Power lithium battery recycling advances to key stage scale applications still need to work together

Power lithium battery recycling advances to key stage scale applications still need to work together

Since 2018, the first batch of automobile power lithium batteries entering the market in China will soon usher in the “reporting”. According to the calculation of the relevant agency, the 200th lithium battery scrap recovery will be more than 60,000 tons, and the 2020 movement lithium battery recycling market space is close to 15 billion yuan..

In the context of new energy vehicles, now, now face a new topic: dynamic lithium battery recycling. Regardless of environmental protection, resource utilization or cost compression angle, the rise of power lithium battery recycling business is inevitable. With multiple advantageous factors, whether the power lithium battery recycling can become the next investment? After gradually expanding the new energy vehicle system, the demand for the recycling of the dynamic lithium battery will also increase.

With regard to electric vehicles in the early investment market, battery life has gradually moved to the end, and another battery is facing scrapped.. At present, the quality of the new energy vehicles circulating in the market is more standards for 5 years or 80,000 kilometers.

. If you can use 70% to be used for the tradder, about 60,000 tons of batteries should be scrapped. Dynamic lithium battery scrap and whether important and battery life, battery and capacity attenuation.

At present, the two hottes used in waste battery resource utilization are ladder utilization and material recovery cycle utilization.. Re-use is divided into new energy vehicle replacement, use of large energy storage equipment, other low energy consumption of lithium-ion battery; resource recovery, a lithium-ion battery dismantling recycling.

Disclosure, the purity of nickel, cobalt and lithium in the power lithium battery plasma, is much higher than the purity of the ore and mineral salt, which is the root cause of the profit of the power lithium battery disassembly and utilization market. Theory Can realize economic benefits of approximately 40,000 yuan per ton. In order to establish a regular “re-employment” channel, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, etc.

of the “Heart”, and the Interim Measures for the Administration of New Energy Automobile Power Battery Battery, which mentioned the current demand Lithium battery recycling and use innovative business model, encourages to build a variety of forms, cooperation, sharing waste power storage battery recycling channels. At the same time, emphasizing the implementation of the producer’s responsibility extension system, requiring automobile production companies to undertake the main responsibility of the power storage battery recovery. This approach will be implemented from August 1 this year.

. In the face of the upcoming management interim method, the car company began to launch the battery recycling business. From the perspective of the market, the cumulative scrap dynamic lithium battery will reach 120,000 -.

2 million tons in the next three years, and the front-end production and sales is hot, and the space for recycling is the same.. For specific to 2018, the dynamic lithium battery waste recycling market will begin a scale, and the recycling company is about to usher in the profit point brought about by scale.

. But about more and more ginsengers who have poured into the battery recovery market, it is not easy to eat this “cake” is not easy..

It is understood that the type, specifications, process, etc. of retired batteries are different, and there is a variety of forms, models, usage time, and working conditions, resulting in complex dismantling. Since the dismantling of the waste dynamic lithium battery has a certain risk, and the current scrapped pre-dynamic lithium battery has no unified coding and size standard, so the automated dismantling is large.

. In addition to the technical threshold, scrapped battery recycling channels are also a big problem that plagues the company..

Due to the “retired boom”, many companies are still difficult to achieve scale effect in a short time in a short period of time.. The existing recovery dismantling company is not perfect for the safety risk control system of the decommissioning dynamic lithium battery dismantling process, and a large amount of exhaust gas, wastewater and waste residue will occur during the recovery of the power lithium battery.

. At the same time, there is no unified standard for power lithium batteries, and there is still difficult to use a wide range of concentrated use..

Despite the market demand, the raw material recovery of the power lithium battery has not yet arrived.. At present, there are only a small number of ladders to use the demonstration project, and the current ladder utilization technology is still in the reserve stage, the cost is too high.

. However, as the industry’s normative is continuously improved, the decline in the cost of retired batteries will be the opportunity to develop development, and the company with core advantages will be strong in this feast.

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