Power lithium battery head player ‘sacrifice’, 80% independent brand plan self-built battery factory

Power lithium battery head player 'sacrifice', 80% independent brand plan self-built battery factory

In 2017, the powerful lithium battery industry wash acceleration, the market will further focus on the superior company, small and low levels of power lithium battery companies will be eliminated in competition.. Therefore, further strengthening points in the industry and company in collaboration have become the core of the field development.

. On July 1st, Shenzhen Watma Battery Co., Ltd.

put a “persuade” fake. Insufficient orders, difficulties in funds, and mobilization in most regional production lines. It can be said that this 2017 domestic market share ranks third head dynamic lithium battery company, and now it has been “sacrifice”.

And the highlight of the player player Watma, the positive power lithium battery field is experiencing crazy expansion, merger, and stronger market changes. The entire power lithium battery industry enters the development expressway, the global power lithium battery industry competition pattern is reshaping, the industry shuffling acceleration, the market share of leading companies gradually expand and become “unicorn”. Representative with head players Waterma, in more than two years, the power lithium battery market disappeared nearly one-third of players.

It is understood that in 2016, there were 155 dynamic lithium batteries, which fell to more than 130 in 2017, and as of June 2018, only 105 “survival” companies were left in the market.. On June 27, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, my country (Qinghai) Lithium Industry and Power Lithium Battery International Summit Luo Huan Tower forecast, the industry shuffling speed will be more rapid in the next three years.

The reason is that the overall competition pattern of my country’s power lithium battery market has not yet formed, and the battery energy density, fast charge technology, manufacturing technology is not high, and even the phenomenon of supply tension and excess over-yield.. According to the data, the production of my country’s dynamic lithium battery has exceeded 200GWH in 2017, but the overall production utilization rate is only 40%, the market is very clear, the high-end quality production is insufficient, the low-end production is insufficient, the production and operation is difficult, showing Structural output.

Huang Shilin, Vice Chairman of CATL New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., predicted that the excess of dynamic lithium battery production may last until 2020.

In such a heavy asset and a high technology iterative speed requires a high-quality industry, once the customer is unable to upgrade the Dynamic Lithium Battery Company, the player’s big probability will fall into the dilemma of the hard work.. In the next three years, can companies have corresponding development in terms of improving quality and reducing costs, and some extent determine their survival situation.

Obviously, the market will further concentrate, small and low levels of power lithium battery companies will be eliminated in competition.. Therefore, further strengthening of the industry and company in collaboration has become a consistent voice of many speakers.

. Zhejiang Electric Cae Auto Technology Co., Ltd.

Chairman Zhang Haiwang believes that the powerful lithium battery manufacturer should be involved in involving and developing and developing the vehicle from the front-end and the vehicle factory, so that the battery manufacturer fully understands the supporting needs of the host factory; the vehicle company should leave The solid relationship between the vehicle factory and supplier, turns a close-fitting partner to promote iteration and evolution of battery technology.. As a high-tech emerging industry, innovation and development in the field of dynamic lithium batteries involves many interactions and cooperation in cross-disciplines and industries, only emphasizing the development of a single subject of lithium batteries, can not meet the current industry.

Lin Jun, executive deputy general deputy general manager of Yunxia New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., from the perspective of the host factory, to address the upcoming non-subsidy era, and lay out in the global market, all have to further strengthen the company and battery companies cooperate.

In fact, the relationship between the battery company and the vehicle company is not only a pure supply and demand relationship. More and more companies choose a deeper strategic cooperation. On the other hand, the battery company has extended from the competition for supporting customers to upstream.

Materials and resources, lithium mines around the world, cobalt mine resources are hot, who has mastered the upstream resources to be active in the next competition. In this regard, Luo Huan Tower, Dean of the High Industry Research Institute, analyzed the data level: “80% of my country’s autonomous brands are currently increasingly incorporated by with the battery factory, or is implementing. “Delegation with Geely, this car manufacturer has purchased battery production to LG, and built battery plants in Shandong, and this future or will constitute new rising points of power lithium battery market.

. In addition to improving the integration of the industrial chain, the organism company is the most fundamental or continuously improved battery energy density, while digging new battery materials to get rid of bottleneck constraints..

In terms of technical level, Zhang Xie Yong, general manager of Beijing Automobile Group Co., Ltd., predicted that in the next 10 years of electricity electricity will still be dominated by three yuan, while developing towards high nickel and new architectural battery.

In addition, from the layout of new battery technology, the master of Chen Qingtai and Peking University First Technology Industry Co., Ltd. believes that the development of solid-state batteries is also worthy of attention, it will achieve breakthrough in a short or medium term.

. In-deployment, the solid-state battery will use lithium metal as a negative electrode, improve energy density, and its technical advantages may be able to solve many of the problems faced by the current industry.

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