Power reliable, new energy cars can be popular

Power reliable, new energy cars can be popular

The core of the new energy vehicle is to achieve electricity, the core of electricization is the battery.. my country is still weak in automotive battery technology, so we must do a good job around the power system.

. In response to the battery itself. Battery volume, quality, capacity, charging time, etc.

should be technological innovation. The government must give guidance, talent support and financial support, guiding research institutions and attracting outstanding company team to actively develop. Promote research attack on energy conversion issues.

New energy is not limited to single electrical energy replenishment, to open a thoughts, incorporate all clean energy into the field of view. It is necessary to improve the kinetic energy of the car to the electrical energy transfer efficiency, to maximize self-replenishment, which maintains the power of new energy vehicles. To directly transform directly into the field of light energy, thermal energy, chemistry into the field of electric energy, pioneering and innovating, and realize the new breakthrough in the development of ethics energy conversion application technology.

Further strengthen power conversion or replenish emergency system development, improve configuration. Many people use the attitude of watching to see new energy cars, the biggest concern is to have problems in the power system, how to emergency. Alternate power systems (including spare batteries) should be standard for new energy vehicles.

Power supply facilities are fully equipped, such as the setting of charging piles, the number is reasonable, enough, advance planning, and reasonable charge. .

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