Power Lithium Battery ‘track’ hot factory car enterprising

Power Lithium Battery 'track' hot factory car enterprising

TSLA founders and CEO Mask are a good hand of the building, a question in the social media in advance, “The battery day will announce a lot of exciting things,” hanging the public appetite. In the early morning of September 23, Beijing, I finally organized at TSLA Fremont Super Factory due to the epidemic..

Among the activities, many technological innovations have been concentrated, for example, by combined innovation such as a new 4680-free battery, TSLA is 56% after 3 years, and the battery cost will be reduced by 54%.. However, it may be that the prior to Mask is too high, leading to the technological innovation published by the battery day by many people to evaluate “less than enough, lack of surprise”, TSLA stock price is also closed by 5.

6%. But in any case, TSLA has indicated the attitude of the plus layout dynamic lithium battery industry and built battery production lines..

Since this year, the dynamic lithium battery “track” has more hot, in addition to LG chemistry, CATL, Samsung SDI, Panasonic and other manufacturers giants, TSLA, BYD, Toyota, Guangqi, Beiqi and other vehicle enterprises also add code, launch a technology innovation competition. TSLA battery daylights the influence of innovation results, TSLA late battery day activity arrangement is like in the car cinema, investors sit in the car, listening to Mask, if the river is hanging on the stage, according to the horn, it has been an affirmative way..

This battery day, TSLA focuses on a variety of innovative technologies such as battery design, battery core factory, anode material, cathode material, vehicle manufacturing.. The new 4680 non-heteroatic battery height is only 80 mm, a diameter of 46 mm.

Compared with traditional lithium-ion batteries, the accepted ear battery is no longer bumpy. Mask introduction, this design can significantly reduce heat generation, solve the heat dissipation problem of high energy density batteries, and increase the charge and discharge power peak power, and ultimately make the energy of the new battery have passed by 5 times, and the power is 6 times, at the same time Reduce 14%, endless mileage increase 16%. About 3 years later, the battery cost can be lowered by 56%, and the endless mileage is increased by 54%, and the cost of investment decreased by 69%.

. In addition, TSLA also announced two innovations with battery materials..

Among them, “cobalt” innovation has received attention. At present, TSLA has developed a high-nickel cathode material without cobalt, maximizing nickel content, and uses new coating and dopants to decrease the cathode cost. 15%.

. However, the public that the public is the “million mile” battery that is most expected to be announced, how much makes the battery have little surprises. Car companies have added the powerful lithium battery “track” has always signed the cooperation agreement with the hot TSLA, which is the best quality endorsement of power lithium battery manufacturers.

. But now, TSLA “Two Legs Walk”, one side and LG chemistry, Panasonic, CATL to sign the supply contract, the other side, smashing the dynamic lithium battery industry. And TSLA is not unique to the “track” car company in the “track”.

Since the power lithium battery is the most important component of new energy vehicles, 40% or even higher costs, more and more car enterprises hope to master this technology in their hands, and drive car sales through technology innovation. BYD is one of the traditional car companies in China to invest in new energy vehicles, and relies on lithium iron phosphate ion battery technology to become a domestic power lithium battery market hegemony..

However, because BYD has closed the export channel for the battery core technology, the CATL relies on energy density, and the long-term longer three-yuan lithium-ion battery is achieved.. In March this year, Volvo has enabled electric car battery assembly line in the Factory of Belgian, and Toyota has taken the lead in announcing a solid battery and will be assembled to the latest model this year; Guangzhou Automobile announced that the next generation of power lithium battery Core technology, and published the first hydrogen fuel power battery car; Beiqi offline the first sample car with solid battery .

.. more car enterprises into the power lithium battery “track”.

Dynamic Lithium Battery Technology Innovation Competition, although, several dynamic lithium battery manufacturers are still firmly occupying market share, but industry experts analyze, once the subversive technical breakthrough, will trigger market reshuffle. Therefore, all the families have been a big step and launched a technological innovation competition..

One degree relied on the CATL of the three-dimensional ion battery corner overtakes back to the lithium phosphate ion battery, because with the development of the technology, the energy density of the lithium iron phosphate ion battery is greatly improved, and the battery is gradually comparable to the three-yuan lithium-ion battery. , At the same time, more advantages. BYD also expects to re-return to the domestic overlord through technology innovation.

In March this year, BYD launched the “blade battery”, although the essence is still a lithium-ion battery, but since the shape of the long blade increases the battery size utilization, the battery is improved.. BYD Chairman Wang Chuanfu high-profile declares that “the safety of the blade battery can completely erase the ‘spontaneous combustion” from the dictionary of the new energy car.

“Continue to use a vehicle enterprise of the three-yuan lithium-ion battery technology route, you want to reduce costs through” cobaltization “. Before the TSLA battery day, the power lithium battery company independent of the Great Wall car has announced that the cobalt battery has been officially launched..

In addition, there are car companies that are developing more subversive solid states.. Toyota, which takes the lead in implementing technical breakthroughs, announced last year, solid-state battery energy density is more than 2 times higher than that of the lithium ion battery, and there is no gas and liquid in the battery, and it is more secure.

This year, the solid-state battery is loaded, and the amount is achieved before 2025 Produce. Ship, maybe it is near. .

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