Power lithium battery ‘second echelon’ struggle

Power lithium battery 'second echelon' struggle

According to the “Power Lithium Battery Field Database”. Among the remaining power lithium battery companies, the number of Guoxuan high-class assembly is located in the third place. There is only 5.

4% of the market share, one-third of CATL, Zi Shen, Fu Can Technology, Bike and other market share Between 3% and 4%. “In addition to the two giants, other (power lithium batteries) companies are not good, on the one hand, the price of product prices continues to fall, on the other hand, the account extension is tight. “The industry company’s executive analysis believes that under the fierce competition, there will be a company out of the company.

. “Second Echelon” CATL after the competition is highly launched, as always. And Dongfeng, Guangzhou Automobile, BMW, Jiangling, Geely and other car companies “marriage”, plus the cooperation between the mass, Daima, Brilliance BMW, CATL became the biggest winner in 2018.

According to the test, the total power supply of CATL in 2018 decreased by 23.5 g (GWH, the same), and the 10.4g of 2017 increased by about 126%, far more than the overall growth rate of the industry.

. According to the starting point of research, my country’s power lithium-ion battery head-loaded machine is 57.1g, a year-on-year increase of 56.

7%.. BYD’s growth is not willing.

According to estimates, the 2018 BYD power lithium battery installed power consumption is 11.4g, which has increased by 110% from the 2017 year..

Behind the power lithium battery rises, is the hot sale of BYD new energy vehicles. According to the announcement, BYD’s new energy vehicle has exceeded 240,000 in 2018, up to 100% year-on-year..

Under the driving of the two giants, the market concentration of the entire industry has rapidly improved. According to statistics, 2018, the top ten power lithium battery companies in the 12th power supply capacity, accounting for about 47.2g, accounting for 83%, and the share of TOP10 company in 2017 has increased approximately 9 percentage points.

. After the two giants, it is a large number of “second echelons”. From the installation amount data, “bite” between several companies is very tight, competitive is extremely fierce.

. From the annual data, Guoxuan high-tech, Qi Shen, Fu Can Technology, Bick, Yiqi Lithium, Beijing national energy is ranked third to eighth, 5.4%, 3.

7%, 3.4, respectively, 3.4 %, 3.

1%, 2.3% and 1.4%.

“The amount of installed volume is 1 G to 3 g, the gap is not clearly opened. It seems that no one has the opportunity, no one will think that you are more poor than others, and you will not take the initiative to give up..

“The relevant person in charge of ZHCHLHHL said that the third place became the goal of” the second echelon “, there are more than 10 companies in the” second echelon “.” Some companies are now not big, once they have Central enterprises or large capital involvement, the rise will be very fast. “From the monthly installed volume data, 2018, Guoxuan high-tech, billion latitude, Fu Can technology, force gods all entered the top three in one month, grabbed the third place.

A specific manifestation of fierce expansion to accelerate the fierce competition of shuffling is the expansion of production.. According to incomplete statistics, in the next year or two, almost all of the first two-line power lithium battery companies have expansion plans, some companies are quite radical.

. Such as Fu Can Technology, current production is about 5G, planned to 40G to 40g by 2020; another 14G in 2018 to 2020 30g. At the same time, although some company’s expansion plans are relatively relatively alleviated, they are not small.

. The two giants will naturally be situated..

According to the public information of CATL, the company’s 2020 yield planning is 50g. The goal of BYD is 40g from 2020, 2018 company output is 20g. A background of fierce expansion is that in addition to a small number of companies, the overall production utilization rate of the power lithium battery industry is extremely low.

. Another background is the foreign investment of the tiger, which is increasing in our country, hoping in this huge market..

According to reports, Panasonic plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in two new production lines in my country’s battery pack, and the output will increase by 80% on the basis of approaching 5G; LG chemical plan invests 1.2 trillion won (about 1.07 billion) in 2020 (about 1.

07 billion) Dollar) Expanded its two battery plants in our country. “The competition of the market will certainly increase further, the industry enters the big wash period. “True Ze lithium research believes that at home and abroad have increased investment in the field, it will promote the progress of the industry objectively, but with competition, the proceeds will inevitably grow more and more.

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