Quality quantity two-hand grab charging pile ‘feeding a’ electric car

Quality quantity two-hand grab charging pile 'feeding a' electric car

Recently, the Shenzhen Municipal Communications Commission, the Development and Reform Commission, and the planned land committees jointly announced the “Notice on Accelerating the Taxi Rapid Charge Piles and Supporting Work of Taxi”, requiring green channels in Shenzhen to set up green channels, according to temporary buildings, Temporary land use, according to relevant management regulations, accelerate approval, after the expiration date, renewal formalities in accordance with the law, ensure completion of this year’s pure electric taxi charging facility construction task. According to the “2018” Shenzhen Blue “Sustainable Action Plan”. However, according to the Shenzhen New Energy Vehicle Promotion Center, as of the end of September, the number of new charging piles this year is less than 1,000, the number of construction and the plan is large.

. Liu Yongdong, deputy director of my country’s Power Company Federation Standardization Center, said in an interview with Science and Technology Daily, Shenzhen’s issues are not solvent, so far, the number of new energy vehicles promotion and application urban charging piles have not achieved planning goals..

“With the development of charging technology, the number of built piles should not be the only indicator of the implementation of” Electric Automotive Charging Infrastructure Development Guide (2015-2020) “(hereinafter referred to as” Guide “).. For the user, the charging experience is still good, it is the most important, the charging experience includes convenient to find the charging pile, smart quickly fully charge the electricity, convenient and diverse to reach a charging transaction.

“The number of piles and the plan is large, and the new energy car is difficult to” blood “in the development of new energy vehicles, and the construction of charging piles is considered an essential ring. It is also the most critical factor..

In 2015, the “Guide” issued by the national four sectors, and it is considered to be planning the planning of the charging pile construction in the next 5 years.. According to the demand forecast, according to the moderate advance principles, “Guide” is clear, by 2020, more than 12,000 new centralized recovery power stations, more than 4.

8 million decentralized charging piles to meet the national 5 million electric vehicles charging requirements Nearly 1: 1:1. According to the construction target, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta, the three smog prevention, the three smog prevention, the key area, is listed as accelerating the development area. By 2020, more than 7,400 centralized recovery power stations in these areas, a scattered charging pile More than 2.

5 million to meet more than 266 million electric vehicles charging requirements. Liu Yongdong said that in the promotion of application cities in new energy vehicles, Shenzhen’s characteristic is to develop new energy taxis, bus, and public charging piles..

The data of the Shenzhen Municipal Communist Party of China has devoted the statement of Liu Yongdong.. Data show that as of July 31 this year, Shenzhen City has promoted 17,875 pure electric cruise taxi, accounting for 85.

27% of the total number of cruise taxi, has become the largest, most widely used in the world’s pure electric taxi.. In order to increase the promotion of new energy vehicles, Shenzhen will fully realize the target of pure electricity in the taxi to 2018.

However, a taxi at least one day is still in the face of insufficient charging pile, it is difficult to “blood”. my country’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure promotes data released earlier, in 2017, my country’s new energy sales reached 770,000, as of the end of 2017, my country’s new energy vehicle has exceeded 1.7 million, public charging piles and private The total amount of charge pile exceeds 440,000, and the pile is about 4: 1, which is much lower than 1: 1.

. “To specifically, these data come from my country Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promoting Operators in the Alliance. Other charging pile data that is not included in the alliance data and car enterprise distribution is not calculated, and it is conservatively estimated car ratio.

Should be 3.5:1. “Liu Yongdong explained.

Objectively viewing the utilization of charging piles, changing the “Running Harbor” development mode Since China’s home appliances open electric car charging pile market in 2014, capital has flourished, after two or three high-speed growth, a large wave Reflexible, the wave of mergers and acquisitions, the industry shuffling phenomenon accelerate. An important reason behind it is that while the owner complains that the number of charging piles is small, the charging facility utilization is very low..

Disclosure of the disclosed data shows that the average utilization of the facility is from 10% to 15%.. Obviously, this means that the charging pile development cannot be supported by service charge.

. At present, there are important distributions in the domestic charging pile cloth in three areas: the residential community, the private station inside the unit; public station, ie shopping mall, gas station, roadside parking, etc. Independent landing ground station.

“From the use of the scene, the use of public charging piles used in taxi and bus is very high. The utilization rate of charging piles in the scenic spot is definitely low..

“Liu Yongdong emphasized that the utilization rate of charging piles in different application scenarios should be dealt, and the value of the charging piles will be denied because of the low utilization rate of the charging pile.. “For example, if there is no charging pile, who dares to open the electric car on a long distance.

In the case of emergency, the value of the charging pile is unable to measure the utilization.. “Liu Yongdong believes that paying attention to charging pile utilization will also prompt capital market rational analysis into the market risk, changing the way of developing the” race circle “formula to obtain policy subsidies.

No need to emphasize 1: 1 electric pile ratio, the future, one pile or service more vehicles, when choosing new energy cars in 2016, the family living in Beijing is a little bit no, worried that the charging pile is not found.. What made her a little unexpectedly, in the past two years, the charging pile did not become a “blocking road”.

“The biggest problem is slower, and the electricity is 40 minutes to an hour.”. In Liu Yongdong, this is also impossible to emphasize the importance of 1: 1 electric pile ratio.

. The ratio of the “Guide” is based on the basis of the car has not developed..

With the continuous development of electric vehicles, high-power charging technology is expected to achieve 300 kilometers of charging for 10 minutes. A charging pile can serve more vehicles. At that time, don’t charge so much charging pile.

. “Liu Yongdong said that my country is currently carrying high-power charging technology demonstration project verification, and it will improve related technologies and standards in 2020..

In order to use the charging pile, Ms. Qian’s mobile phone installed many charging App. The reason is a lot of charging service operators in my country.

In Beijing, the charging service operator of Beijing has reached more than 30, and each family has a charging card. Every family has its own app, the owner mobile phone must install a lot of charging App. This also affects her new energy car driving experience.

. “The owner hopes to solve the interface problem of all cards through a card, which is a technical issue, and it is a market behavior..

Different manufacturers are not equal, to solve account identification, interconnection, and ultimately depend on market model. “Liu Yongdong believes that if you can achieve interoperability, the owner can see more charging pile information in the same app, which can better improve charging pile utilization..

He also revealed that some related equipment standards are being developed.. These include the technical specifications of dispersed charging facilities.

“Charging piles into the community, the property says that I can’t accept it, how to do fire protection? You build a charging pile in my community. What should I do?” Liu Yongdong told reporters that the announcement of the national engineering construction standard “Dispersion charging facility project Technical specification, for the distributed charging facilities including charging piles, for example, after communication with fire protection systems, the underground three layers do not allow recharging piles. In addition, in order to standardize the ability of various testing mechanism laboratories, the center is doing laboratory ability test activities to ensure the consistency of laboratory experiment platforms.

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