Qinghai lithium battery should be a very good “tide”

Qinghai lithium battery should be a very good

Traditional industry, do a strong features industry. Qinghai seized the favorable opportunity of the country to deepen the structural reform of supply, tightly rising structure, making new energy, new materials, new products, showing high starting point, high technical content, large investment, wide coverage, construction speed Fast new scene. At the moment, the new energy industry is booming, and the lithium-ion battery is “heart” as a new energy, the demand is increasing, while Qinghai has a unique resource advantage – the proven lithium reserves of 17.

24 million tons, accounting for the national storage 83% of the world’s salt lake lithium resource reserves 1/3. In this tide of the waves in this lithium battery, Qinghai lithium battery is becoming a very excellent “tide man” in this era..

How to translate rich natural resources, and become a “must-have” in Qinghai New era. Base – Qinghai lithium battery has “Wenyi” Capital According to the “Qinghai Lithium Industry Patent Navigation Report” announced on September 19, 2017, the global has been found in the world’s repository of 34 million tons, Qinghai Salt Lake Lithium Resources More than 60% of the global lithium reserves. From the world, the global distribution of lithium resources is relatively wide, but the reserves are limited, and it is important in South America and my country.

. From my country, 80% of lithium resources are concentrated in Qinghai..

The beauty of the Qaidam Basin in the west of Qinghai has a “gathering” in the basin of mineral resources in the basin, especially in the many salt lakes, 27 large and medium-sized salt lakes, more than 60 deposits, mines, mineralization points.. Among them, there are 2 large salt lakes with more than 10 billion tons, and 6 large salt lakes of 10-10 billion tons.

. Has identified the lithium content of 10 salt lakes reached industrial places. Preliminary proven 22.

48 million tons of lithium chloride in salt lake, accounting for more than 90% of the country’s proven reserves. The content of the family is true, the Qinghai lithium electricity is “decided” capital. Looking at the eye – Qinghai is already called the “Silicon Valley” lithium in the lithium battery very broad, especially in the energy storage application represented by the electric vehicle lithium-ion battery.

. There are relevant experts to predict that future lithium electricity in the company’s energy storage peaks, the development and application of household energy storage systems, the market capacity is huge, and can even use trillion yuan output value to measure. “2017 Qinghai – Shenzhen Lithium Industry Docking Communication Conference”.

And experts and scholars have full of confidence in Qinghai, no sigh: “Green new energy is the direction of my country and the world’s future economic development, and green energy has to mention electric vehicles, of course, the core of electric vehicles is lithium industry. Any company who wants to be active in the direction of the new energy, the best choice is to go to the Qinghai’s lithium industry development ‘Silicon Valley’, integrating into the lithium-industrial chain of Qinghai, in order to occupy a place in the development of lithium industry. “Today’s Qinghai is becoming the fastest growing area of ​​my country’s lithium industry and the most vast-wide area of ​​lithium industry, but also a place where all lithium industry dreams realize their dreams.

. How to get – Qinghai’s efforts to create a lithium-electricity industry chain resource advantage is not equal to the development advantage, Qinghai as a landlocked province develops lithium industry only with resource advantage is not far away..

On the basis of core research technology, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of industrial industries, and the advantages of change resources are the economic advantage.. In recent years, Qinghai has issued policy documents such as “Qinghai Province 100 billion yuan Lithium-Industrial Development Plan”, clearly converts the advantages of lithium-electric industry in Qinghai Province to economic advantages, and builds a hundred billion yuan of lithium battery in Qinghai base.

Improve the standard system, promote energy storage applications, increase the development of new architectural batteries, metal air batteries, and fuel power batteries such as new energy power station applications. Actively carry out the research of the storage battery in the new energy storage application standard system, determine the level of energy storage standard system, and build a reasonable and improved energy storage standard system..

At present, the lithium-industrial industry in Qinghai Province is moving forward with a rapid momentum. It has initially formed a industrial foundation of lithium carbonate to the electrical cell. It has built a complete lithium-industrial chain, which is gradually a lithium-electric industry that has important influence in the country and the world.

Base. Qinghai Province put forward “strive to 2020, to create an influential 100 billion yuan lithium-electric industry base” and “focus on building new energy automotive industrial clusters, carry out high purification of salt lake lithium salt, lithium ion power lithium battery extreme key material industrialization The strategic deployment of the promotion, “Qinghai 100 billion yuan lithium-industrial industry development plan” clearly. By 2025, the lithium-industrial investment reached 160 billion yuan, with an output value of more than 180 billion yuan.

. Now, Qinghai has initially formed salt lake lithium-electron carbonate-positive and negative material-lithium-ion battery manufacturing, etc., the lithium industry accelerates to the clustering, scale direction, is becoming a new economy.

Rise point. From preliminary construction, lithium-electricity industrial chain, lithium supply, lithium-ion battery positive and negative electrode material, lithium electric copper aluminum foil, etc..

Qinghai lithium industry is in this new energy tide. The future of the sea, “lithium” will become another shiny business card in the new Qinghai, let the world re-understand Qinghai. .

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