Power Lithium Battery ‘Retired “Acceleration Industry’ Ship ‘

Power Lithium Battery 'Retired

The recovery of lithium iron phosphate ion battery is not large. The company has a significant power of its recycling, plus recent metal prices have declined seriously, especially the price of cobalt, resulting in recent battery recycling. Not as good as.

The Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the implementation of the Rules for the Recycling Management Measures (hereinafter referred to as “Rules”) will be implemented on September 1.. “Rules” further stipulates that the recycling of power lithium battery is required, requiring recycling of disassembly companies to disassemble, collect, store, transport, transport, transport and recycle the waste-saving battery of the scrapped new energy vehicle, and strengthen the whole process.

manage. The above “New Government” will affect the power lithium battery recovery industry in the barbaric growth period? The reporter conducted an interview. According to the data research center of my country’s automobile technology research center, it is expected that the amount of energy retransmission of my country’s powered lithium battery is more than 200,000 tons, and the market size reaches 1.

75 billion yuan.. Power lithium battery retirement tide attack, the market also accelerates integration.

The reporter noted that there are currently 208 dynamic lithium battery recycling companies in my country. The company’s registration is 41, which has increased by 71% from 2019..

Can these 208 battery recycling companies should respond to 20,000 tons of recovery? Dr. Hunan University Marriage said in an interview with a reporter: “Single from quantity, 208 are very large, enough to digest 200,000 tons of battery quantity. “But the reporter noticed that although my country has formed some special power lithium battery recycling companies, such as Bangu Group, Greenmei (002340), but the number of large companies is small.

Wu Hui, Dean of my country’s Battery Industry Research Institute, told reporters: “Most of China’s large number of companies involving the recycling of dynamic lithium batteries are relatively small, and the processing capabilities are estimated less than 10 battery recycling companies in 10,000 tons / year.. “Wu Hui said that the most prominent problem at this stage is that most of the retired batteries cannot flow into a regular battery recycling company.

. “At present, the technical level of each battery is different. Whether it is 200,000 tons, 300,000 tons or more, now the waste battery is not recycling, but the channel is not perfect, not smooth.

“He said. The peak of retirement brings a new challenge 2013, my country’s new energy vehicle promotion application accelerates, according to the life of the power lithium battery 5-8 years, 2020 will usher in the peak period. What is the impact of the concentrated retirement of the first batch of power lithium batteries? Wu Hui said that the new amount of battery retirement has a positive effect on the entire battery recovery industry.

As the recovery is increasing, the power circulation of benign is also gradually formed.. “Whether it is recycling, the ladder is used, the power lithium battery recycling company can finally start'make money'In.

“He said. At the same time, the centralized retirement of the power lithium battery also brings some problems..

Wu Hui said that the amount of retired battery may have a negative impact on the ladder of the battery.. Since the battery production technology is developing rapidly, the cost is getting lower and lower, the price after the recycling battery ladder is higher than the new battery price.

. “The old battery is more cost-effective than the tradder of the old battery, which is more cost-effective than directly buying new batteries. This is a big problem.

. Wu Hui said. It is understood that lithium iron phosphate and ternary batteries are two battery types that are currently used by electric vehicles, of which more lithium iron phosphate ion batteries are more.

. Battery Recycling Company is disassembled from the waste battery, which will extract cobalt and nickel, but the cost of recycling the dismantling industry, the cost is still a big problem..

Wu Hui said that the recovery of lithium iron phosphate ion battery is not large. The company has a clear power of its recycling, plus recent metal prices have decreased seriously, especially the price of cobalt, resulting in recent batteries Recycling is not as good as before. The recycling market chaos is based on statistics.

In 2018, my country’s power lithium battery decommissioned has reached 74,000 tons, while the power lithium battery recovery is only 5,472 tons, accounting for 7.4% of the total number of electric lithium batteries, and the power lithium battery. The recovery rate is far from expected.

Zhang Yuping, deputy general manager of Greenmeal Co., Ltd., said that the state has been encouraging pilot, hoping to explore business models, build a full life cycle value chain, realize battery recycling – raw material reconstruction – material recreation – battery pack reconstruction – new energy car assembly – New energy car operation – battery recovery of industrial chain closed loop.

“Especially between big companies, to ensure that the retired battery will not flow to the small workshop, there will be no guerrillas to defeat the regular army.. “He said.

The industry told reporters that the domestic power lithium battery recycling market chaos, “black workshop” is active, crowded a lot of regular companies’ survival space, in addition, hidden dangers have long-term existence. There is currently not forming a sound recycling system, and commercial models are still exploring..

Wu Hui said that if you want to achieve the dynamic lithium battery recycling market, you must first solve the traceability of the dynamic lithium battery flow. From the production to the recycling, there must be traceability, the industrial chain is complete, there is a path can be checked, prevent waste batteries Flowing into a qualified company for processing. At the same time, he also proposed that the production process of the battery should be further standardized so that it can make a solid foundation for the future battery recycling and ladder.

. Yu Haijun said that my country’s policy regulations and standards in battery recycling are far more than other countries..

From the regulatory level, there is already a good boundary, which has a more comprehensive means.. In contrast, the self-development of the market has entered the barbaric growth period, which has both the landing inspection of testive policies, and also involves the social responsibility of the company.

. He suggested that it is necessary to decemberize industry access, strengthen the company’s supervision, and key regulatory companies to meet the environmental assessment of dynamic lithium battery recovery, EIA approval, and operation monitoring standards. In addition, it is necessary to raise from the source, strengthen the owner’s responsibility of the vehicle enterprise and the battery company, and start tracking from the moment of sales.

. To strengthen the company’s integrity construction, build a social integrity system, let the unintegrand company pay the price, promote self-discipline and healthy development. “It is necessary to spread the safety and environmental knowledge of the safety and environmental protection of retired batteries to the whole society, improve the safety environmental protection of the whole people.

. Yu Navy said. .

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