Power Lithium Battery ‘White List’ Cancel, Battery Company Accelerates Entering Global Battle

Power Lithium Battery 'White List' Cancel, Battery Company Accelerates Entering Global Battle

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of new energy vehicles, the domestic power lithium battery industry, and it is also a few years old, and cultivates the giants like CATL, BYD.. However, a notice of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology this year, it is likely to let the power lithium battery industry “change the day” in the next few years.

. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced that since June 21, the Ministry of Industry has officially abolished the four-year “car power battery industry standardization conditions”, which means that domestic power lithium battery companies will lose “protective cover”, officially join the global competition..

Therefore, the power lithium battery company is also tightening. First July 9, the honeycomb energy is the world’s first four yuan and cobalt-free material batteries, and publishes a series of technical routes, and CATL continues to expand their friends circle, they announced the largest in July 17. One of the Toyota, one of the car companies.

Today, today (July 19), BYD also announced the cooperation between the battery and the whole vehicle in BYD.. In addition to the role of battery suppliers, domestic power lithium batteries, also trying to build their global rights in the new energy vehicle field.

. Power lithium battery companies speed up the “technology changing market” past, new energy cars can take much subsidies, and close the power lithium battery relationship used. The standardization conditions implemented in May 2015 have been published four batchs of 57 companies directory.

. The birth of this normative condition has its historical significance, encouraging battery companies more advanced, battery life, more powerful lithium batteries. Simply, the domestic car company can only enter the new energy vehicle promotion catalog, which will enter the new energy vehicle promotion catalog.

. Therefore, the technical leading LG chemistry, Panasonic, Samsung and other Japanese and Korean batteries, naturally unable to enter the supplier of domestic electric automotive models naturally. The abolition of standard conditions, allowing the international giants to compete for opportunities to compete, my country’s power lithium batteries, also formally ushered in a new round of challenges.

First of all, the sword is a honeycomb energy source in the Great Wall Automobile Power Lithium Battle.. Last week, the honeycomb energy is officially announced to the “stacking” series of power lithium battery products for different application scenarios, but also the world’s first non-cobalt material and four-dimensional material electric core products.

. Honeycomb energy is expressed, with square battery high-speed lamination process and car grade development standards as its own technology route. Among the lithium-ion power lithium batteries of the existing ternary system, the cost of positive material reached 30% to 45%, which in which 523 is used as an example, and cobalt accounts for 20%, as a strategic resource.

Cobalt price fluctuations will directly affect the cost of the final battery. Therefore, under the premise of consensus with the high nickel system, the mainstream power lithium battery companies including Panasonic, LG, CATL are in the development direction of low cobalt and cobalt-free batteries as the next generation of power lithium batteries..

The honeycomb energy is introduced to the reporter that the properties of the wireless material can reach the same level of NCM811, but the material cost is 5 ~ 15%, and the corresponding battery BOM cost can be reduced by about 5%.. As for the four-dimensional materials developed by honeycomb energy, there is a better feature, higher safety.

. In February 2019, the honeycomb energy is officially independent. The industry also comments this is another startup of the Great Wall Auto Chairman Wei Jianjun in the new energy vehicle industry chain.

. For now, the honeycomb energy is still important for the Great Wall’s models, but the honeycomb energy will be positioned as a third-party power lithium battery company, which is open for domestic and global vehicle companies..

In the future, the electric version MINI, the Great Wall and BMW, will also supply power lithium batteries by honeycomb energy. As for the current domestic power lithium battery installed capacity, CATL and BYD have recently been one of the world’s largest car companies. Toyota increases cooperation.

The reporter learned from CATL that the company will establish a comprehensive partnership in the field of Toyota Auto in the new energy vehicle (NEV) power lithium battery, in addition, both parties have new technology development, and battery recycling. Wide discussion. BYD also announced on July 19th, will develop the pure tram type of the car and low chassis SUV, as well as the batteries used in these models, after the Mercedes, and the world’s head car companies form cooperation.

“White List” Cancel: The market is squeezed or the cancellation of “White List” in the “Cake”, which means that the dynamic lithium battery of Japan and South Korea can also cooperate with my country’s local car enterprises.. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand the behavior of CATL, BYD acceleration and large car enterprises.

It is important to understand that BYD has almost no external output of its own battery, and in the “White List” less than one month, Toyota joined BYD’s Circle of friends. Regarding the entry of foreign dynamic lithium batteries, compared to market share, the industry is more accomplished by power lithium batteries to make a big cake, and the cost is reduced..

Yang Hongxin, General Manager of Honeycomb, said in an interview with a reporter that my country’s powered lithium battery industry has caused structural problems in the past, and cannot say that “protection” of whitening list cannot be said. “This may have a certain relationship with this investment unreasonable, Many companies, previously transferred from the traditional digital industry to the power lithium battery industry, but the power lithium battery industry, especially the passenger car power lithium battery, it is necessary to develop according to the car. “” Everyone generally believes that the white list will cancel the industry is good.

“. This logic is very simple. For example, I will leave my own identity.

I look at this thing with the identity of the vehicle factory. It can only choose two or two special battery suppliers, or one or two, selective Less, and the cost is not low, but the selection will be more. “Yang Hongxin believes that white list will make the car company has more opportunities for power lithium battery selection.

Yang Hongxin believes that after foreign excellent products enter our national participation and competition, this market will become a real market-oriented market. “Then the rules of the market are, everyone can make comparison, this will promote the cost of my country’s new energy Descending, quality promotion and supply of supplies, this is a root cycle. “” The whole vehicle has developed, it will inevitably bring greater power lithium battery demand, especially the new demand for high-end power lithium batteries, and we just think that this is given my country Battery Company enters the international stage competition.

. “Yang Hongxin said that all developing industries are basically competitive, and it is an international competition..

Fu Bingfeng, Vice President and Secretary-General of China Automobile Association, said to reporters that the cancellation of whitelist, regarding a lot of powerful lithium batteries, this so-called “amulet” is no longer, “in this simultaneous layout In the case of multiple tracks, the process of battery companies to face will be more complicated, and they must have different considerations as different scenarios, and the policy established.. “In his opinion, the cancellation of whitelist is also a higher demand for battery companies.

. Regarding the entry of Japanese and South Korea competitors, CATL responded to investors in July 18, said that the company’s products are technically, quality and foreign suppliers in the same camp, and the company meets customer needs through product performance differentiated competition..

The power lithium battery industry will enter “Global Big Battle” just as CATL said, after several years of development, my country’s powered lithium battery company has had the strength of the wristband abroad.. And began to reach out to abroad.

After obtaining the big power lithium battery purchase order of BMW, CATL has clarified the construction plant plan in Germany. “German production R & D base is under construction, the company proposed no more than 1.8 billion euros for the construction of the base.

“CATL response. Interestingly, even the unique honeycomb energy is also in its brand strategic planning and product announcement, another heavy news is announced, that is, European plant plan. Honeycomb energy stated, will spend 2 billion euros in Europe construction 24GWH large power lithium battery factory, supporting positive material factory and battery technology center.

In China, South Korea’s important “control” power market, no one wants to stay in the European market. As for the model produced by Toyota and BYD, it is expected to be invested in my country in 2025..

“External customers’ applications may be more focused on the beginning of 2020, and external customers will have a step-by-step process. We hope that from 2021, the proportion of external customers can gradually approach to 50%..

“Yang Hong’s new supplementation, even” consecutive generation “in the dynamic lithium battery field, honeycomb energy has clearly joined international competition. It is true that, in the moment, it will be the “Fang Xin” of the International Passenger Giant, only BYD and CATL, but in the future, more powerful lithium batteries will join the real global competition, will also be a big probability event.

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