Power lithium battery is about to usher in the revolution? Solid state batteries will double the power!

Power lithium battery is about to usher in the revolution? Solid state batteries will double the power!

According to foreign media reports, SolidPower is working with FordMotorCompany to develop a full solid battery for the next generation of electric vehicles.. Compared with current industrial standard lithium-ion batteries, solid state cell performance is better and more secure.

. The cooperation will focus on R & D in accordance with the full solid battery in accordance with the requirements of the automotive application, and make full use of SolidPower’s first automatic, roll-to-volume production facilities, which is expected to be fully put into production in the second quarter of 2019..

Interpretation of the MIVO garage 1: Supreme dynamic lithium battery is about to debut, solid-state battery will solve the motor vehicle mileage anxiety: the strength of the solid battery is very large: 50% increased by 50% compared to the current lithium-ion battery.. And due to the simple design, the energy of the battery module or the battery pack can be improved; 2.

Since the flammable liquid electrolyte used in lithium-ion batteries is removed, the safety is greatly improved; 3. The battery pack design is low; the heat management system is simplified Using automation, industrial grade volumes, improve productivity. This means that according to the current model, if the same battery pack size, the capacity of the battery pack can be doubled after the solid state battery! This kind, according to the current plan, at least NEDC can break through 1000km is not a problem! The solid-state battery is also more conducive to achieving the popularity of “power exchange” technology, which will greatly reduce the cost of car enterprises, and promote the popularity of electric vehicles.

. MIVO garage 2: Futi large-scale investment solid state battery, in order to reduce automatic driving investment: About Ford. It is reduced its related plans for automatic driving, and believes that the ability of the first automatic driving car will have a limitations.

. Therefore, Ford is about to cut automatic driving investment, and transfer to an electric car investment..

In addition, the Ford’s electric car path is currently in the development of the big Zhangqi drum.. Including electric Mustang, which Ford announced, Ford is laying through electric car market in full line.

In addition to the “formal alliance” of the prior to and the public, Ford is learning to GMI, and the pace of electric vehicle development is. Electric is the future, Ford understands this. If you want to do it, you must cross the current obstacles.

. Mivo garage Interpretation 3: my country’s car companies currently in CATL’s shadow, maybe the solid battery can help us break through the new idea: At present, most of the first-line car companies are in use from CATL The first three-yuan lithium-ion battery made battery pack core. And the electric car on the market is still very “eating” battery density.

Now the mainstream battery density is around 170Wh / kg, and now, it is now sufficient to use everyday use.. But we still have to say that CATL has developed battery technology over 250Wh / kg, but it is not possible to reduce costs for electric vehicles.

. This has to envy TSLA. Tsla’s battery technology allows battery capacity to be fully leading the current other car companies, but it is because TSLA is priced, so it can bear costs.

. If the solid state battery can be popularized by battery suppliers, it can help my country’s car companies to achieve a corner overtaking. Fast commentary: Perhaps Solid State Battery is a truly interview.

It will have a few years, because the information released by Ford is the fastest to carry out the quantitative car trial.. But we have seen hope, and I also saw the future direction of electric cars.

. Perhaps such a battery revolution can truly solve the mileage anxiety and security problem, we can only look forward to it.

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