Power lithium battery organ lead industry chain: Watma ‘drip’ type promotion electric truck

Power lithium battery organ lead industry chain: Watma 'drip' type promotion electric truck

On March 7, Watma New Energy Automobile Industry Innovation Alliance and Hengtian Group signed an agreement, and both parties established strategic partnerships, jointly developed and promoted new energy vehicles, and plans to jointly promote 20,000 new energy vehicles in 2017.. At the same time, Watma’s parent company Rare Wo can announce the notice, my country Hengtian’s subsidiary Hubei New Chufeng Motor will purchase Waterma 20,000 sets of power lithium batteries.

According to my country’s Chemistry and Physical Power Industry Association, the 2016 Waterma battery ranked first in the top three of my country’s powered lithium battery.. At present, Watma and FAW, Dongfeng, Shanghai Shenlong, Xiamen Jinlou and other car companies cooperate.

Watma and Hengtian cooperative business logic are very clear, providing dynamic lithium batteries for Hengtian, and also promoting the same number of new energy vehicles from Hengtian.. In other words, Watma has done several important links on the new energy vehicle industry chain: power lithium batteries produced to new energy vehicles Ordered procurement, promotion, forming a complete model.

Watma thought very clearly, to sell batteries, you must promote new energy vehicles. In fact, on the entire chain, the status of the power lithium battery itself has exceeded the vehicle company..

The main plant is equivalent to the processing assembly of the power lithium battery manufacturer, and the machining will be handed over to the battery manufacturer promotion.. Deciding this logic, is the characteristics of new energy vehicles: 1.

Power lithium battery technology is the most core technology of new energy vehicles. Many performances of cars depends on battery technology; 2. The cost of power lithium batteries, accounting for a new More than 40% of the cost of energy cars, even more than half; 3.

New energy car application management, important technology comes from power lithium battery, such as charging speed, charging support, service and maintenance, etc.. “We conducted a complete business model innovation, longitudinally to open the industrial chain, and jointly jointly more than 1,000 new energy related companies, set up a Watma League.

“On March 7, Li Yao, chairman of Watma Group said in an interview with the 21st century economic report.. The power lithium battery sings in accordance with the agreement between the two parties, together 20,000 new energy commercial vehicles promoted to the market, Watma’s purchase of new energy vehicles to Hengtian purchasing new energy vehicles involving 38 billion yuan.

However, Hengtian must first purchase batteries to Watema, with a total price of more than 1.348 billion yuan, and the proportion of batteries is equivalent to 36.3% of the vehicle price.

. Hengtian is mainly based on textile machinery, textile and trade. In 2009, in 2009, it has acquired automotive companies to produce.

However, Hengtian acquired is a small car company, which is difficult to compete with large car companies in technical reserves.. The trend of the new energy car market has given Hengtian new opportunities.

. But to achieve a certain amount of sales, the entire chain of new energy cars must be united to form a relatively mature supply chain..

Hengtian This new energy car “new soldiers” must rely on companies or organizations with core technology and industrial integration capabilities.. Shenzhen Watma created a league mode based on this idea.

In 2013, Waterma took the establishment of Watema New Energy Industry Innovation Alliance, covering the raw materials, core parts, new energy accessories, photovoltaic power generation micro-network energy storage, equipment manufacturing, whole vehicle manufacturing, etc.. At present, there are more than 1,000 alliance companies, including more than 70 listed companies.

. This model is a complete support for the new energy car enterprise to build a dynamic lithium battery as the core industrial chain..

In a sense, the power lithium battery station has the highest end of the industrial chain. In the commercial vehicle field of production and sales, the entire chain begins to be dominated by the battery, not the host factory..

Because of the technology of power lithium battery, Watma extends the chain to promotion operations. The Watma Alliance adopts the model of local government strategic cooperation, government open urban bus system, policy guidance logistics car and other special vehicles use pure electric automotive type; supply industrial park construction plan; joint initiate new energy industry guidance funds; new energy car company Simply rent a factory in the local area. The new energy automotive industry is an emerging industry, chain integration involves a company, government, etc.

, there must be a certain organization to form industrial clusters.. Watma League is doing this thing.

The pulling factor in the commercial vehicle and cluster is the market demand under local government support.. “For example, Shenzhen, there is a stock of 70,000 logistics cars, if all replace it into pure electric, the amount is very huge.

“Li Yao said. The agreement signed by Watma and Hengtian shows that the Watma Alliance member companies should prior priority, use and promote the pure electric commercial vehicle products of the Watta Alliance Battery System, from May 2017, monthly Purchasing, use and promote pure electric commercial vehicles are not less than 2,000 vehicles. “Drip” is promoted to the marketization of new energy vehicles, especially in the private car market, and the dependence is high.

. But even if there is a high subsidy quota, marketization is not expected to be so fast..

From 2016, the best-selling new energy car is BYD’s E6, which is only 250,600, equivalent to a lot of gasoline vehicles.. In 2016, the whole year, the overall sales of domestic new energy passengers was 324,000, up 84% year-on-year.

. But after the subsidy, the new energy passenger car sales is only 15,000 vehicles in February this year..

And in December last year is 38,000 units.. Although Watma’s power lithium battery manufacturers are integrated the entire chain, but finally determine the integration effect, it is the business model of promotion, because it tries to sell sales.

. “The promotion model we use is similar to ‘drip’, but only ‘Dright’ luck, we use the cargo car..

“Li Yao said that after Wal-Mart purchased the new energy cargo car, the freight owner only had to pay 10,000 yuan, and he can rent this car and. “Each driver is equivalent to an entrepreneur, just don’t buy a cargo car..

“The truth is very simple, that is, the car is shared, one cargo car may have three drivers to use, reduce the idle rate of trucks.. But about the driver, can you accept this mode lies in: 1.

Can you make money; 2. Use party is inconvenient. “Taking 5 tons of fuel car light card as an example, buy a car depreciation, artificial, fuel consumption, etc.

. “Vice Chairman of Watma Innovation Alliance, Zhao Le, Chairman of Shenzhen Xinowao”. Similar to the car sharing company, the Watma Alliance established the driver network, the demand network, charging network, payment network, cargo network, surveillance network, and car network seven networks, for logistics vehicle service supply service.

There is also a decision that the driver is willing to participate, it is, the convenience of the new energy vehicle. Whether it is a private car or a freight car, pure electric cars face mileage anxiety. Watma uses a small battery, and the low-end logistics car is used for a small battery.

. The general new energy car has a storage capacity of about 70 degrees, while Watma only does 30 degrees..

Watma’s way to solve mileage anxiety is that in addition to fixed pile charging, Watma is equipped with mobile expressions in the city, within 3 km, equipped with 3 mobile expressions. Watema uses a fast charge battery, 5-8 minutes can add 35% -45% of the power. “The freight train is ware in the loading and unloading, driver rest, this time as long as the driver makes an appointment, and the electric truck will be charged at the specified location.

. “Li Yao believes that it can solve mileage anxiety in this way. Watma’s pure electric motor train, using less battery, low-end mileage mode, does not take national subsidies, and get rid of subsidy dependence.

“The battery load determines the cost of the car, less battery costs, we can make the cost of the car back in five years.. “Li Yao said.

At present, Watma has promoted this model in 17 provinces in 17 provinces in the country.

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