Power Lithium Battery Turn Warm Stone Shenghua won Feng Liuqi layout

Power Lithium Battery Turn Warm Stone Shenghua won Feng Liuqi layout

On August 3, Shi Dashenghua announced the latest top ten shareholders, “Gao Yi Nengshan No.1 Yuanwang Fund” is in column, this year-on-year yield is as high as 39%, the helmmer is private, Feng Liu. Following CATL after being robbed by Gao Hua Capital, Shi Dashenghua is a recent secondary market in another big TSLA industry chain thinner.

The power lithium battery industry bottoms, Gao Yi asset Feng Liu and institutional layout Shi Dashenghua as the school-enterprise reform “branch stock”, Shi Dasheng Hua has completed the transfer of major shareholder shares in the near future, and the company has formed no actual controller architecture. On July 13, the company has disclosed the big transaction, and the buyer is a sales department of Guixin Securities Shenzhen Zhenhua Road, totaling 4053,600 shares, the average cost of the transaction is 35.11 yuan / share.

The buy seat is the Gao Yi Yingshan No. 1, which is Gao Yi asset, Feng Liu, and Feng Liu takes the specific shares of this major shareholder to lock for 6 months..

The Gao Yi Nengshan No. 1, which is well-known private equity Feng Liu, has been paying attention to the market..

The reason is that the product has been with the annual income rate of 39% since 2015, the annual rate of return is 30 billion private equity products that can achieve no loss without one year.. Its excellent performance is benefited from Feng Liu good at excavating the high quality stock of the low base, every time the layout, long-term hold.

In addition to the Feng Liu layout, Shi Shenghua has also won a number of public fundraising organizations.. In the top ten major shareholders, the National Social Security Fund one three combination, and the Central European Times Pioneer, the King Fund Manager, also returned to the company’s stock.

Recently, many big names appeared in TSLA industry chain, July 6, TSLA announced 2020 Q2 financial report, once again achieved the ultra-expected quarter earnings. Comprehensive financial report, guidelines in the second half of the year, TSLA performance is superior. Compared to the European and American markets, TSLA is the only rising car company in the first half of 2020 (Volkswagen CEO discriminating the Volkswagen During the second quarter, the public lost 2 billion euros per week).

Under the influence of epidemics and other external unfavorable factors, TSLA still maintains an optimistic sales data and rising prospects, and the industry chain leading company will have long-term benefits from TSLA strong business capabilities and market performance.. In the first half of the year, domestic power lithium batteries were affected by epidemic.

. From the industrial people, the current domestic power lithium battery demand is obvious, the drainage production in the faucet company CATL has increased significantly, and the industry’s life is high in the second half of the industry, and the industry chain lead company product demand is strong..

Global lead TSLA is strong, the demand for domestic power lithium battery industry is expected to bottom up, public-private owners have robbed the powerful lithium battery industry leading company, in the second quarter, multi-institutional warehouse new energy industry company. The lithium-ion battery solvent track is clear, the pattern is obvious, Shi Dashenghua City share 70% Shi Shenghua, the main lithium-ion battery solvent and additive products. According to the company’s latest half year report, the net profit attributable to the shareholders of listed companies in the first half of the year, which is a medium-term loss in the first time since the company’s listing.

. According to the announcement, the reason for the medium-term performance loss this year is that the chemical sector is affected by the epidemic, the inventory is reduced to drag the overall performance, but the company’s new energy business is rapidly developed, the faucet is stable and expected to achieve significant improvement. There are many lithium-ion battery industry chain companies, many segment areas competition, but the lithium-ion battery solvent sequential competition is clear.

On the solvent track, Shi Dashenghua has a battery-grade carbonate (“DMC”) annual output of 75,000 tons, and the global market share is as high as 70%, accounting for leading position in the field.. According to Shi Dashenghua, the 20020 month ended in E-interaction, the company supplies the most basic energy materials supplied by the battery company for TSLA, BYD, BMW, Benz.

. According to industry experts, Shi Dashenghua City’s share of 70% is that the battery-level solvent industry barrier is high..

In the five solvents of lithium-ion batteries, the battery-level DMC refined process is difficult, and the yield is extremely small.. Shi Dashenghua is currently 75,000 tons from the battery-level DMC, far higher than the second-third line of solvent industry.

. In addition, the solvent industry is highly dependent on the downstream customer. The solvent will directly affect the stability of the electrolyte and lithium-ion battery, so the downstream customers generally do not easily replace the solvent supplier, which makes the lithium-ion battery solvent new entrants are difficult to cut into core customers.

. Shi Dashenghua deep-tillage industry for many years, and downstream core customers depth, accounting for important shares of lead battery manufacturers CATL and LG battery solvents, belonging to the absolute faucet in the field in the TSLA supply chain. The new work of the industry is not mature, downstream verification cycle is long, usually unable to enter the mainstream lithium-ion battery supply chain.

As the industry leader, Shi Shenghua has been doubled after the new production in Quanzhou Base, Fujian Province, the new technology path used by the new production is higher than the product gross profit margin.. TSLA Million-mile long battery battery is to be announced, Shi Da Shenghua solvent and additives have announced a patent for the most direct benefit varieties this year, TSLA, according to the original text of Jeff Darn, based on the Royal Battery expert, this technology aims to improve electrolysis The DMC is added to 70%, and the use of sulphate DTD is used as an additive to enhance the number of charge and discharge cycles of the lithium ion battery, thereby achieving an amount from 1 to 1,000 miles of battery cells.

. The new battery will continue to cooperate with CATL, which will have a huge pulling of battery-level DMC requirements..

Shi Dashenghua is absolutely leading company as a solvent industry, and the production of sulfate DTD production will be put into production in the fourth quarter of this year.. In the future, as the TSLA new battery project landed and new production places, the company is expected to usher in the performance and improvement, greatly enhance profitability.

For comprehensive, Tslaq2 performance is superior. The subsequent TSLAMODEL3 low model and modely are all configured on lithium iron ion batteries. After these models are placed, the battery-level DMC demand will be increased, and the future will continue to force new energy vehicles market, industries The chain is related to the price and price of the leader.

. The new battery has achieved technical breakthroughs. After the new battery project lands, the battery-level DMC and additive DTD needs will be added.

. Therefore, the dynamic lithium battery industry needs to be warm, TSLA performance and technology continue to bring new increments, as a global solvent industry leader, Shi Dashenghua is strongly launched by many institutions, it is not difficult to understand. .

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