Preparing for the energy storage era: Europe is picking up a tide of charging lithium battery investment

Preparing for the energy storage era: Europe is picking up a tide of charging lithium battery investment

You may have heard that the wave of investment lithium-ion batteries in Europe is picking up.. EUROPEANBATTERYALLIANCE coordinates and leads a lot of activities.

The leader of this alliance is an innovation and technology propulsion mechanism EITINNOENERGY. Bonormark is an important person of EITINNOENERGY. NORMARK has worked in ABB and working in the electrical engineering industry for nearly 40 years.

. After becoming the head of EITINEENERGY smart grid and energy storage, he served as the current industrial strategic director. From the Swedish Royal Engineering Academy of Engineering, Swedish Transmission System Operators SVENSKAKRAFTN?T to Japan Renewable Energy Research Institute, Normark has served as many leadership committees and consultants in Hometown, Sweden and internationally.

. A few years ago, Normar wrote a popular article for this website, expounding the importance of education to the industry stakeholders to adapt to the “energy storage era”. Bonormark has accepted our interview as an executive of EITINNOENERGY to discuss the energy storage, now and future.

Normark, four major key fields, Normark, said that there is a “many choices” in various energy storage technology, but EITINNOENERGY focuses on it considers the most promising, most influence.. In 2016 and 2017, the European Commission requested EITINNOENERGY (EIT is an abbreviation from the European Innovation and Technology Research Institute.

It is a storage relevant report from EU supports an independent institution) and other experts.. EITINNOENERGY has selected four important focus: the first is a lithium-ion battery, a second liquid flow battery, a third supercapacitor, and a fourth hydrogen field.

. “I believe that in fact, these four technologies will become dominated technology. “Normark said that other options may also bring hope, such as flywheel or gravity energy storage.

. However, if focus on these four key areas, EITINEENERGY can cover high-power energy storage, lithium ion mid-range applications, long-range storage applications of hydrogen, and hydrogen storage applications, and hydrogen storage. All content.

Normark said: “Interesting is that so far, we are studying small liquid flow batteries, and many people are studying larger batteries.. “Although hydrogen is still in” primary state “, EITINNOENERGY believes that” hydrogen is large, oversized and longer [application project] will play a considerable purpose.

“Recently, people seem to feel the competition between liquid flow batteries and lithium-ion batteries, but maybe only in the media.. Normark said that all of them have pros and cons.

For example, the response time of the lithium ion battery is faster, which makes them have obvious advantages in the power system.. Also, the production scale of lithium-ion batteries is large, which contains the lithium-ion battery to reduce cost expectations.

. However, EitinnoEnergy’s interest in VoltStorage indicates that the liquid flow battery has a considerable competitiveness in the household level, and the lithium-ion battery..

As mentioned above, this is different from the views of many industries, but it also proves that things are rapidly changing.. “If you ask me a year ago, I would say that the liquid flow battery will of course use usage in the large battery, because [these] battery has scale economic benefits.

At present, the price of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery is falling and it is very powerful, it is difficult to compete with it, so in fact, I am not sure about the current situation.. Another competition between “lithium-ion battery and liquid flow battery (usually not necessarily using vanadium electrolyte electrolyte) is the same, and vanadium is the same, and vanadium is the universality of use.

Lithium recovery is relatively small. Unlike the lithium-ion battery, the recovery of the liquid flow battery does not exist. It may not exist before the liquid flow battery finds the market.

. Is there any reason that the recycling value chain of the liquid flow battery may not exist? “I think this is a very reasonable point of view.”.

I mean, first of all, those who claim to achieve a very high recovery rate of lithium-ion battery materials, I believe they may be correct.. In addition, lithium-ion batteries have huge markets in various applications.

. I found 26 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries at home..

So we have to solve the problem of recycling chain anyway.. “Normark said.

Europe should invest in Eitinnoenergy for the entire value chain, “ecosystem” to establish European batteries is not only an important part of the low-carbon strategy, but also the key to establishing and maintaining industrial competitiveness in other parts of the world.. This is not limited to Asia, but also in the United States and other regions.

. Currently, most batteries come from Asia, and the United States has made progress in establishing their own industries..

“If you want to get a comprehensive recognition of European citizens, implement transformation and even accelerate transformation, then this is the key. You must be able to prove that this can be supplied to some extent. We are negotiating with a large number of planned companies, planning investment processing equipment and recycling factories.

So I don’t say that Europe must pay self-sufficient, but if this price chain does not exist, this is absolutely unacceptable.. “In the past few years, many companies have announced a lot of notices related to European manufacturing, so that people will suspect whether there will be some degree of supply.

. Bonormark said that things are not the case, we “get too far away from. “One of the reasons is that people often underestimate the time required for the factory to achieve full load production.

. There are a lot of “a few years to start” in the planning or construction of about 25 European major plans..

Normark believes that although international competitiveness is a factor in establishing a local manufacturing, international cooperation and trade is still very important.. In manufacturing quality production equipment, Asia has exceeded Europe, while European automation technology and process fields may remain leading.

. Normark hopes to see Europe’s machine manufacturers “keep up with the steps of the times”, he thinks this is possible. And at the same time, Europe can import equipment.

European large-scale factory startups like Northvolt can introduce talents from other places in Asia, filling important personnel and knowledge gaps. Normark pointed out that one of the largest battery manufacturers in my country is building a factory in Germany, which will become CATL in the world’s largest plant..

CATL has established contact with research institutions in Europe. Normark is optimistic, my country’s entrepreneurial spirit and European knowledge can be successfully integrated. Normark said that after all, the results achieved by the European Battery Alliance Project have been “exceeded expectations”.

“If you look at the current pattern, you will find that the biggest change in Europe last year is that everyone is more or less to reach a consensus, that is, we have competitive, we believe this, but Three or four years ago, things are not like this. .

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