Power lithium battery hegemony: ‘White Horse’ ‘Black Horse’ Qi Pentium

Power lithium battery hegemony: 'White Horse' 'Black Horse' Qi Pentium

In April, the power lithium battery market “White Horse”, “Black Ma”, together. The big “white horse” CATL city accounting is increased by 1 percentage point, reaching 47%; small “black horse” China Aviation lithium battery is turned out after the supporting commercial vehicle is turned to the supporting passenger car, the amount of installed volume is obvious; long-lost polyfluorocent rows to seventh Xiaopeng G3 production has increased, and it is the first time that the Tianyi is in the first time. It is also “Black Ma”.

. 1. The cumulative installed installed in the first 4 months was 17.

73GWh, up to 115.87% year-on-year, up to 248.10% from the previous month.

. Overall, the increase in the volume of the installed volume increased by the commercial vehicle production: in April, the commercial vehicle battery installed capacity increased significantly by 35.90%, which is 14.

41% from the commercial vehicle production.. The volume of the passenger battery is dropped, the ring is 0.

95%, and the output of passenger cars fell 1.95%..

The amount of installed volume is significantly greater than the change in production, indicating that the number of bicycles is still being improved.. The changes in the quantities of the average bicycle installation have found that the number of pure electric passenger cars has increased relatively fast.

. In April, the average bicycle installed capacity of the whole vehicle was 50.84kWh, which was 1.

56% from the ring. Among them, the pure electric passenger car bicycle is 47.71 kWh, up 35.

60% year-on-year, up 2.10%..

This shows that the battery packing of the bicycle is constantly improving. Although the monthly increase is not obvious, the annual accumulated data is very amazing, higher energy density battery and higher renewal miles, still the important development direction of the car enterprise. 2, the rankings are large, the number of Chinese-servant lithium battery rises to the fourth place from the number of installed battery companies, the concentration is further improved.

. 1- April 2019 is 62, in 2018, this amount is 66. Among them, the supporting battery company is only 42, 49 in April 2018.

. Although the battery support company is decreasing, exiting the pace is slow. From the point of view, CATL and BYD occupy the maintenance capacity of nearly 80%, the remaining 40 markets account for only 2%, and the market accounts for the head company is slow.

. Looking up, China AV Lithium Rankings rose from the sixth month to the fourth, the installed volume exceeds Fu Can Technology and Peng Hui Energy; in addition, Panasonic affiliates links Tianyi for the first time in the top eight, produced nickel-cobalt aluminum ternary batteries The installed capacity is 72.83mWh, all assembled on Xiaopeng G3, April G3 production increased, and the vehicle supported by Tianyi rose to 1530 vehicles in March.

. In addition, Xiaopeng G3 also uses the Bike battery, but the proportion is slightly lower than the linkage Tianyi..

According to these two months, the gap between BYD and CATL is stable in 1.5 times the amount of BYD..

Found that all the eight strong companies have produced three yuan, only 4 companies also produce lithium iron phosphate ion batteries.. Among them, Guoxuan’s high school is based on the production of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries, accounting for 97.

7%.. CATL and BYD phosphate lithium-loaded machine volume is less than 30%, and the amount of Papeng Hui energy phosphate lithium-loaded machine is only 0.

3%.. The remaining battery company installed battery is a ternary battery.

3, BYD, CATL supporting models, from production, BYD Types occupy the first volume of pure electric passenger cars and plug passenger cars, but CATL supporting models more than BYD. In April, the pure electric passenger vehicle production TOP10, CATL is 6 models supply battery, BYD supporting 2 models. Shangbao Wu Baojun E200 has 3 suppliers, which are card Resources, Peng Hui Energy and CATL, where Peng Hui is the largest; Euler R1 is supported by CATL and Tafier’s new energy, of which CATL has the largest.

Emhao EV is supported by CATL and Xinwangda, the CATL is the largest; EQ1 (Chery) is supported by DF and JewJV power, with the largest amount of polyfluoro. Duplero has been shipped in the era of the potion electric car, and then the power lithium battery business continues to be sluggish..

April pure electric passenger car production TOP10 model and supporting battery company data source: Certificate of the vehicle factory certificate data, electric vehicle observation home map in April, insertion passenger car production TOP10, CATL is 5 models supply battery, respectively For the Passatphev of SAIC, the 530LEV, GAC BMW 530le, GAC Chuanqi’s GS4Phev, Geely Jiaji and BMW X1 plug-in hybrid; FAW Toyota Carola Two Engine E + and Guangqi Toyota Levin uses Japanese brand Sanyo battery; three BYD pulleys passed the self-produced battery. April plug-in passenger car production TOP10 model and supporting battery company data source: the whole vehicle certificate data, electric car observation home map 4, CATL faucet status further consolidates in April, CATL installed capacity is 2.55GWH, market accountancy 47%, rising from about 1 percentage point in the previous month, and the faucet is further consolidated.

The company in the CATL installed is Zhengzhou Yutong, reaching 412.54mWh; secondly is the Beiqi Shares (for North Syround Energy Sports), the installed capacity is 365.04mWh; the third is the top three for the SAIC 291.

13MWH. CATL in the passenger car is the largest amount of Beiqi shares, the latter is important as Beiqi new energy foundry EU5, and the installed capacity is 365.04mWh; secondly, the SAIC Group is 291.

13mWh; the third is Geely Car, installed 275.19mWh. In terms of commercial vehicles, the largest company in CATL is Zhengzhou Yutong, Changjiang Auto, Zhongtong Bus, Suzhou Jinlong and my country Heavy Automobile.

. CATL cooperative car companies have further increased, market share is expected to expand. On May 15th, CATL announced that it cooperated with Volvo to become its global power lithium battery partner, which supplies power lithium batteries for the pole of Polastar.

. As of now, CATL has reached cooperation with a large number of international car companies, including the public, BMW, Daimler, etc..

5, BYD market share, if it is counted in Beijing Huarin special car, BYD batteries are still all self-supplied, the market share is 31%, and the last month. In April, the BYD has a load of 1.67GWH, of which the three-yuan battery installed capacity is 1.

21GWH, accounting for 72.25% of the Sibier’s total installed machine. It is a passenger car; lithium iron phosphate ion battery support commercial vehicle, installed capacity 464.

66mWh, accounting for only 27.75%. The maximum amount of passenger car is BYD E5, with a set of 9,489, with a loaded capacity of 485.

84MWH.. 6.

After the change of the maintenance rights of China Aviation Lithium Equipment, the side focus of China Aviation Lithium Electricity is adjusted from the commercial vehicle as a passenger car, and the installed volume is led.. In January of this year, China Aviation lithium battery is only 1.

17mWh, all support in the commercial vehicle area; in February, China Aviation lithium electrical support turns to the passenger car field, and the installation volume increased significantly. At present, China Aviation Lithium Evil Important Package Chongqing Changan produced EADO and Shang ET, April, Ji Jiangling Holdings E160 model. The above three models have produced 2096 vehicles in April.

. With the increasing number of cooperative cars and models, China Aviation lithium battery is expected to continue to improve. 7, the passenger car field is mainly based on the three-yuan battery, the commercial vehicle field is the main situation of the lithium iron ion battery, the amount of the three-yuan battery in the passenger car field is 3.

87GWH, accounting for 95 %; Lithium iron phosphate ion battery installed capacity is 190.62mWh, accounting for approximately 5%, mostly used in Jianghuai passenger cars. The lithium manganate ion battery is only 0.

29mWh, the amount of installed is unstable, and the proportion of April is negligible.. The cells used in commercial vehicles are relatively abundant, of which lithium iron phosphate ion battery has the largest amount, reaching 1.

29GWH, accounting for 96%.. The three-yuan battery pack is 21.

73mWh, accounting for only 2%, the amount of lithium manganate ion battery is 26.48mWH, accounting for the basics and ternary batteries, only 2%; lycate ion battery The amount of installed is 5.19mWh, accounting for negligible.

8. Lithium iron phosphate ion battery applications are diversified, accounting for more balanced in April, three-yuan battery importance in the field of pure electric passenger cars and plug-in passenger cars, of which pure electric passenger cars account for more than 90%..

Lithium iron phosphate ion battery supporting models change. Compared with March last year, the lithium iron phosphate ion battery decreased by 76% in pure electric passenger cars, and pure electric passengers increased by 55%. The application ratio of pure electric special vehicles also increased by 23%, and last year The amount of pure electric passenger car is unique, forming a bright comparison.

At present, there is an important application of lithium manganate ion batteries in the field of pure electric passengers. Compared to 61% in April last year, faster faster in the field of plug-in passenger cars and pure electric vehicles; Application, proportion is relatively small. The lithium titanate ion battery has no installed record in April last year.

It is important to carry on the plug passenger car this year.

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