Power lithium battery company orders full of lithium electricity opens a new round of prices

Power lithium battery company orders full of lithium electricity opens a new round of prices

Near the Spring Festival, the order of the power lithium battery company still continues to increase. Recently, CATL announced the recruitment notice. Because the year-end order has skyrocketed, in order to encourage the Spring Festival to continue to keep working overtight work to ensure the company shipments, ad hoc major bonuses.

In addition to CATL, many power lithium battery companies are also in the interactive platform, the company’s orders are full. Due to the continuous recovery of the new energy automotive industry, the power lithium battery company orders have increased. Benefiting from this, radical prices of lithium carbonate and lithium iron phosphate also continue to rise.

“This is an important thing to be due to the demand for new energy vehicles.”. “The Chief Analyst Chief Analyst of Zhizhong said to the reporter that in 2021, the sales of new energy vehicles may reach 2 million, electric bicycle sales should reach 60 million (including lead-acid version).

Power lithium battery company order full of CATL’s incentive method showing not only 3 times legal salary in the Spring Festival, but also awards 200 yuan per day in February, the first-line worker who does not go home for the New Year is expected to reach 13100 yuan.. It is not difficult to find that the CATL of the largest company of the global power lithium battery installed is very sufficient.

. At the same time, CATL is still expanding. It announces no more than 39 billion yuan of investment plans, building a lithium-ion battery production project of Fuding Base, the driving force of the Jiangsu Times and the production project (four phases), power Lithium battery Yibin manufacturing base expansion project to further improve the production layout.

In addition to CATL, other power lithium battery companies’ battery orders are also very full, and the product is in short supply.. Peng Hui Energy said in the interactive platform that the company’s power lithium battery is continuously shipped, and the current power lithium battery production line has been produced.

The sales of powered lithium batteries continue to increase.. The company’s current production and sales of new energy vehicle power lithium batteries are all lithium iron ion batteries.

On January 14th, Kaizhong is also in the interactive platform, said that the company’s core customers’ powerful lithium battery components and other fixed-point projects have begun to mass production, the company orders are sufficient, and the production task is busy. The company has a new generation of platform interface key core zero components for many well-known brand new energy vehicles, but also leading companies in communion industry. In this regard, Professor Zhang Xiang, the Energy and Environment Policy Research Center, Beijing Institute of Technology, said to reporters, including the entire manufacturing order, including the power lithium battery company, one of the important causes is my country’s epidemic prevention and control work and complex indigenous work Good to do well, the most standards in China can fully start, orders from all over the world turn over.

Since 2020, the new energy automotive industry has continued to be good, driving power lithium battery sales continues to increase. China Automobile Association data shows that my country’s powered lithium battery sales in December totaled 12.2GWh, up 56.

9% year-on-year.. Among them, the three-yuan battery sales are 6.

5GWh, up 9.3% year-on-year, accounting for 53.2% of the total sales; the lithium iron phosphate ion battery sales 5.

6GWh, up 244.2% year-on-year, accounting for 45.8% of the total sales.

Zheshang Securities Analyst Deng Wei said that the sales of new energy vehicles in the next year’s sales remained higher growth, exceeding the previous market expectations, has returned to the rising channel. Under the driving of the new energy vehicle market, 2020 full-year powered lithium battery installed 63.6GWH, and returned to the rising channel.

From the ranking of global loading, CATL relies on the strong demand in the domestic market to rely on the first half. LG chemistry is followed, and the global dynamic lithium battery manufacturer also presents a concentration trend towards the head..

Zhang Xiang also said that since 2020, three yuan lithium electricity and lithium iron phosphate continued to maintain dominant in the power lithium battery installed, and the power lithium battery industry concentration has a slight liter.. Lithium-electric material prices further up the power lithium battery is in a state of inquiishing, lithium battery is also rising.

According to the data monitoring of the business agency, starting from the second quarter of 2020, the price of lithium carbonate is in a continuous low, and the decline gradually increases.. Until November last year, the price of lithium carbonate rebounded and presented the state of supply.

. In the end, 2020 carbonate prices have shown an upward trend. * ST Jiangte In disclosing stock exchange abnormal fluctuation notice, the external environment of lithium salt business is greater, and the lower reaches of lithium carbonate products has risen, and the recent price has increased, which will have a positive impact on the company’s future performance.

. Yinhe Securities pointed out that since the second half of last year, the new energy vehicle industry has gradually recurned, and the production and sales volume rose sharply, and the demand for upstream resource is turned..

According to grassroots, the Lithium Salt Factory is full of orders in the fourth quarter of 2020, and the price of lithium battery-grade carbonate has risen from July 39,500 / ton to the current 44,000 yuan / ton.. Han Minhua, Zhuo Chuang Information, also said to reporters that since the second half of last year, new energy automobile production and sales data has been good, and the power lithium battery demand rebounded.

. Under the driving of downstream demand, lithium carbonate, lithium iron phosphate is ushered in. “Lithium carbonate will continue this year, I personally keep predict, will rise to 80,000 yuan / ton.

“Mo Ke said to the reporter. .

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