Power lithium battery ‘growing troubles’

Power lithium battery 'growing troubles'

Lithium-ion batteries were originally used to supply power for Sony’s portable camera. After more than 30 years of development, the lithium-ion battery has been able to supply power for TSLA vehicles..

However, during the current global epidemic, the high-speed development of lithium-ion batteries faces the test. Industry expects that due to the serious impact on the automotive industry, this year’s sales will drop sharply, so the demand for charging batteries will fall in this year..

It is expected that car manufacturers will drop 14% of battery demand this year, which will continue until next year.. South Korea’s LG chemistry and common-purpose vehicles have lowered annual sales expectations, where LG chemistry is supplied by TSLA.

Analysts expect that the plan will slow down greatly increased manufacturing production. Some of the startups in the battery are consumed a lot of money, hoping to make breakthroughs in key technologies, but these companies will face greater difficulties in raising funds..

However, from the laboratory of Silicon Valley to my country’s Times New Energy Co., Ltd., the world’s largest battery manufacturer, people still feel optimistic about the long-term prospects of lithium-ion batteries.

. Automotive Manufacturers and Public Business Co., Ltd.

said that the battery is still more capacity, cheaper, more popular, not only in the field of passenger cars, but also in other transportation methods, consumer electronics and large-scale energy Store. Although the battery industry faces a short time pressure, CATL Chairman Zeng Qun said that long-term perspective, there is still a lot of confidence in the battery..

CATL has grown into industry leaders in less than 10 years, the company has risen by 90% in 2019. Since 2015, the demand for lithium-ion batteries has risen more than double, and from 2019 to 2029, it is expected to achieve approximately nine times the rising speed..

It is expected that the cost of the industry will continue to decrease. In the past decade, the battery price has dropped by 87%, making the price of plug-in electric vehicles almost comparable to the price of internal combustion engine..

This epidemic may be proven to be a chance, including some government in Germany and France to use economic resuscitation funds to help the automotive industry accelerate from internal combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles. France will supply about 8 billion euros to the domestic automotive industry. Support electric vehicle.

Germany’s stimulus plans include approximately 5.6 billion euros funds to the electric motor industry, and require gas stations to install charging devices..

French President Markon said on May 26th, this is a historical plan to respond to historical situations.. There are other optimism.

Volkswagen announced on June 16 that the battery technology startups QuantumscapeCorp. Equal 200 million US dollars, the company founded the research staff of Stanford University, the public invested $ 100 million in 2018. In May this year, the public also became the largest shareholder of my country’s battery production company.

. Jeffchamberlain, CEO Jeffchamberlain, located in Chicago’s Energy Investment Fund VoltaenergyTechnologies, said that the energy industry is currently changing to renewable energy power generation and electric vehicle, this trend is irreversible. Zhang Bollen has previously led the energy storage plan of ArgonnenternationalLaboratory, which is deemed to transfer battery technology from research to the key.

Battery manufacturers have also rapid progress in three key areas: battery life, capacity and cost. CATL recently announced that the company will soon began production of 2,000 yuan for 2,000 kilometers (about 1.2 million miles), which is about 16 years.

. This will allow the company’s battery to lead to any other battery on the market. The use mileage of ordinary batteries is basically 150,000 miles.

. Global Battery Needs Prediction TSLA and GM have reached a million miles of batteries in the development mileage, but both companies have not explicitly explained when they can be ready..

The executive vice president of General Motors said in the event of Citigroup May 19, the company’s battery basically reached a million miles.. Parker said that General Motors are close to this product.

. Tsla said in a report on June 8 that the current US internal combustion engine car is scrapped after about 200,000 miles, which means that lonmost life can greatly extend the time of use, this for taxi or trucks Special useful. More importantly, consumers can sell one million miles of battery packs to other vehicles, thus offset some original purchase costs.

. TSLA plans to supply more details on battery innovation on a few weeks later, this event is originally held in April, but due to the epidemic. An important information hoped by investors is that the average cost of the battery of various models of TSLA.

Tsla’s data is usually set for other car manufacturers, and the car battery still accounts for about 30% of the total cost of electric vehicles.. The rapid increase in data showing, technology development and productivity has made the price of lithium-ion batteries fell sharply, from more than 1,000 dollars per kilowatt, 156 US dollars at the end of 2019.

. Analysts said that by 2024, the average price of the battery industry will reach 100 US dollars per kilowatt, which will make the price between electric vehicles and internal combustion engines tend to be consistent..

By 2030, the battery cost of electric vehicles will be further reduced, and the speed of decline depends on technical progress and new technologies.. Each battery has three key components: two electrodes, the cathode, and anode, and electrolyte, which is usually liquid, allowing the battery to charge and discharge.

A key, unrealized breakthrough is to add silicon in the anode of the battery instead of graphite. SilananoNologyinc, California, indicating that silicon will allow the battery to be more than 20% of the time after charging..

Daimler is one of the company’s investors. Geneberdichevsky, CEO of Sila, said this technology is applied to consumer equipment that will be listed next year..

He said that in 2023, this technology may also be used for some sports cars or luxury cars, and then used for mainstream vehicles, now with the battery manufacturers working with them have more engineering resources, and there is a capacity test on the production line. New things. By commercialization of solid lithium ion batteries in ordinary cars, car batteries can make greater progress in this decade.

Such development will make the battery pack smaller, reduce safety risks and significantly improve energy density, so that the car can charge a remote mileage. Solid state battery technology is released from liquid electrolyte, and it is replaced by ceramics, glass or polymers..

As a leader in this technology research and development, Toyota said that solid state battery technology is expected to be commercialized before 2025. Headquartered in Colorado SolidPowerinc. Has begun to deliver its solid battery to potential customers in the automotive industry.

. When the product is waiting for several years, this startup may face challenges in raising funds..

If the company can pass the current economic downtime, the battery products will be launched after 2025.. SolidPower’s CEO said Dougcampbell, said that if it is not challenged in a short time, it is lying.

The data shows that the battery manufacturers who can withstand short-term pressure will benefit from future large demands, prior to 2040, about 31% of the passenger cars worldwide will be battery powered vehicles, with approximately 500 million units.. Two-wheeled car and large-scale energy stored battery demand from motorcycles and scooters also have fast rising.

Last month, in Moses Lake in Washington, a modified full-power Sensna plane was flying for the first time, revealing another potential battery demand field.. Long-term prospects can make the battery industry.

Since the part of California is still isolated, the SilananAtochnology board, including Jeffimmelt during the General Electrical Financial Crisis, held a video conference last month, discussing how to deal with the battery during the epidemic Market downturn. Members of the board of directors said that they will continue to act, but they should continue to invest in, but now it is still stopping.

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