Prince Dong: Solving the safety of dynamic lithium battery needs to slow down

Prince Dong: Solving the safety of dynamic lithium battery needs to slow down

On August 29, my country’s battery and energy storage industry summit held in Shanghai. Wang Zi, a deputy secretary-general of my country’s Automobile Power Lithium Battery Industry Innovation Alliance, made a speech entitled “New Development of Lithium Battery after Subsidy Age”, and accepted the exclusive interview with reporters after meeting. About the safety of power lithium battery and the development direction of future electric vehicles, the prince is deep.

He mentioned: “In the case of fire causes, you can’t increase battery energy density, you must slow down the research and development.. “Balance energy density security problem is urgent to solve the survey.

From May this year, 79 new energy vehicles that continue to occur in the fire cases, most of them are three yuan lithium-ion batteries.. So what is the reason, causing frequent fire? According to Wangzi winter analysis, currently, the new energy car is frequent, and the excessive pursuit of energy density is large.

Whether it is a lithium phosphate ion battery or a three-dimensional material battery, and flammable is an electrolyte, but only Trimed material batteries have increased rapid temperature when there is a problem, and it is easier to ignite electrolyte.. In addition, Prince Dong mentioned that many people now study BMS in depth, but in a large number of fire events we have encountered, these BMS seem to be useless.

. He said that if the battery is affected by the outside, BMS is able to protect it, but if there is a problem inside the battery, BMS is not easy to manage, this is the cause of BMS from preventing accidents..

Wang Zi Winter said that the core problem of the safety of the power lithium battery is that the industry has not found the real cause of lithium-ion batteries.. He mentioned that the importance of new energy vehicle safety accidents is the power lithium battery thermal out of control.

. Thermal out of control is just a phenomenon, the key is to find the cause of the heat loss. At present, the accident is complicated, and the source of the accident is difficult to clear, so the safety problem of dynamic lithium battery should be highly valued.

. However, according to prince, the industry is also constantly reflecting the safety of electric vehicles, blindly pursues high energy density into focus..

Multi-professional pointed out that theoretical battery energy density and safety. If the market is excessively pursuing high energy density, security issues may increase. Therefore, he suggests that all new energy mutuals should not have to raise the battery energy density too high, don’t take too much.

He mentioned: “Cannot play for life, we have to give a society. “On the other hand, there are currently more companies in my country’s production power lithium batteries. The production quality control level of the company’s battery is uneven.

In this case, no matter what the material of the material will catch fire.. “Prince’s winter emphasizes that in the existing environment, although it has failed to clearly understand the direct relationship between the angling incident and the pursuit of energy density, with the high nickel three-yuan battery enters the market, new energy vehicles face higher Safety control requirements.

Solve dynamic lithium battery safety issues, you should slow down your footsteps, stabilize. Prince Hall mentioned that more levels of management, maintenance, including data analysis, etc., including data analysis, etc.

. And each company, also need to improve overall security from the structural design of the monomer battery, module design, and battery packs..

Innovative Technology R & D Find the safety problem of the new extent of the power lithium battery in 2020, after the subsidies of 2020, the competitive advantage of new energy vehicles is no longer. In the face of foreign investment, the fuel-saving energy density is much higher than that of the power lithium battery, the hydrogen energy market is not too mature, and the prince winter also expressed his concerns about new energy auto market next year..

He mentioned: “At present, the ceiling of the energy density of the power lithium battery is too low, the electric car does not have the ability to subvert the traditional fuel car.. After 2020, new energy vehicles are difficult to compete with fuel trucks, because we don’t have specially prominent added value and advantage.

. “In addition, Prince Winter also mentioned that in the current market, there are many speculators that” don’t have intentions “, may not be for new energy cars..

After the market’s shuffle, “after the sea, whoever looks out in nude.. “So, what is the company that truly dedicated to new energy vehicles, how to deal with future challenges? Prince winter also gives its own suggestions.

First of all, electric vehicles should break through the limitations of traditional fuel vehicles in design ideas, create novel unique design. In terms of function, add new value, enhance efficient utilization, full-through tool application function. Secondly, on the technical level, we must use energy-saving technology to truly improve environmental quality; use vehicle safety automation control technology to reduce the comprehensive cost of vehicle structures, and improve value.

. In addition, in innovation development, we must develop a new power energy system. In terms of high security, long-life power lithium battery system integration technology; Developing safety, long life fast charging technology, solving electric car safety, long distance driving.

In addition, the prince is also emphasized that the company needs to increase investment, focus on the production, use, recovery, re-use process of electric vehicles, safety, etc., more comprehensive and green. .

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