Power lithium battery giants Waterma flashing in the parent company, increasing capital or introducing treasure energy funds

Power lithium battery giants Waterma flashing in the parent company, increasing capital or introducing treasure energy funds

In recent years, under the support of national policies, the new energy automotive industry has developed rapidly.. This also gave birth to a large new energy car concept stock of the A-share market, especially the upstream power lithium battery sector, which was born a lot of cattle stocks.

. With the retardation of new energy car subsidies, some listed companies in the industry also began to prototype, typical examples were once crown as a “lithium battery”. In 2016, the top three power lithium battery manufacturers have been acquired in my country.

Watma’s Rilevo. On the evening of July 26, Juraiwo can send 5 notices, and the content display company (Shaanxi Rilevo can) proposed to wholly-owned subsidiary Shenzhen Watma wholly-owned Shaanxi Waterma 37398 Ten thousand yuan, due to the loss of 107 million in the early stage of Shaanxi Watma, the company promised to pay the payment part of the capital summary. In addition, the company is currently planning the company’s equity transfer, intended to introduce companies in new energy as strategic investors.

. In this regard, I have been in the top three of the top three in the power lithium battery industry..

In the same industrial camp, CATL speed passed, and became the first share of the GEM, and the Rilevo, which was listed eight years ago, no longer “strong”, but desperate self-help, so strong anti-margin. From the third to assets of the country, in September 2016, Rilevo can buy Watma with 52 billion yuan, with a premium of about 6 times. After the acquisition, Rilevo’s main business turned from the original fire equipment and fire project to new energy vehicles and power lithium batteries.

. Subsequently, Li Yao, Chairman of Watma, became a legal representative of Rarewo, and Guo Hongbao, Chairman of Jen Ruiwo, still controlling the company..

And Watma has also become the largest cash cow.. In 2016, Judo can revenue 382 billion yuan, up 557.

03% year-on-year; net profit is 425 million yuan, up 1102.98% year-on-year..

In the first half of 2017, the company achieved operating income of 6066 billion yuan, up 2618.5% year-on-year, achieving net profit 558 million yuan, up 43772.27% year-on-year.

For a longer period of time, Watma ranked first in front of the power lithium battery industry, only after BYD and CATL. However, as the financial crisis exposed this year, Watma almost stagnant, not only stacked a lot of inventory, but also face many and fund issues..

After the supplier is blocked by the supplier in March this year, January 2 is in the founding of the strong asset restructuring on the resurgence announcement announcement, saying that the company has appeared overdue of 1998 million yuan, and the face-to-face rights. As of the end of March, the company reached 22.138 billion yuan.

. Under the risk of payment, the company acquires major asset projects such as Lithium Mine, introducing strategic investors, and the possibility of termination..

On June 28, which was exposed to the supplier, June 28, Watma issued a notice to all employees, and the company decided to resolve the funds, and decided from July 1st. moon. It is reported that after the “holiday notice”, Watma employee resigned accelerated.

On July 4, Duirovo can announce that the subsidiary Watema plans to sell some inventory discounts. It is expected that the amount of the achievement does not exceed 150 million yuan, and the book value of the corresponding inventory is about 7-8 billion yuan, and it is expected that this discount is expected. Sales will have an impact of 600 million yuan in the company’s current net profit.

In this case, it is naturally adversely affected by the integral business and business performance of the parent company.. “Currently, (Watma) The probability of resurrection is small.

“An inside of Watma, who is unwilling to name, said that Watma has walked to the marginal of bankruptcy, and may become the first” “” power tram leader in the new energy car investment tide.. Another insider revealed that Watma is waiting for bankruptcy reorganization, but due to the disagreement of the supervision bank, the time to issue bankruptcy restructuring and bankruptcy.

Rilevo can increase the self-rescue treasure, Country Garden or the help can say that in the moment, the Rilevo will be at the moment of the end of the road, the company is intended to introduce the equity to introduce strategic investors to save Wasta, but there is no substantive progress. Moreover, the company is in the face of severe crisis and business difficulties. The large-scale operation has caused the company and Watma’s large number of bank accounts to be frozen.

A large number of business assets have been seriously affected, and the order in hand cannot be carried out.. In order to restore production as soon as possible, the company is equally 80,000 million yuan and the company’s additional $ 173.

98 million, the company has added 37.398 million yuan to its capital, thus giving the company as soon as possible to get rid of business dilemma and restoring profit creation conditions. It is reported that Shaanxi Waterma returns to Shenzhen Watma wholly-owned hold, and Shenzhen Watma returns to listed companies in Shaanxi Rilevo to hold wholly-owned, in this new capital, the registered capital of Watma, Shaanxi Will be changed from the current 230,000 yuan to RMB 60398 million, the company will directly hold 61.

92% of its equity. However, listed companies also required subsidiaries Shenzhen Watma to make up for 107 million yuan in the early stage of Shaanxi Waterma, and then the company will pay the funding of the payment part..

In addition, the company also said that Mr. Guo Hongbao, the controlling shareholder and the actual controller, the company’s shareholders and directors, Mr. Li Yao, have been concerned with large companies and institutions that pay attention to new energy companies.

. The company is facing the crisis. The above-mentioned relevant companies continue to pay attention, the current controlling shareholder, major shareholders and related companies have launched a deep negotiation work.

. The investors who will be saved in the crisis, there are two speculations on investors on the stock bar: One is Baolong, Baol has acquired the observation car, and the new energy car base has been built in Guangzhou invested 30 billion. The most important is to reduce the production technology of battery production and sales channels for automotive production.

. Denoro can have thousands of patented technology, there are newly built a dozen production bases with automatic production lines, as well as the Watma Alliance, now lacking capital injection. And Bailen is the leader of the chalk capital, there are capital.

Plus April Third Bao Can announced to withdraw from the Vanke Plan to match the time node of the Rare Wo, the capital needs, the resource demand, the location advantage of Shenzhen Watma is bound to form a win-win situation. The second is Country Garden. It is reported that the Country Garden Holdings have signed investment of 32 billion yuan in the Country Garden Holdings.

. The two sides work together to establish large data operations centers, and simultaneously build five research institutes such as dynamic lithium batteries, new materials, introduce new energy vehicles high-end research and development, innovation operations and other technological states..

However, the above cooperation items will not bring profit income to Country Gardens, only Country Garden realizes Holding Rare Wo.. Li Yao, the company, said, “Now there are more than a dozen strategic investors are negotiating, and three of them talk more deeply, but temporarily not convenient to reveal details.

. The attitude of Rilevo is that in order to develop healthy development in the company and industry, we are willing to sacrifice the equity, even low-cost transfer. As long as strategic investors are interested in the industry, the company will try our best to promote transactions.

. “.

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