Qinghai ‘lithium resources’ is being broken through the Salt Lake Lithium Technology?

Qinghai 'lithium resources' is being broken through the Salt Lake Lithium Technology?

On October 12, the 2017 Qinghai Salt Lake Lithium Development and Extension Industry Society, hosted by the People’s Government of Qinghai Province, held in Wuzhou Hotel, Futian District, Shenzhen. Chairman and more than 80 non-listed companies generally managers visited. Qinghai has become a heavy town in the new energy industry.

It has benefited from rich lithium resource reserves, including CATL, BYD and other powered lithium batteries to settled, and the power lithium battery supporting company and new energy car companies also entered the station.. In the capital market, Qinghai, Tibet lithium ore related concept stocks also grabbed the eye, entered the third quarter, Yanhu shares have risen all the way; Tibet mining is lost, achieving nearly 15 times profit rise.

This aspect is due to the third quarter, the price of lithium carbonate ushered in a new round of price-priced tide, and the price of the high-end operation naturally brings high profit returns.. At the same time, the deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has begun to study the “banned fuel truck schedule”, and the dual integration system also announced.

. The current situation of supply and demand imbalance in raw materials market may further deepen, in order to ensure the stable supply of raw materials, relying on Qinghai rich resource reserves, it can help new energy companies break through the production and raw materials..

The reserves of lithium resource in Qinghai Province account for about 1/3 of the world. There are 2 large salt lakes with more than 10 billion tons, and 6 large salt lakes of 10-10 billion tons. Preliminary proven saline lagoon 1,400 million tons of lithium chloride.

On the other hand, the salt lake lithium lithium is lower than that of ore lithium.. Anxin Securities analyzed that without considering self-owned minerals, the current cost of ore lithium is about 55,000 yuan.

. Salt Lake lithium Because of the calcination process of ore lithium, the cost is only 2 to 30,000 yuan, although the lithium transportation cost is high, but the overall cost is still much lower than ore..

Under the trend of the overall power of the power lithium battery price, the price of the positive material is rising, and the pressure caused by the battery company is self-evident, and the procurement of “lithium” is beneficial to alleviate the cost pressure and respond to the price reduction requirements of the vehicle enterprise.. Salt Lake Lithium Technology has long been widely used abroad, and China is limited to technical bottlenecks and development difficulties, has not been promoted in large-scale promotion.

. Domestic more crystallization method is lithium, affected by the external environment, unable to ensure the stable supply of yield, the quality and stability of lithium resource extracted are not as good as lithium mine. At the same time, the salt lake impurity, high magnesium ratio, traffic is not smooth, and sequential and other factors have also restricted the development of Lithium Lithium in Western Salt Lake.

. Wang Rongjin, the Jinbang Capital Partner, believes that Salt Lake Lithium Technology has improved in the beginning of last year, and the big obstacle has broken through, the key to the production is released..

Qinghai Province has initially constructed salt lake lithium lithium – electron-grade carbonate – positive and negative material – lithium-ion battery industry chain, positive and negative material, battery (battery) and related supporting industries realize scale production. Solve location and transportation restrictions, to promote the development of new energy industries in the western part of my country. At present, the level of saliboom lithium in China is still not high, but under capital, talent plus code, my country’s salt lake lithium technology is expected to rapidly improve, release lithium carbonate market production, and promote the continued healthy development of new energy industries.

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