Power Lithium Battery Company ‘Bundle’ Car Enterprise

Power Lithium Battery Company 'Bundle' Car Enterprise

In the face of the adjustment of the subsidy, the new energy vehicle that has been sold, the new energy car that has been increased, and the overall sales have dropped for 5 months.. At the same time, the power lithium battery industry that is accompanied by new energy vehicles, the installation volume is also affected.

. my country’s automobile power lithium battery industry innovation alliance recently announced data showing that my country’s powered lithium battery installed capacity is 6.3GWh in November, a year-on-year decline in 25.

9%. It is understood that in November, the installed dynamic lithium battery company has involved 50, and 30 of them grow up..

Industry insiders said that the subsidy is affected, the profit of battery manufacturers has decreased, and the company is not strong enough, it will be difficult to support.. The current power lithium battery industry is already buxled.

. More than half of the company has risen to the new energy car subsidies after the new energy car subsidies will be affected by subsidies, and the new energy vehicle dynamic lithium battery installed has fallen sharply..

Data show that my country’s powered lithium battery installed volume is 6.3GWh in November this year, fell by 25.9% year-on-year, and the current impulse effect is obvious from last year.

. Ternary batteries, lithium iron phosphate ion battery packages are 3.8GWh and 2.

5GWh, respectively, down 30.8% and 24% respectively. Among them, the new energy passenger vehicle installation machine is about 3.

88GWh, down 28% year-on-year, up 29% from the previous month; the new energy passenger car installer is about 1.77GWh, down 21% year-on-year, up 183% from the previous month; new energy special car installation machine is about 0.64 GWH, down 49% year-on-year, up 43% from the previous month.

From the three major models, the installed power is shown in the current situation, and the new energy vehicle market is affected by subsidies in November this year. Since August, 4 months have dropped year-on-year..

It is worth noting that due to the average bicycle of bicycles from the 11 months of this year to 51.88kWh last year’s 43.88kWh, the power lithium battery installed capacity is much higher than the growth rate of new energy vehicles in the same period.

. However, the power of the power is still not optimistic. From the November dynamic lithium battery installed, the powerful lithium battery company of the supporting installed is involved in 50, and 30 of them are negatively rising.

. Among the top ten companies ranking, the maximum increase is only 28.1%.

. It is understood that the top ten of the power lithium battery company in the first ten months of this year were the top ten of CATL, BYD, Guoxuan High-tech, Qi Shen battery, China Aviation lithium battery, the era, VAC, Yipi lithium energy, Fu Can Technology, Peng Hui Energy, Cardne energy. Double pressure is difficult to protect the profit, actually, as the core components of new energy vehicles, while the installed volume declines, the power lithium battery is affected by the industries of the whole vehicle, and the overall profitability is also constantly declining.

. Liu Yanlong, secretary general of my country’s Chemistry and Physical Power Supply Industry Association, said due to the pressure of downstream new energy car enterprises, and the prices of upstream materials are high, the profit margin of the power lithium battery company is severely squeezed, and the difficult survival in the clamp, the market shuffling further Intensify. Recently, CATL announced the financial report, the revenue of 12.

592 billion yuan in the third quarter of this year, up to 28.80% year-on-year, but net profit decreased by 7.2% year-on-year.

It is worth noting that in the first two quarters of this year, CATL net profit reached 1.047 billion yuan and 1.055 billion yuan, and the third quarter profit declined to this year’s CATL this year’s first net profit decline in the quarter.

. As the “unicorn” in the field of domestic power lithium battery, the amount of CATL installed in the third quarter of this year is 7.79GWh, down 4.

4% from the previous month.. In fact, the influence is not only CATL, Tianqi lithium-based earnings report, this year’s three quarters, the net profit of shareholders at listed company is 1208 million yuan and -53.

92 million yuan, down 17.81% and 114.2% respectively.

. It is understood that this is the first time since the five and a half, the Tianqi lithostatic losses have emerged. It is expected that the lithium prices have been affected by factors such as lithium prices, product sales of hair interest rates, this year, net profit this year will appear 94.

55% – 96.36% decline. Data show that in 2017, my country’s powered lithium battery company has reached 155, and it has decreased to 105 in 2018.

. At present, domestic power lithium battery companies face the upstream dual pressure: On the one hand, the downstream car companies are facing subsidies to reduce their supporting price; on the other hand, the price of upstream raw materials has also brought pressure to the battery company. The number of power lithium battery companies continues to reduce.

According to industry, the profitability of the power lithium battery-related products has shrunk sharply in the first two years, and the battery company is already in a state of micro-profit and even loss.. At the same time, the prolongment of subsidy issuance, which also makes the power lithium battery company encountered a problem.

In this regard, the Secretary-General of Zhongguancun New Battery Technology Innovation Alliance said that there is currently 80 production companies in my country, which can really achieve only 40 packages, and ranked top ten companies Occupied more than 80% of the market share. Some domestic power lithium battery companies have begun to return to the 3C battery sector or steering energy storage industry..

The construction of the marriage car is not only the contracted pressure, but with the 2019 new energy car subsidized slope, 50% of the slope is not small in the production and sales of new energy vehicles.. It is worth mentioning that while the new energy car subsidy is announced, the local power lithium battery protection policy, which is called “white list”, is also known as the “white list”, and the foreign power lithium battery will enter our market without threshold.

my country’s powered lithium battery manufacturers will connect with foreign manufacturers, and local power lithium battery companies have been pushed to the market’s leading edge.. In this regard, many companies have begun to deal with the change of future market pattern.

. As a power lithium battery head company, from last year, the powerful lithium battery company – Dongfeng Times Battery System Co., Ltd.

, which is jointly established in Joint Dongfeng Automobile, established and built production in Dongfeng New Energy Automobile Industry Park.. This year, CATL announced that Toyota car established a comprehensive partnership in the field of new energy vehicles (NEV) power lithium batteries.

. CATL said that the future will increase the breadth and depth of cooperation with domestic and foreign brand vehicle manufacturers, in the stable mainstream market customer needs, high performance, low-cost product market, improve market share. At present, CATL and FAW, Geely, SAIC, Beiqi, Dongfeng, Guangzhou Automobile, Volvo have reached a deep cooperation relationship.

. Since 2017, CATL won the battery industry “Dragon Board”, BYD began to catch up, and the establishment of strategic cooperation in BYD and many host plants in 2018..

BYD Chairman Wang Chuanfu said that it plans to split BYD battery business, independent financing. This year, BYD and Toyota have signed a cooperation agreement, and the two sides will jointly develop electric vehicles. In 2024, BYD will launch a co-developed electric car in Japan in Japan.

. In addition to the two head companies, the dynamic lithium battery company Guoxuan Haoke and Beiqi new energy, Zhongtai, Chery and other new energy passengers have reached a cooperation, and the new energy multiplication is continuously added through joint venture factories, cross-shares. Use the weight of the market.

Industry insiders said that the competition of the future dynamic lithium battery company is cost-effective, local battery production companies must revolve reduced costs. How to reduce costs through technological innovation and industry-league mode to form a price advantage is the strategic system that domestic power lithium battery companies must quickly win..

At the same time, bind customers, to form a strong adhesion to the original customers, and expand new customers. .

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