Putailai promotes 4.6 billion yuan to add new codes to the main business, aiming at the world’s leading lithium battery material service provider

Putailai promotes 4.6 billion yuan to add new codes to the main business, aiming at the world's leading lithium battery material service provider

With the hot new energy automobile industry, the relevant industrial chain has set off a refinancing tide, CATL, and Niji shares, etc.. A shares of the negative material leader Jiaotai (603659) is also one of the company, the company’s 4.

6 billion yuan fixed method (proposed to enter the annual output of 50,000 tons of high-performance lithium-ion battery negative material construction) has been approved Approval, currently promote non-public issuance stock related matters. Dongwu Securities Announces a deep inflation that it is the global negative lead. This subsidized raised 4.

6 billion yuan is proposed to be used for all business expansion, strengthen integrated layout; the company has successfully binds mainstream battery companies at home and abroad, and With the double advantage of technology and cost, it will fully benefit the trend of global electric vehicles, and future market share is expected to further improve. The global lithium-eM industry is rapidly rising, and the power lithium battery replaces consumer electron becomes the main force of the global lithium-ion battery..

In recent years, under the encouragement and subsidies of industrial policies, the new energy vehicle market has continued to expand rapidly, and the demand for powered lithium-ion batteries has risen.. According to EVTANK, 2025 global dynamic lithium battery demand reached 823.

2GWh, with an average compound rate of more than 30%.. In the domestic market, from the perspective of growth space, my country’s new energy vehicle sales permeability is only 4.

68%, and the sales permeability target of 25% of 2025 is also huge space.. In terms of overseas markets, according to the EU implementation of carbon emissions regulations, the average carbon dioxide emissions of passenger cars in 2021 need to be reduced to 95g / km, down 2025 to 80.

75g / km, the world’s most stringent carbon emissions regulations will prompt European car companies. Size turn to new energy vehicles. In the view of the industry, there is no such thing as the only battlefield, consumer electronics, energy storage, electric tools, electric bicycles, etc.

Communication base station energy storage and the application of “wind”, electric bicycle new national standard and 3C forced certification, etc. International giants supply chain to domestic lithium-electric manufacturers new market opportunities. Benefiting from the demand for lithium-ion battery, the head company of the upstream negative electrode material, diaphragm and automation process equipment will have broad development space.

. In the industry: 2021 performance rising can be founded in November 2012, after many years of rapid development, the company completed the industrial chain layout in the field of key materials and automation process equipment in the field of lithium-ion batteries, and landed in November 2017 Payment. At present, the company’s business covers the negative material and graphic processing, wet separator and coating processing, automation process equipment, aluminum-plastic packaging film and optical film, etc.

related trade and investment related trade and investment.. From the perspective of the industry, the negative material, 2019 Hattai’s negative material artificial graphite market shipments are ranked first, accounting reached 22.

35%; in the first half of 2020, the negative material sales revenue ranked first in the world. In terms of coating the diaphragm, the company has become the largest domestic independent coated separator processor, accounting for 28.72% of domestic wet separator shipments.

. In terms of lithium battery, in 2019, the company’s application value ranked first in the country..

At the same time, the company has established long-term and stable business partnerships with downstream customers. Important customers include ATL, CATL, LG Chemical, Samsung SDI, China Aviation Lithium, Zhuhai Guanyu, Xinwangda, BYD, Tianjin Zhizhen, Yiqi Lithium , Xinwangda, Fu Can Technology and other domestic and foreign high-end well-known lithium battery manufacturers. Data show, benefiting from the rapid development of the lithium-industrial industry, the company’s asset size and profitability have risen rapidly, and the over-three years of business income is 46.

07%, and the total assets have been bientered. 36.89%.

. Since this year, with lithium-e-equipment began to pick up, downstream important power lithium battery manufacturers represented by CATL, and it is expected to formally launch the implementation of the expansion plan. The company’s lithium-e-equipment business order consumption is expected to have a stable rise.

. In this context, in order to meet the development of the industry and the further demand for the lower reaches of customers, Shi Thai came to launch a plan in March this year, intended to invest in an annual output of 50,000 tons of high-performance lithium-ion batteries, 12 projects, etc..

The agency researchers believe that with the company IPO fundraising project, convertible fund raising project, Inner Mongolia Xingfeng graphite factory and Inner Mongolia, Purple negative material production, gradually complement production, it is expected that the company’s output will increase significantly, and the negative material will More than 100,000 tons, graphite processing output is over 70,000 tons, the diaphragm is applied 10-15 billion square meters, will be a stable rise in the 2021 performance. In terms of the integration of negative electrode materials, according to the fixed plan (second revised draft), the company integrates non-public issuance of no more than 100 million shares, and the fundraising will not exceed 4.592 billion yuan, of which 1014 million yuan is from 50,000 tons.

High-performance lithium-ion battery negative material construction project, 735 million yuan for acquiring 49% stake in Shandong Xingfeng, 428 million yuan for the annual production of 50,000 tons of lithium-ion battery negative material graphitization project, 710 million yuan for annual production 24900 10,000 square meters of lithium-ion battery diaphragm project, 278 million yuan for lithium-ion battery diaphragm high-speed line research and development project, 3009 million yuan for new coating diaphragm of 500 million square meters of newly-produced diaphragm, and remaining 11.18 100 million yuan supplementary liquidity. Inclugation method shows that Shandong Xingfeng and its wholly-owned subsidiary Inner Mun Xingfeng is the importance of the company’s negative material graphite level.

. This set of increase-raised investment projects include 49% of Shandong Xingfeng 49% minority acquisition (divided into cash and shares). After the completion of the project, Shandong Xingfeng will become a wholly-owned subsidiary company, the company will further enhance its control, It is good to expand the scale of the company, improve the production integrated construction of the negative electrode material.

Li Qingmin and Liu Guangtao also committed that the deduction net profit corresponding to Shandong Xingfeng 100% stake in 2020, 2021, 2022, no less than 150 million yuan, 180 million yuan and 220 million yuan. Re-viewing other fundraising projects, there is a good expected benefit in feasibility analysis, such as: 1, annual production of 50,000 tons of high-performance lithium-ion battery negative material construction project construction period is 24 months, according to the calculation, the project operation The average annual operating income is expected to be 1784 million yuan, with an average annual net profit of 246 million yuan, the internal rate of return is 29.24% (after tax), the total investment recovery period is 4.

48 years (after the tax, including the construction period, the same below); 2 The annual production of 50,000 tons of lithium-ion battery negative electrode material graphitized project is 24 months. The annual average operating income is expected to operate in the operation period of 472 million yuan, with average net profit of 148 million yuan, the internal rate of return is 32.75%, Investment recovery period 4.

67 years; 3, annual production of 249 million square meters of lithium-ion battery diaphragm project construction period is 24 months, and the annual business income is expected to be 279 million yuan, with average net profit of 59.294 million yuan, project internal yield 10.17 %, Total investment recovery period 7.

77 years; 4, annual production of high safety dynamic lithium batteries new coated diaphragm 50 million square meters project construction period 24 months, the annual average operating income is expected to be approximately 230 million yuan, annual average Net profit is 480,300 yuan, the internal rate of income is 19.16% (after tax), the total investment recovery period is 5.99 years.

Strong Securities believes in September 21, the decline in power negative price is an inevitable trend, how to become one of the key tasks of Materials Company. From the cost composition, graphitization and needle focus are the key to the negative electrode (negative electrode points to 34%, 25% respectively), and the chalets of Jiatai come from the on-one, the climbing, the other Aspects come from technical transformation to reduce unit product power consumption, company graphitization integration is faster than peers, profitability is stronger. Titai introduced that this increase will improve the integration ability of the company’s negative material and achieve business synergy.

. After the funds raised, the company plans to investigate the project “annual production of 50,000 tons of high-performance lithium-ion battery negative material construction project” and “annual production of 50,000 tons of lithium ion battery negative material graphitization project”, and construct a negative electrode material Industrial clusters, at the same time, cost control can be achieved, improve bargaining space, effective thickening company earnings. Talking about the future development vision, Shi Thai said that the company will be committed to becoming a technical leading, excellent product excellent, managed standards of lithium-ion batteries and world-class comprehensive service providers.

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