Power lithium battery recycling ‘殇’

Power lithium battery recycling '殇'

Beijing’s winter snow is more fierce, electric cars have once again ushered in it is very difficult for cold season.. Because of its dynamic lithium battery physical properties, technical routes, etc.

, due to different levels of decay, different degrees of decline have become “common diseases” of all new energy vehicles enterprises.. At this moment, don’t consider the development of the power lithium battery due to the entire industry technology bottleneck, only to discuss those who are full of service, the first new energy power lithium battery that is about to face recycling, will find their situation and status quo.

Not optimistic. However, it is undeniable that this is a huge market that is seriously underestimated, but it is not yet formed by “Blue Sea”..

In fact, the State has been introduced in February 2018, has been introduced, “The Dynamic Lithium Battery Recycling Recycling Producer Responsibility Extension” is required to take the main body responsibility of the battery recovery, but only slowly from the perspective of the main plant.. As for battery manufacturers and power lithium battery recovers, although overall development is diversified, the volume is still small.

. According to incomplete statistics, my country’s motivational lithium battery first wave retired wave will arrive in 2020, when the amount of pure electric car battery will reach 12-17 million tons, if there is no corresponding to the corresponding method of these waste batteries, resulting Environmental pollution and resource waste will be very huge. If the growth of my country’s new energy market has already been seen, then the power lithium battery recovery plate is still showing “young”.

In the subsequent stage, how to overcome the “殇” of the power lithium battery recovery? Still have to pay enough attention, and launch a set of effective solutions. Under the “Blue Sea”, the difficulties of the world have been in the world’s most radical countries on new energy transformations between decades, non-my country. According to statistics, from 2009 to 2017, new energy car ownership has exceeded 1.

7 million, 2018, my country’s new energy sales has also broken through millions of protocols in 2018.. The power lithium battery is the core of the new energy vehicle, according to different use scenarios, the life of the battery is 3-5 years, so there is a lot of power lithium batteries to scrapped.

Regarding the recycling of the dynamic lithium battery, it is not only the original intention of the birth of the new energy car – green environmental protection, which is also conducive to the cyclic utilization of resources such as lithium cobalt, reducing the dependence on these non-renewable energy.. At the same time, the power lithium battery is important to consist of the positive electrode, the negative electrode, the electrolyte, the diaphragm, the housing material, and the adhesive, with the positive electrode material as the most important part, according to the current mainstream technology route, the material can be divided into lithium iron phosphate and three yuan Materials, the same total of more than 95%.

In addition, there are small part of lithium manganate and lithium cobaltate, accounting for only 5%.. For the current market share, the three-yuan battery is like more in line with future demand.

. Its 2017 annual machine has been close to the lithium phosphate ion battery. It is achieved in the first half of 2018.

It is expected that the proportion of 2025 will exceed more than 75%.. Regression of the battery recycling area, currently the important recycling direction of the industry is still in the part of the positive material, the future, the recovery electrolyte may also become one of the directions.

. Overall, regardless of the pure electric car ownership or existing power lithium battery installed, this “Blue Sea” is just like time problems..

But the reality is, “Blue Sea” is still difficult. Those in the current development of the dynamic lithium battery recovery industry, the technical difficulty is high, the profit is relatively thin, the industry qualifications are hard to seek or become important causes. In terms of technology, there are currently two ways to power lithium batteries, that is, energy storage markets and dismantling recovery.

Since all kinds of manufacturers who have a powerful lithium battery recovery energy storage technology have not issued unified industry standards, they are all camps, which causes the “consistency” situation in the field of energy storage battery.. In addition, the dismantling recycling field still needs to operate the operation of professional equipment and related technicians, still have a certain “barrier”.

“Wecent” is also one of the reasons why the dynamic lithium battery recovery industry has developed slowly.. Among them, the total recovery of each company’s overall power lithium battery is relatively small, and it is difficult to balance the income and expenditure to become a common phenomenon.

. Battery recycling as a industry with technical threshold and fund threshold, should be put into large capital investment. However, on the government level, only the company is only encouraged to recycle, and there is no clear incentive policy.

. Consumers have expected to have a certain return when consumed their electric vehicle power lithium batteries..

At this stage, since the three-yuan battery has not been retired by the application of the application, the lithium iron-ion battery recovery is extremely low, so it is a comprehensive consideration of most companies still wait and see.. Not long ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of “New Energy Automobile Waste Battery Comprehensive Utilization Industry Standards”, only 5 companies finalists.

In the future, the dynamic lithium battery industry may also be troubled by the new forces, “qualification”, and trying to enter the Council must first solve this key problem.. At this moment, the recovery of the powerful lithium battery is difficult, regardless of the host factory, professional manufacturers or related governments, want to promote the substantive development of the entire industry, “the pain point” to solve under the “Blue Sea” is still a lot.

In the “dilemma”, it is undeniable that the dynamic lithium battery recycling industry is obvious, and there is a risk. Under such an environment, “speculators” still in the game. Although risks and returns do not necessarily form a proportional relationship at some moment, the power lithium battery recovers the future of the industry, so that it is willing to let go.

After all, the influence of cold winter in the car market is quite wide, and the new field may have new opportunities.. In addition, the country has proposed “who is responsible for who is responsible, who is polluted,” and adhering to the attitude of full support.

Because of this, some power lithium battery companies began to lay out in advance.. CATL, Tianjin Zhizhen, Beiqi Penglong, BYD and other companies have varying degrees to open the power lithium battery recycling project.

Among them, BYD has a new energy vehicle manufacturing and power lithium battery manufacturer, which recovers its own retired dynamic lithium battery to reuse or disassemble supply convenience conditions.. Regarding the huge demand for energy storage batteries, it will be announced in 2018 will use the retired dynamic lithium battery instead of the active lead-acid battery.

It is only more than 40GWH estimation in its energy storage battery. If the project can be finalized, or will Become another outline of the power lithium battery recovery. In addition, overseas car companies regarding power lithium battery recycling also have their own thinking and solution.

Some projects of Mitsubishi, Japanese car manufacturers are using automobile waste batteries to power them for their buildings.. European car companies such as Audi, Renault also use the recycled power lithium battery for secondary use of building power supply and energy storage.

. No matter what route, recycling power lithium battery is beneficial to find, this point is undoubted. In the 2018 movement of the lithium battery recovery market, the continued development of the new energy industry has been accompanied by the continued development of the new energy industry.

As of 2025, my country’s accumulated scrap dynamic lithium battery will reach 350,000 tons, and the power lithium battery recycling. The scale will reach RMB 20.371 billion.

“Cake” is attracted enough, so it is not difficult to understand the dilemma, why “speculators” is more active. On the Thuring December, the Department once again announced the “New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan (2021-12035)”, and widespread future suggestions from all walks of life in my country..

Among them, it clearly indicates that the sales volume of new energy vehicles in 2025 will reach around 25%, which is 7.5 million vehicles..

In other words, the same means 7.5 million power lithium battery loading. Regarding all power lithium battery recycling companies, even with “division”, the social responsibility of the new energy car should be placed in the first place, and follow the established development rules of the industry, overcome the existing technology bottleneck.

Only in this way can it be prepared to prepare for the retirement of the power lithium battery, and go out as soon as possible, “殇”, ushered in greater profit space, the market is more “diversified”, not now this progressed slowly. .

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