Power lithium battery industry development growth to create new energy car ‘strong heart’

Power lithium battery industry development growth to create new energy car 'strong heart'

Developing new energy vehicles is the only way to move from the auto big country to the strong country, and it is a strategic initiative to deal with climate change and promote green development.. With the “new forces” of the car, the traditional car enterprises accelerate the road of exploration of the transformation, the new energy automotive industry has strong development momentum.

Recently, “New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan (2021-12035)” issued, proposed that in 2035 pure electric vehicles become the mainstream of new sales vehicles, in order to develop high-quality development in my country’s new energy automotive industry in the next stage Indicate the specific path, also injecting kinetic energy and confidence in the industry. From now on, the People’s Network launched the “Outlook New Energy Automobile Industry” to observe, invite experts in the relevant field, analyzing the current situation, looking forward to the future direction. Accelerating the development of new energy vehicles is a major strategic decision made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council.

Since the State Council, the State Council announced the “Energy Saving and New Energy Automotive Industry Plan (2012-2020), in all policy support and all parties, my country’s new energy automotive industry has maintained a good development momentum.. As of November 2020, my country’s new energy vehicle guarantee reached 4.

92 million, lasting five years in the world’s first place, expecting the “13th Five-Year Plan” to achieve super expected implementation. The power lithium battery is the “heart” of the new energy vehicle. Under the driving development of the new energy vehicle industry, my country’s dynamic lithium battery industry has also achieved significant results.

. The size of the load continues to lead. my country has formed a long triangle, Pearl River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, etc.

. As of November 2020, my country’s powered lithium battery loading has accumulated 254GWH, which continues to maintain the world; where the three-yuan battery loading is 133.5GWH, accounting for 52.

6% of the total cost of loading, lithium iron phosphate ion battery loading The amount is 112.6GWH, accounting for 44.3% of the amount of total assembly.

. Technical level is significantly improved. The three-yuan and lithium iron phosphate ion battery is the mainstream battery product type, of which the three-yuan battery technological progress is obvious, and the size of the size of the application product is more than the energy from 150-160 watt / kg in 2012 to 280-300 watt.

/ Kg, increased by approximately 2 times, sales price dropped from 3 yuan / watt to 0.7 yuan / watt, drop 76%; lithium iron phosphate monomer battery is increased from 100-110 watt / kg in 2012 to 170 -190 watt / kg, increase 1.7 times, sales price dropped from 3 yuan / watt to 0.

6 yuan / watt, fell by 80%. Industrial system continues to improve. After recent years, my country has formed a structural complete power lithium battery industry system.

. The quality of the positive, negative electrode, electrolyte, the four major main materials, the cost of the backbone company continues to increase, and the domestic and foreign market share is steadily improved..

The technical parameters of domestic manufacturing equipment have reached the international advanced level, the automation production level and the intelligent manufacturing capability are continuously improved. At present, the domestic production equipment has more than 90%, and the localization rate of the key process is 80%..

Industrial layout is increasingly reasonable. my country’s power lithium battery industry concentration has greatly improved, the company is small, scattered, and chaos have been significantly improved. The top three dynamic lithium battery companies have increased from 54.

7% in 2016 to 72.2%; from 2018, my country Power lithium battery planning or in the construction project is significantly reduced in 2017, small and medium-sized company blind expansion projects have decreased significantly, and industrial investment gradually returns to rationality..

In the future, in the face of severe global competition, my country’s new energy vehicle power lithium battery industry will continue to increase innovation footsteps, continue to improve the technical level, and ensure the healthy and orderly increase in industry.. It is necessary to focus on the three aspects of “Promotion” “Safe” “Safe”: First, speed up the quality of lithium battery products.

. In 2019, the countries successively launched a new platform for new energy vehicles. The European traditional vehicle company has accelerated the layout.

The industrial development enters a new climax. In the face of the severe competitive environment, my country’s powered lithium battery companies will improve product quality control and control. Pay attention to the high level, through the strict control of all key processes, new products online testing, etc.

, further enhance the productivity, improve the consistency, reliability of dynamic lithium battery products, and improve product competitiveness from product quality.. Second, continue to reduce the cost of power lithium battery products.

According to the statistical estimation of my country’s auto-powered lithium battery industry innovation alliance, the price of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries and ternary batteries in 2020 decreased to 0.6 yuan / watt and 0.7 yuan / watt, and the root cause is dependent on the power lithium battery technology.

Factors such as advancement, scale and upstream raw materials. With the continued development of the industry, the vehicle company has further improved the requirements of the power lithium battery, and the pressure of the future dynamic lithium battery company is still huge..

Third, we must adhere to the power lithium battery product safety bottom line. In the past two years, with the increase of new energy automotive models, sales increase, the number of safety incidents also increases, in which safety accidents caused by dynamic lithium battery failure account for a large proportion. In the future, the company must attach great importance to product safety, from product design, development, trial production and after-sales, the company has improved product safety control, and continuously through new security technology to improve product safety performance, and improve product safety consistency.

Improve product overall performance. On October 20, 2020, the General Office of the State Council issued the “New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan 2021-2035” is an important guidance document in my country’s new energy automotive industry development in the future..

We conscientiously implement the work, always insist on innovation driving development, lead the direction of demand, grab the strategic opportunity, consolidate good momentum, and continuously improve the core competitiveness of the industry, and promote the high-quality sustainable development of new energy auto industry. .

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