Project plans to invest nearly 10 billion yuan will build China New Energy Automobile Power Lithium Battery Strategy Base

Project plans to invest nearly 10 billion yuan will build China New Energy Automobile Power Lithium Battery Strategy Base

BYD “Blade Battery” ended in Changsha caused the Dinning Township Power Lithium Battery Production Base Project Important Production Factory No. 4 and No. 5 Covenant.

Changsha Evening News Full Media Reporter Wang Zhiwei photographed large cars in the flagship, super safety “blade battery”, more than 600 kilometers of endless mileage, 100 kilometers to accelerate 3.9 seconds ..

. Recently, BYD new model “Han” hot car. In Ningxiang, the dynamic lithium battery production base project of the “blade battery” will be produced for the model, which is also in full swing.

. At present, the No. 4 and No.

5 of the Important Production Plant have been capped. It is expected to implement the “blade battery” production line equipment to install, before the first production line before December 15; next April, The first phase of the project, “blade battery” production line is fully put into production. Five or six hundred people at the same time at the morning of August 17, the reporter came to the Biandi Township Industrial Park in Ningxiang High-tech Zone.

. On-site, workers sweating like rain. Some open the cutting machine “Waiter Tree”, some waving the hammer “striped mold”, and the sound “table tennip pong” in the near, and the transport tube is “嗡”, and mixed into a hard work.

Symphony. The reporter saw that in the northwest corner of the project and the southeast corner, two large buildings have been placed..

At the northwest corner of the construction site, the important production plant No. 4 and No. 5 building have been capped, and the steel pipe has not been removed from the 4th.

. “2 buildings are 4 floors, more than 18,000 square meters of single-storey, is underway engineering, fire protection and steel structure..

“Zheng Junjie, head of the project of BYD Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., said that there are five or six hundred people on the construction site during the construction period, and will increase to more than 1,000 people at the end of August.

. At 10:30 in the morning, the construction site is already sunshine, the heat wave rolls. Workers’ land continued to end construction and return to the project department to rest.

At the security gate, the construction party specially prepared her herbal tea. It is understood that the construction system is implemented on the construction site, and the daily construction time is from 10 o’clock in the morning to 10:00 pm..

The reporter learned that since the project settled in Ningxiang, since the “zero distance” collaboration of the Ningxiang High-tech Zone Management Committee: 700,000 cubic meters of land flat tasks were completed in 13 days to help the project entered the infrastructure stage in advance.. At the same time, the park arranges special personnel implement project examination and approval.

Since February this year, the project has been fully completed, and the park has also organized a special car to receive foreign workers, helping to recruit workers in Ningxiang, guaranteeing various constructions.. Zheng Ban, member of the Standing Committee of Ningxiang Municipal Party Committee, Ningxiang High-tech Zone Party Work Committee → Lithium-ion battery pack and application → waste battery recycling “Complete industrial chain closed-loop Ningxiang High-tech Zone, the characteristic energy storage materials industry cluster will also add the tiger.

The hard software of the automatic production line can intelligently interconnect the southeast corner of the site. The external renovation of the 2 flipbands has been completed. Internal decoration and indoor neatness; will become a comprehensive building of the industrial park command center is about to be capped, next to the underground pool and water pump room The main body has been completed.

“At the end of August, we will usher in more than a thousand people’s construction workers and production workers. At present, there are 2 outstanding buildings, including 384 dormitory, and each air conditioner and 24-hour hot water can live more than 16,000 employees..

“Zheng Junjie told reporters” “The first floor is the complement of the building, the first floor is the canteen, the second floor is the recruitment training venue and supermarket. The third floor is the office floor. The fourth floor will be in accordance with the three-star hotel standard.

Guest House. “The southwest corner of the site and the northeast corner are the reserved venue for the second phase of the project..

As the important layout of BYD in the central region, the total investment of the dynamic lithium battery production base in the central region is about 10 billion yuan, will build China’s new energy vehicle power lithium battery strategy base, important for BYD’s new energy vehicle supply power lithium battery. The first phase of the project investment investment is about 5 billion yuan, and it is expected that the annual sales income is about 10 billion yuan, and the number of new employment is about 2,000..

Biandi Ning Township Power Lithium Battery Project will use BYD’s first sixth generation power lithium battery production line, composed of robots, MES information systems, intelligent logistics systems, and multi-functional unmanned van, realize the production line automation and information. Chemical, and can achieve intelligent interconnection of hardware, software, software. On March 29 this year, BYD officially announced “blade battery” and quickly became industry star products.

. The battery will be lithium iron phosphate technology will be first equipped with the “Han” model..

“Blade Battery” can skip the “module” during grouping, which greatly improves the volume utilization, and finally reaches the design goal of loading more battery in the same space.. Compared with the traditional battery pack, the volume utilization of “blade battery” has increased by more than 50%, and its battery will increase by more than 50%.

. Today, in BYD’s recruitment webpage, many work locations have been listed in Ningxiang position, including technical, product management, other classes, etc., the total number reaches hundreds.

. What is the development of the Dynamic Lithium Battery Project of the Dialin Township of Changsha? What is the development of the industrial chain of Changsha Advanced energy storage materials? The next step is to promote the construction of the industry chain to build a new level? The reporter interviewed the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Project , Executive deputy mayor Xia Jianping. Q: What does the project have the development of Changsha related industrial chains? A: Advanced energy storage material industry is a subdivision industry in the field of new energy new materials, and is also an important support for the “three wisdom and one core” industry.

. On the basis of the current Shanxi Energy, Bangu Circulation, Del Fluoro and many other lithium-electric industry leading companies, the completion of the dynamic lithium battery project in Biandin Township will further enhance the agglomeration effect of lithium-electric energy industry, and promote the formation of complete industries. The chain closed ring, driving the Changsha Advanced Energy Storage Materials Industry Chain to create the goal of building an expert-level industrial cluster.

Q: How will the next step will promote the construction of Changsha Advanced energy storage materials industry chain to build a new level? A: In the next time, we will “look at the world, based on the country, based on the local”, put the advanced energy storage material industry chain as a pillar type and Strategic industrial chain, carry out five major actions, the company’s cultivation, the development of the company, the promotion of the company, the promotion of the company, the promotion of the company, the promotion of the cultivation, the technical innovation and the development of the company. Strive to 2022, the Changsha has become a domestic leading, internationally influential advanced energy storage materials and power lithium batteries important base and industrial agglomeration areas. .

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