Power lithium battery hegemony: Yinlong card is resistant to changing the trend, Panasonic sneaked into Toyota insertion and Xiaopeng

Power lithium battery hegemony: Yinlong card is resistant to changing the trend, Panasonic sneaked into Toyota insertion and Xiaopeng

In February, all industries are generally small months.. The amount of power lithium battery is reduced, but Yinlong’s new energy and card-nephel energy rise, and the fifth place and sixth place in February installed.

. In terms of foreign power lithium batteries, we pay attention to Toyota launch inserted Dongfeng, Matsushita Sanyi Sanyo realizes the installation;. In the whole industry, in February, the new energy vehicle power lithium battery installed capacity was 2.

25GWh, which rose by 118% year-on-year, a significant reduction of 55% from January.. From the technical route, the three-yuan material is still overlord, the battery is installed 1.

85GWH, the specific weight exceeds 80%. However, the lithium iron phosphate ion battery is added to the pure electric passenger car and the pure electric special vehicle..

The monthly loader has dropped year-on-year, and the three-yuan material installed exceeded 80%. Domestic new energy vehicles lost from 102,000 vehicles in January to 53,000 units, and the power lithium battery installed capacity decreased accordingly, significantly reduced to 2.25GWH, the same year-on-year increased to 118%.

In February, the three-yuan material battery is 1.85GWh, which has risen by 179% year-on-year, accounting for 82.4%, and the share increased by 13 percentage points from last month.

. Among them, 88% of the three-yuan material battery for the pure electric passenger cars, 10% for the pulling passenger car, the pure electric special vehicle is only 5.65mWh, which is the zero head of last month.

. Lithium phosphate ion battery installed 320.7mWh, a year-on-year reduction of 4.

8%, only 14% of the monthly installed. 69% of the installed capacity of pure electric passengers, pure electric passenger cars and pure electric special vehicles accounted for 18% and 13% respectively. Lithium titanate ion battery installed 63.

81MWH, which is 39.1% from January, is the only area of ​​rising, for the amount of installed passenger car from last month of 27.3mWh, all silver Longxin Energy is a plug-in passenger car in Beiqi Futian.

Lithium manganate is 11.55mWh, a reduction of 69.1% from the ring, 60% of the plug-in passenger car installed.

Lithium manganate, lithium-ion battery installed for fuel power battery passenger cars, accounting for 3%. In February, the fuel power battery passenger car output is all Foshan Flying. In January, the production of Foshan fuel power battery passenger cars is 20 vehicles.

. In January, the fuel power battery passenger car production has no production in February, and the Zhongtong Bus produced 12 vehicles in January, and in February..

Passenger cars and special car phosphate lithium-installed machines have quietly expanded specific to various new energy vehicles, except for the susceptible passenger cars, the power lithium battery installed capacity of all kinds of models has declined sharply, of which pure electric passenger cars The battery installed capacity of the puller passenger cars is reduced by 46% and 42%, respectively, and the decline is lower, and the amount of battery installed in pure electric passenger cars and pure electric special vehicles is reduced by 79% and 78% respectively.. However, the situation is still very optimistic year-on-year.

. Pure electric passenger car February 252GWH, up 171% year-on-year. Pure electric passenger cars have always been larger, accounting for 76.

7% of the monthly installed volume; pure electric passenger car installed 257.5mWh, up 32% year-on-year, accounting for 11.5% of the installed installed installation; The year-on-year increased by 22%, accounting for 8% of the moon installed; pure electric special vehicle loader 46.

41MWH, which is basically flat with the second month of the second month, however, the loader specific gravity of the lithium iron phosphate ion battery is expanded to 87.4%, last month is 58.4%.

The pure electric passenger car battery installed volume is a three-dimensional material battery. The NCA installed 1.9MWH, all 40 G3 of Xiaopeng Automobile, the battery cell monomer is supplied by the linkage Tianyi, Xinvada Supply power assembly, system energy density 145Wh / kg.

The yield of Xiaopeng G3 last month is 573, and this month is also significantly reduced.. Linkage Tianyi’s battery is somewhat Panasonic, and at least an authorized production cooperation between the two.

There is also a news that the linkage Tianyi is directly purchased from the Panasonic production line.. The factories of the two are in Wuxi, and a production line of Panasonic is specially facing linkage Tianyi.

. In the pure electric passenger car with lithium iron phosphate, the largest installed capacity is the three models of Jianghuai: 770 units in Jianghuai IEV6E, 31.57MWH, battery installed; 129 production, battery installation 13.

74MWH; Jianghuai IEv7 production 244 production 8.59MWH installed, these three Jianghuai traffic systems are 140Wh / kg. Part of the Baojun E200 (LZW7002EVBHH) of Wuling, also equipped with 2 lithium iron phosphate ion batteries, 200 units, battery installed 4.

92mWh, from the power god supplies, Suzhou Keyi new power supply assembly, system energy density 126Wh / kg. The pure electric passenger car using a lithium manganate ion battery is the 7-seat SUV SAIC SUV SAIC SUV..

One of the trend is that the 317th batch of “Road Motor Vehicle Production Co., Ltd.” announced in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the power-lithium battery supporting of the new energy passenger car is still dominated by three yuan, but lithium iron phosphate ions.

The battery has a substantial increase, 8 pure electric automotive types are equipped with lithium iron phosphate ion batteries, including 6 Jianghuai, Shangqi General Wuling and Chery each. In the 20 new energy special vehicles, a total of 13 models of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries accounted for 65%; 6 models used a three-dimensional lithium-ion battery, accounting for 30%..

Sanyo is the first time for Toyota inserted the installed foreign power lithium battery company. February is still only three oceans (Sanyo, Panasonic in China) and LG chemistry achieve effective installation, separately installed 2.36MWH and 0.

28MWH, respectively. In 2018, Toyota launched two blended passenger models in my country’s market, Carol, two engine E and Lei Ling Double Enginee, appeared in the 312th batch of new car declaration catalog, Sanyo supplied three-yuan material cells. Carolla Plug-in Advertising Panasonic Battery Doctors in February 2019, these two models are put into production in FAW Toyota, 288 total production, Sanyo is 2.

3mWh. Sales sales in March, follow-up market optimism, Sanyo battery installed is expected to rise. Sanyo also supports a three-yuan material battery for Changan Ford’s plug-in passenger car.

However, Changan Ford in February is only 7. In terms of Toyota ordinary mixing car, battery suppliers are still the Sino-Japanese joint venture Keli (Koi Yuanhe Toyota joint venture). In the first batch of recommended catalogs this year, Keli is the two Camry hybrid car (model: GTM7250CHEVEM and GTM7250CHEVGM) supplied to metal hydride nickel batteries.

. LG chemistry is the Audi A6LE-TRON supporting in FAW Volkswagen, only 20 in February. Audi’s car has been selling well in China.

Although the price is also sold, but the BMW 530LE, the listing of the two years of A6LE-TRON is transformed on the 2012 fuel version A6L, if you want to compete with the same level 530LE , Follow-up product performance and pricing should improve. However, at the end of last year, LG chemistry wanted 10% of the battery price, Audi and LG chemical price negotiations, what extent, Audi’s executive, “Audi plans to produce electric vehicles Far beyond people’s expectations and reports “, can so can bring stronger bargaining capabilities to the public, we are still moving. Yinlong and Card to enter the TOP10 installed list February effective installed battery company number from 50 to 34, including 9 market share, less than 1%, close to 70%.

This month’s loaded battery company or CATL, 1.02GWH installed capacity accounts for 45.56% of the total market market, expanded nearly 3 percentage points in January; BYD ranked second, 0.

58GWH installed capacity market It is 26%, reducing more than 1 percentage points from the previous month; 127MWH of Guoxuan high-tech machine, the market share increased from last month to 5.7% this month. In addition to the three companies in the head, the power of the TOP10 in February has changed a relatively large change: Fu Neng Technology enters one in the 4th, Fu Can Technology is North Automobile New Energy, Great Wall Ou La battery supplier This month, the market share increased from 2.

9% to 3.5%; while the last month, the last month of 100 million weft lithium can be returned to the 10th, and the pure electric passenger car of Nanjing Jinlong is equipped with lithium iron ion battery..

China Airlines lithium electricity and JewJV power fall out of TOP10, Yinlong New Energy is brought by a titanate ion battery, and the carbone is born for the small god Baojun.. China AV lithium-electric three-yuan material battery installed capacity is sharply reduced by Changan Yi EV460 production (from 1400 blances to 349 vehicles), and Jieji’s power is reduced by its set of Chery EQ production, Chery EQ production 1,369 in January to 380 vehicles.

Recent news shows that Jiewei has also made the Great Wall Euler supply chain. Affected by the industry, the dynamic lithium battery company has more than 50% of the installed capacity of this month. CATL and BYD have exceeded 50%.

Yinlong and Card Nazen are a few installed volumes rising from last month. Company: Yinlong’s new energy installation increased by 18.63%, thanked from the production of the insertion passenger car and the pure electric passenger car in Beiqi Futian, Yinlong is a lithium-acid ion battery supplied to Beiqi Futian; but Dong Dong Miss in the power lithium battery industry has been questioned, and the market prospect of the lithium titanate ion battery has never been optimistic.

. Carnescent energy has a new volume of 2.08% from last month, which is small, but it is not easy to reduce the overall reduction of 50%.

. Shanghai card is resistant to the K50 pure electric passenger car with a three-yuan material battery, but the future February K50 yield is only 6 units; Nanchang Card is resistant to the 108-free E300 supporting installed three-yuan material battery 3.45 MWH; Guangxi Card Zhen Tong Tongtai’s 2,266 Baojun E200 (LZW7002EVBBG) supporting machine 50MWH ternary material battery.

CATL has a passenger battery half-Wanjiang Mountain, and BYD’s external supply is no newly expanded domestic power lithium battery supply market, saying that CATL is unique or not. CATL February is the domestic pure electric passenger car supply power lithium battery installed 906MWH (including 146MWH, 2,807 Roewe EI5, which is supported on the steam passenger car, accounting for the total industry of pure electric passenger car loaded machine 53% of the amount, the installed volume supplied for the puller passenger car accounts for 46% of the total installation of the monthly plug passenger car. It can be seen that the new energy passenger vehicle power lithium battery supply market, CATL has been here halfway.

If the new energy passenger car faucet boss is not worth it – BYD uses a self-service battery – then the battery supply of the domestic and new energy passenger owners’ owner is in the hand in Catl.. BYD is 584MWH, which is a new energy, a new energy, aircraft, aircraft, a new energy passenger, BYD, BYD, accounting for 31% of the new energy passenger battery.

. In the field of passenger cars, Geely Motors became the largest supporting mainfactor in February, two of which supported the main models of Evhao EV (3,432) and Emgrand GSE (1,352) installed installed 28MWH..

There is another 985 units of gingts 01phev, and the Emgrand Phev production is 179, but the battery installed volume of the plug model is not large.. Secondly, Beiqi Xin Energy and SAIC A Bike, CATL is installed for its passenger car 217MWH, 187MWH.

Great Wall Car In CATL’s Supporting Passenger Vendor Factory The ranking of the first month of last month is the fourth place in this month, Euler won the CATL power lithium battery installed 50MWH, but Euler’s larger battery supplier is Fu Can Technology, February Battery 78.4MWH. Weima production of 793 vehicles, CATL power lithium battery supporting installed 43MWH.

From the type of installed battery, CATL and BYD are dominated by three-yuan material battery, while Quanxuan high-tech is the primary phosphate ion battery.. BYD’s battery is still a pure electric special vehicle type in Beijing Hua Lulin and Changsha Zhonglian, a total of 0.

53mWh of lithium iron battery, this year’s 1st recommendation catalog, BYD battery supporting host factory There is no new expansion in the list and models, and the three-yuan material power lithium battery monomer is supplied to the 15 passenger cars. All of BYD has its own model. This year, the first batch of recommended directory shows that Guoxuan high-tech is 9 pure electric passenger cars, supply car companies, including Beiqi new energy, Zhongtai, Jianghuai and Chery, which is a three-dimensional material battery for Beiqi and Zhongtai.

For Jianghuai and Chery, the lithium iron ion battery is. This year’s subsidy policy has not been introduced, but It is a compressed cost, especially the cost of cost larger power lithium battery – According to the information disclosure of my country’s network, the ECU 220 of Beiqi new energy has recently added a standard version of the model, and the three-yuan material battery is discarded. Lithium iron.

Ion battery, after the subsidy is 55,800 yuan; the new model of the new model of Jianghuai Automobile is also equipped with lithium iron phosphate ion batteries. Product price increases and processes are finated. It is the basic strategy of company guaranteed, which is more acceptable to the market.

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