Prevent electric vehicle combustion accident solid-state charging lithium battery or solution

Prevent electric vehicle combustion accident solid-state charging lithium battery or solution

Traditional liquid lithium-ion battery, by scientists “rocked chair batteries”, the rocking chair is the positive and negative poles of the battery, the middle is an electrolyte (liquid). Among them, the lithium ion runs back and forth between the two poles of the active athletes, and the charging and discharge process of the battery is completed during the exercise process..

However, this seeming interesting structure has hidden dangers.. According to incomplete statistics, the electric vehicle has taken 10 burning accidents in the first half of this year.

. A firefighting unit summarizes this, and the most common scene of the new energy vehicle is characterized by combustion during charging. In addition, the battery will also be burning during driving or stopping.

. Higher security, can inherit liquid lithium-ion battery “Jianghu status” liquid lithium-ion battery why does the liquid lithium ion battery will explode, some analysts, the reason is that the traditional lithium-ion battery can have a lithium branch at a large current, thus puncture The diaphragm causes short-circuit destruction; the electrolyte is an organic liquid, which will exacerbate a side reaction, oxidative decomposition, gas, and combustion occurs at high temperatures..

In recent years, the academic community, the industry industry believes that the use of solid state batteries is relatively safe, depending on which the liquid lithium-ion battery can inherit the “rivers and lake status”. “The Spring of the energy storage has arrived, the energy storage industry has begun to bloom, in all kinds of energy storage technology, battery storage is most concerned, and it is also the fastest energy storage technology direction..

The full solid-state lithium-ion battery is an ideal chemical power supply in scale.. “Professor Chen Yongyi, my country Institute of Electrical Research Institute, China.

Experts believe that the full solid-state lithium-ion battery uses solid-state electrolytes to replace the traditional organic liquid electrolyte, which is expected to fundamentally solve battery safety problems, is an ideal chemical power supply for electric vehicles and large-scale energy storage. Beijing Institute of Technology Electric Vehicle Vehicle National Engineering Laboratory, Sun Liqing, an electric vehicle professional committee of my country Electrical Technology Society, said that the difference in solid-state lithium-ion battery compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries lies in electrolyte solid state, theoretical advantage. Since the solid lithium ion battery is used with lithium, the glass compound made of sodium is a conductive substance, replacing the electrolyte of a lithium ion battery, greatly enhances the energy density of the lithium ion battery.

. With solid-state electrolytes, it can prevent some of the components in the battery..

Experts introduction, the density and structure of solid lithium ion batteries allows more tape ions to collect over one end, conduct a larger current, and increase battery capacity.. Therefore, in the same amount of power, the solid state battery volume will become smaller.

. Moreover, since there is no electrolyte in the solid state battery, the storage will become easier. When used on large equipment such as automobiles, no additional cooling tube, electronic controls, etc.

, not only saving costs, but also effectively reduces weight.. The development is still on the road, some key issues have to break through the introduction of solid electrolytes into lithium-ion batteries, and to break through the current organic electrolyte existence, improve battery energy density, power, temperature range, and safety.

And the experts of the meeting, truly realize these goals, still need to first solve the problem of existing electrolyte materials itself and the electrode interface. Qi Jun, a deputy researchler, a Shanghai Silicate Institute, my country, said that in recent years, in recent years, their laboratory is important to develop a lithium sulfur battery system using solid electrolytes..

After modifying metal lithium with solid-state electrolyte, the cycle stability of the battery can be improved.. They also proposed a dual electrolyte system lithium sulfur battery concept, using a solid electrolyte having a lithium ion conductive property LAGP system, and a small amount of liquid electrolyte is wet in the positive and negative electrolyte, the test results can be seen that the first discharge ratio capacity can be Decreasing more than 80% of the theoretical capacity, especially in terms of charge and discharge efficiency, basically close to 100%, completely free of shuttle effect in liquid lithium sulfur battery.

In order to further solve the safety problem of the battery, they gel this interface to ensure that there is no flow state in which the electrolyte is modified by the polymer, and can also buffer the volume effect during the cycle.. Li Liangliang, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Tsinghua University School of Materials, is developing a prototype of oxide solid electrolyte and solid-state lithium-ion battery, using a three-dimensional positive electrode, solid electrolyte membrane and graphite load a negative electrode, battery energy density, and very good security, thousands of times Keeping 81% after cycling.

Afront, Hefei Boao Guoxing Energy Technology Co., Ltd., pointed out that the laminated large-capacity solid polymer lithium-ion battery is currently developed, the structure is relatively simple, the node is small, not to manage the system, and only in series when assembling the battery pack rather than parallel.

With some solid state electrolytes, the traditional liquid electrolyte can solve the problem of the battery’s leakage and the problem of combustion, improve the safety of the battery.. Of course, the solid state battery development is still on the road, and there are still some key issues to be broken.

. Experts say that solid batteries should be considered for long-life, safety, etc..

In addition, problems such as volume effects, stability and interface compatibility during long-term cycling are also needed.

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