Pure electric car frequently spontaneously spontaneously, the power lithium battery safety Who is supervising?

Pure electric car frequently spontaneously spontaneously, the power lithium battery safety Who is supervising?

Electricization is the future development direction of the automotive industry, but since April this year, domestic pure electric vehicles have been self-igniting, and the security issues will be pushed to public opinion storm.. This is not only convinced, how to supervise the power lithium battery safety problem, how to solve? On July 10th – 11th, the first year of my country’s International Electric Automobile Safety Technology Innovation Conference in China is held in Baoding.

. At the meeting, experts and scholars and company representatives in the dynamic lithium battery are all opinions, and they are discussing the safety problem of powerful lithium batteries in the fierce discussion..

“For a long time, the life is insufficient, mileage anxiety has always been a new energy car development. “Yang Hong,” Yang Hong, the honeycomb energy technology, said that the current humanity of future pass tools, the high-energy density trend of irreversible, so that the three-yuan battery has become a general trend, and the demand for lightweight is based on the introduction of new materials, but Also with the elevation of nickel content, battery stability, and security risk are increasing. The academician of Yang Yusheng, Yang Yusheng in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, also said that the importance of new energy cars is an important reason for battery problems.

. “There is no absolutely safe battery, pure electric cars should catch fuel vehicles in the mileage, will cause too much battery to be installed..

“He pointed out that the lithium-ion battery contains flammable solvents, and it is prone to combustible gas in high temperature.. Regarding electric cars, such a short circuit will generally do not lead to fire in the fuel truck.

On the electric car, it is more likely to have a spontaneous combustion accident.. Professor He Xiangming, director of the Lithium Ion Laboratory of Tsinghua University, will further embody the cause of the fire – thermal out of control.

In his opinion, from the material to the production process, from single product to integration, it will affect the heat, so battery safety is not a single problem but system problems.. Today, the more larger the battery is more, but the internal uniformity of the battery is not enough attention, and some companies have high proportion of metal foreign matter, even for improved capacity ignore the diaphragm problem.

. In this regard, he emphasized that the current domestic electric vehicle annual inspection of the project is seriously lacking, the battery product test has not been verified, and the test means cannot cover the diversity of the accident. It is also the cause of accidents.

. Wang Zihe, deputy secretary-general of my country’s Power Lithium Battery, and my country Electric Automobile Charging Infrastructure Charging Alliance, Prince, Prince, Prince, Prince, Prince Substances, their internal organics with self-ignition explosion properties, and put “lighter and flammable materials” together, only one thin diaphragm, extremely easy to cause accidents. The factors that can trigger the safety of power lithium battery are so much, how can security issues solve? At the meeting, experts scholars, industry agencies and vehicle companies gave their own solutions to some extent, strive to solve the safety anxiety of electric vehicles from the source.

. About the current power lithium battery winding production process, Director of the Safety and Energy Saving National Key Laboratory of Tsinghua University: “The advantages of winding process are high in production efficiency, and the championship is controllable, but due to the radius of curvature, especially The internal central curvature of the core is small, causing N / P to be small, charge and discharge, constant, inconsistent, easy to analyze lithium. The laminated process is opposite, each part is uniform, it is not easy to deform.

The laminate is more suitable for the shape of the electrode material, which is conducive to ensuring that the charging and discharge cycle is consistent, preventing lithium lithium. “Liu Bo, director of Changan New Energy Battery Development Director, believes that the battery of high-energy battery is not a high mileage, but should be safely centered, in the first stage, should be prevented as the mainstay..

About hot loss of control safety, “combustible object, temperature, oxygen is three elements of thermal out-of control, the company should first ensure that the battery has good sealing, reducing the entry of the battery throughout the oxygen. “In the battery design, Wang Qingsheng, the Dean of the Sino-Russian New Energy Material Technology Research Institute, said that in the large environment of pursuing high energy, the manufacturer has a higher quality, higher density, and the concentration is thinner, but Battery structure and design, safety and energy density should have a most suitable balance point. He also pointed out that about “thermal stability” problem, the mutual match between materials and heat is most important, and the security and performance of each battery should be improved, not a single or material.

. “From the perspective of energy storage and electric car accidents, early warning, and security of security and fire protection are particularly important..

Mr. Huang Dinglai, a New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

, is believed that no matter whether it is a powerful lithium battery or a comprehensive standard construction on a MW storage station.. When an accident occurs, it is necessary to supply a clear alarm escape signal for the driving passengers, and have corresponding measures to protect the early fire supply.

. The challenges in the development of new energy vehicles, the academicians of Yang Yusheng once again called: safety should be in the first place in the development of new energy vehicles.

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