Power lithium battery will usher in a large scale scrap strengthening regenerative cycle utilization is

Power lithium battery will usher in a large scale scrap strengthening regenerative cycle utilization is

The development of my country’s new energy vehicles has entered the “Expressway”. In 2018, the sales volume broke through millions of protocols, reached 12.70 million, with 12.

56 million, up 59.9% and 61.7%, respectively, and ranking first in the world.

. It is estimated that by 2020, the sales volume will exceed 2 million. The life of the dynamic lithium battery is generally 5-8 years, and the effective life is 4-6 years, which means that the first batch of new energy vehicle power lithium batteries in the market is basically eliminated.

. According to the calculation of my country’s automobile technology research center, combined with car scrap years, battery life, etc..

Zhang Tianshi said that at present, the new energy car lithium-ion battery is now important. First, the ladder is used, and it is purchased by my country Tower Company. The second is to regenerate the use, will scrap the battery , Refine the heavy metal, use again.

From the full life cycle, the battery is used in the end of the final reporting, and it is also necessary to carry out regeneration.. On the one hand, it is to have a large number of scrapped new energy dynamic lithium-ion batteries, and on the other hand, the lithium resources are seriously dependent on imports.

. Zhang Tianshi, president of the National People’s Congress, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tianneng Group, said that my country has to import a large number of lithium ore every year, and the external deposit is more than 85%; “my country’s demand” has also promoted the skyrocket of the battery-grade carbonate, from 2015 less than 5 10,000 yuan / ton rose to 180,000 yuan / ton at the end of 2017, the increase is close to 3 times, which greatly increases the procurement cost of my country’s lithium-ion battery manufacturing company to my country’s resource safety..

“Scrapped power lithium-ion battery is a valuable ‘urban mine’, and the metal content is much higher than the ore, and the lithium, cobalt, nickel, etc. are recycled, regenerated, and can improve the efficiency of resource utilization, reduce imports. Reduce the security of the foreign dependence and protect the national resource strategy.

“In addition, the scrap lithium-ion battery is in case of improper handling, it will have a large harm to the ecological environment, such as cobalt, nickel, etc. in the positive electrode material, the organic matter in the electrolyte, the carbon material in the electrolyte, etc. It will cause severe pollution in the water body and soil, especially the heavy metals, and it is difficult to recover for decades.

. “It is good to use it, it is not good to use it..

Zhang Tian said: “The new energy vehicle power lithium-ion battery is like this, strengthening the regeneration cycle use of the new energy dynamic lithium-ion battery, can ensure the safety of the national strategic resources, reduce the external dependence, significance is very important. “The state attaches great importance to the regeneration of new energy dynamic lithium-ion batteries. In January 2018, the national ministries and other national ministries and other national ministries and other national ministries and other national ministries and other national ministries were issued, and the recycling management of new energy vehicle power storage batteries was strengthened.

Comprehensive use of resources; the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also introduced “Interim Provisions on the Management of New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling” in July 2018, which will establish “traceability comprehensive management platform”, produce, sales, use of new energy power lithium-ion batteries , The whole process of scrap, recycling, and utilization is subject to information collection, and the implementation of the subject’s implementation of the subject’s performance recycling responsibility. These institutional measures have played a positive use of strengthening the comprehensive efficient use of scrapped cells..

Regeneration cycle use of new energy power lithium-ion batteries is also an emerging field. It is currently in its infancy, facing some outstanding problems and difficulties. Important is reflected in the following aspects: First, the recycling system is not yet perfect.

Automobile production company, battery manufacturing company, recycling company, and regenerative utilization company has not yet established an effective cooperative mechanism, and the power is not clear enough; in terms of implementing the production of the owner’s responsibility extension system, it is also necessary to further refine the relevant legal support; Technology is not yet mature. In the dismantling process, due to the battery structure, material system, package specifications, battery balance, there is no uniform standard, leading to a large disassembly, low automation level, the importance is completed, the cost is high; in the smelting link, price The highly efficient technology of metal is not mature enough, the economic benefits are not obvious, and even the regenerative materials have less than the recycling cost, the cost is inverted, and the research investment of the regeneration company. Third, incentive measures are not strong enough.

Lithium-ion battery regeneration is currently in the market development stage. It is necessary to guide the financial and taxation policy. The current interest and taxation incentive policy is not perfect, and the support measures are further strengthened.

. In order to better promote the regenerative utilization, recycling, protection of the ecological environment, ensure the safety of national strategic resources, promote the healthy and sustainable development of my country’s new energy auto industry, better building ecological civilization and beautiful my country, Zhang Tian suggested that the relevant departments accelerate the development of the management standards, technical standards and evaluation criteria, technical standards and evaluation criteria, such as the disassembly of the Pack system, the detection standards of battery balance, etc .; The planning and implementation of energy lithium-ion battery supervision, recycling, recycling, through first trial, explore the implementation of the national level of industries, more operability.

In addition, Zhang Tianshi also suggests that accelerates research and development of stimulation and tax concessions, industrial funds, points management and other incentive policies, study marketization models such as dynamic lithium batteries, and promote power storage batteries; Construction, regenerative smelting technology research, give fund subsidies; determine a batch of benchmark companies and demonstration projects, prefer special funds for green manufacturing, energy-saving and environmental protection, play the industry leading; Explore the establishment of government funding leaders, companies and society Funding mechanism for capital multi-input, economic and environmental benefits. .

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