnership, because it marks a watershed, will reduce emissions and accelerate the promotion of electric cars in the future. “This rapid change is in line with the interests of the United States, which will shrink its huge gap in this area in this area.

. At present, the Asian giants control the three-quarters of the global battery production..

Even the Japan and Korean brands also transferred some of their production to our country, because the conditions of our market are more favorable.. Reporting a comment, an integral part of the Green Policy Agenda proposed by the US government is to reverse the above situation.

The US government will encourage investment in batteries, the purpose of being positioned in the United States as the world leader of clean energy production.. One of its important goals is that half of the world’s leading vehicles sold in automobile manufacturing countries is electric vehicles.

. Wall Street is also a firm belief in change. Some initial public offerings (IPO) dedicated to battery production, confirmed the strong interest of investors.

. Silananotechnologies in Silicon Valley won a lot of funds in Wall Street earlier this year, the Romeopower, which is listed last year is developing lithium-ion battery technology in California..

The quantum technology company located in San Jose, California, is supported by Volkswagen and Bill Gates, etc., will be another important role worth paying attention..

In the United States, the boom in electric cars set off. (Compilation / Liu Lifei).

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