Power lithium battery ‘player’ is difficult to break

Power lithium battery 'player' is difficult to break

Under the “haze” of the car market, the new energy car who used to be unique, has not been able to be unfair, and press high rise pause.. According to the production and sales data released by the my country Automobile Industry Association, in September this year, the new energy automotive production and sales completed 89,000 vehicles, respectively, down 29.

9% and 34.2% from the previous year..

The effect of the decline in the production and sales of new energy vehicles, the power lithium battery industry in the “heart” of the new energy car is the first to be affected. The latest data released by my country’s Automobile Power Lithium Battery Industry Innovation Alliance, September, my country’s powered lithium battery loading volume is 4.0GWh, a year-on-year decrease of 30.

9%. In such a large environment, plus the resurrection of new energy subsidies, the company in the power lithium battery industry is beginning to make a profit, slow return, competitive pressure, etc..

“my country’s Business News” reporter combed discovery that China’s powered lithium battery industry chain listed company has announced the three quarterly reports and performance notices, including the lithium-lithium industry (002460.sz) Tianqi lithium industry (002466.sz), South Power supply ( 300068.

sz), etc., the net profits have different degrees of decline. “The subsidy is affected, the profit of the battery manufacturer will decrease, the account may deteriorate, and the company is not strong, it is difficult to support for a long time.

. “Zhi Lithium Study Chief Analyst Mo Ke bluntly, the current dynamic lithium battery industry is grim, it is already in the shuffling stage, this year will be more. The amount of installed “break cliff” decline according to data, my country’s new energy vehicles have produced approximately 76,000 units in September 2019, with a year-on-year decline in 31% year-on-year.

Or by this, my country’s powered lithium battery installed capacity is about 3.95GWh, down 31% year-on-year..

Among them, each vehicle category power lithium battery installed volume has a negative rise, and the number of passenger vehicles in September is about 3.02GWh, down 8% year-on-year; the passenger car installed is about 0.74GWh, down 60% year-on-year; special car loader is about 0.

19GWH 66% year-on-year. The whole environment is so, the power lithium battery company in the industrial chain is naturally difficult to speak..

According to incomplete statistics, in September, CATL, BYD, Zhishen, Peng Hui, Jiewei, Ka Tu, Fu Can Technology, Sandton, Wuhu Tianzhang, Wan Dynasty, Bick 11 battery core supplied commercially available machines Decreased, 55.00% of the top 20 battery core suppliers. Taking BYD (002594.

SZ) as an example, according to Zeha Lithium research data, the amount of installed in September is 507.58mWh, down 69.04% year-on-year.

. Force God September installed is 103.31MWh, the decline in the same year, the same fell, the same fell, and reached 56.

42%.. In addition, Shanghai Card Nippon Energy Co.

, Ltd. September is 40.57mWh, down 26.

91% year-on-year; Fu Can Technology installed capacity is 32.67mWh, down 86.18% year-on-year; Wuhu Tianzhang is 18.

53mWh, a year-on-year drop of 33.96%. “September 2019 dynamic lithium battery installed machine is still falling year-on-year after August.

From the number of battery core suppliers, January 2018 is flat, February to September, in September, in September, a year-on-year fell by 31.43%. “Mo Ke pointed out that the decrease in battery-installed vendors, the number of battery core suppliers decreased by 98.

21%, which indicated that the electric car industry is grim, the industry’s concentration and shuffling are intensifying. However, from the line of the rising data, the power lithium battery market has a temperature in the first two months of the first two months..

Therefore, the high-rise industry research institute said that the sales of new energy vehicles in September began “warping”, news from the upstream supply chain, the procurement of the power lithium battery company is gradually recovering, which means the fourth quarter power lithium battery Retribution is expected to speed. Cui Dongshu, secretary-General, secretary-General, also believes that the annual battery demand is unbalanced, and the main company will have an advantage, but with the end of the market, the contradiction between production is high, the second-line company may usher in a good time. opportunity.

Performance pressure wash is actually, one-way power lithium battery manufacturer’s installed capacity, can not completely reflect the impact of new energy car subsidies, sales decline to the power lithium battery industry. As the core component of the new energy vehicle, the dynamic lithium battery is affected by the decline in the profit of the whole vehicle, and the overall profitability is also declining..

The reporter noticed that as of now, there have been many power lithium battery industry chain listed companies announced the three-quarter results report or performance notice.. Among them, on October 22, Tianqi lithium industry announced that the company realized business income and belonging to listed company shareholders in the third quarter of this third quarter of this year were 120.

8 million yuan and -53.92 million yuan, which decreased 17.81% and 114.

20%. It is understood that this is a net profit loss in Tianqi lithium industry for 5 years. The company is expected that the company is affected by factors such as lithium price, product sales, and the net profit will appear 94.

55% ~ 96.36% this year. decline.

The Li Feng Lithium, which is the same as a lithium resource company, has revised the three-quarter results in the third quarter of this year. It is expected that net profit is about 300 million yuan to 400 million yuan, a year-on-year decline in 63.85% ~ 72.

89%.. In response to the cause of the decline in performance, the reporter sent it to the interview letter to the lithium-life, as of it, did not receive a reply.

. In addition, Rilevo can (300116.sz) performance preview showed that the company’s loss of the company has reached 2866 million yuan to 2871 million yuan in the first three quarters; Nandu Power is expected to achieve return to the net profit of return from 30.

04 billion yuan to 390 million yuan in the first three quarters. Falling 10% to 30% year-on-year; multifluoro (002407.sz) The net profit of shareholders of listed companies were 97.

6393 million yuan in the first three quarters, down 42.06% year-on-year. As the giant of domestic battery companies, CATL (300750.

sz) fails to get rid of the “magic” of the performance decline, according to its 2019 three-quarter performance preview, the first three quarters of this year, the company achieves net profit of 3092 million yuan to 3.568 billion Yuan, up 30% to 50% year-on-year. But in the third quarter, the net profit is expected to achieve net profit of 1.

0% to 1468 million yuan, down 0% to 20% year-on-year.. It is not difficult to see from all kinds of data.

The profitability of the power lithium battery-related products has been greatly shrinking more than two years. The battery companies are already in the state of micro-profit and even loss..

At the same time, the prolonged subsidy is extended, which also makes the power lithium battery company encounter a problem.. “The subsidy of the whole vehicle factory is difficult to prevent it from passing to our upstream battery company, which has often had this situation.

. “Previously, Zhang Tianshi, Chairman of Tianneng Group’s board of directors, once in an interview with reporters, when the vehicle factory has not received subsidies, generally arrears the upstream battery company, wait for subsidies to settle. In Mo Ce, the subsidy is affected, the 2019 movement lithium battery industry competition will be more intense.

. “First, the subsidy is serious, and the vehicle enterprise will compose battery manufacturers. The profits of battery manufacturers will decrease; second, the account may deteriorate, the company is not strong, it is difficult to support for a long time.

Only the overseas electric car market has only one four or five battery plants, the domestic market will eventually be similar, and finally will only leave 10 home.. “In the face of current situation, Melco recommends motivational lithium battery manufacturers, especially small and medium-sized battery manufacturers, to actively develop other lithium market outside the electric car, expand customers, and constantly strengthen their hard strength.

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