Present a safe way to ensure battery safety: free replacement of battery packs with safety hazards

Present a safe way to ensure battery safety: free replacement of battery packs with safety hazards

Xi’an Wei to Authorized Service Center A self-ignition-fired incident occurring in the maintenance of ES8 once again pushed the battery safety problem of pure electric vehicles to the tip of the wind. In recent days, the official microblog of the car is announced, and this self-ignition accident will be described..

According to the military news, accident vehicles have suffered severe impact due to previous chassis, resulting in large-area deformation of the left rear outer casing and cooling plates of the power lithium battery pack.. The internal structure of the battery pack is formed after a period of time after being squeezed, and finally triggered a fire.

. In other words, the cause of the fire is because it has been severely impacted..

In order to further protect the safety of the dynamic lithium battery, it is recently released the “Method of Further Supporting the Safety of Lithium Battery”, including five measures: 1. Strengthen the emergency response mechanism: If the vehicle is in the driving process The chassis collides, or has a collision, the owner contacts the automotive hotline, and the staff will go to the scene to check the vehicle; 2. Add a separate work item of the bottom plate of the battery pack: except for the bottom of the existing battery pack From now on, as long as the vehicle is maintained or repaired, it will add a separate work item of the vehicle lifting inspection battery pack bottom plate; 3.

Increase the bottom plate of the battery pack when power-saving and one-button power supply service: current vehicle When the station is exchanged, the staff will manually check the bottom plate of the vehicle battery pack, and fully inspected the other electrical properties of the battery.. Since then, the car will further strengthen the battery pack inspection process in the power-on and one-click power supply, and add the necessary technical assistance means.

. 4, free replacement of battery packs with safety hazards: If the vehicle battery pack has been hit, it is found to have a safety hidden danger. It is a car to replace the same specification for free of the vehicle free of charge, and scrapped for the replaced battery pack deal with.

5, carry out fire drills, strengthen security awareness: Jewa will strengthen employee fire safety awareness and emergency handling ability, at the same time, it will also cooperate with fire, rescue units to do a good job in emergency disposal ability.. In addition, it is also aware of consumers to pay attention to the vastness of consumers.

If the battery is abnormal, please leave the vehicle immediately. Four doors quickly launched two times, you can directly unlock from the inside out. (Children) When the security door lock is started, the rear door should be opened from the outside).

If the battery is smoked, the fire is safe after ensuring the safety of the person.. Since the battery is an oxygen-free burning, only a large amount of water temperature can be flame retardant.

. General dry powder or foam fire extinguisher cannot prevent battery combustion. It can be seen that, whether it is a emergency mechanism, or the free replacement of the battery pack, this new product is an attitude of consumer responsibility.

. However, it is also worth noting that the fire caused by the electric car battery is still not effective from the source..

Moreover, many pure electric vehicles are still based on the vehicle’s battery life and intelligent web systems, as for the safety of vehicles.. Write in the end, it is undeniable that the “further protection of the safety of the driving lithium battery” guarantees the consumer’s personal and property safety, which is very worthy of praise.

. However, we have to pay attention to how to solve the fire problem from the source is the key..

After all, with the increase in electric car insurance, if you can’t curb this accident from the source, then the safety hazard caused by battery security will also increase. .

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