Power lithium battery industry: ‘buff’ blessing, don’t ‘Wave

Power lithium battery industry: 'buff' blessing, don't 'Wave

On July 31, 2017, my country’s Chemistry and Physical Power Supply Industry Association announced the “Hundreds of my country’s Battery Industry in China”. The company announced that the company has changed in 2015. The first two are still: Super Weight Power Holdings Co.

, Ltd., Tianneng Power International Co., Ltd.

. Compared with 2015, the sales revenue of the Hundreds of companies in 2016 increased significantly, and the sales revenue was 28.8248 billion yuan, up 33.

2% from 21.7 billion yuan in 2015..

The minimum sales income of the finalists increased by 84 million yuan in 2015, 498 million yuan. 2016 my country’s battery industry has the most powerful battery and other new energy batteries such as lithium-ion batteries and lead-acid batteries in China’s battery industry..

38 lithium-ion batteries, 30 lead-acid batteries, accounting for 68% of the 100 companies. Among them, the sales revenue of lithium-ion battery companies is 103.515 billion yuan, and the sales revenue of lead-acid battery companies is 97.

57 billion yuan, a total of 201.92 billion yuan, accounting for 69.4% of sales revenue in 2016.

. “BUFF” blessing battery company “wave”? In 2016, the government’s strong proposal in the national new energy policy, and the government’s strong subsidies about new energy companies, let the power lithium battery company bring “BUFF” from birth..

In 2016, my country’s lithium-ion battery sales revenue reached 133 billion yuan, up 35% year-on-year, and the output of lithium-ion batteries reached 87.3 billion watts, up 42% year-on-year..

Among them, the sales revenue revenue of the power lithium-ion battery reached 60 billion, up 88% year-on-year, with a production of 330 billion watts, up 106% year-on-year. According to statistics, the total amount of lithium battery in 2016 reached 28 billion watts, up 78.06% year-on-year.

. Although the policy “BUFF” is blessing, it does not mean that the power lithium battery company can “wave”. The overall production of the power lithium battery industry is overflowing, and the competition in each segment is fierce, and the market demand is further concentrated.

. In March 2017, the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Finance were proposed. By 2020, the total output of the power lithium battery industry will exceed 10 billion watts.

Formation sales size above 40 billion watt, leading company with international competitiveness. In the coming years, there will be some companies that have been eliminated, and companies that occupy market leadership will become bigger and bigger..

From “Bronze” to the “King” advanced road! With the advancement of the process of battery industry, relying on financial subsidies, the pattern of extensive plans is changing. New energy car subsidy policy resorts, more stringent power lithium battery industry standardization conditions, policy mechanisms and market mechanisms are adjusting to the industry, some backward production will gradually be eliminated, the market share of quality company will be further improved, industry concentration During the rise, the dividend of the industry’s rapid development will gradually tilting the strength of high quality company. In 2017, new energy vehicles and energy storage markets will be rapidly developed, and the battery companies will be higher in the future.

. Battery companies should use technological innovation, production automation and management standardization, put quality and safely in the first place, improve industrial chain construction, continue to promote reform, and speed up intelligent manufacturing of battery industry..

The company must actively transform the way of development, from the production expansion to the improvement and efficiency, insist on relying on scientific and technological innovation, improve its own technical level. Only in this way can you get survival in the intense market competition, develop, and achieve a “king” road.

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