Power lithium battery ‘car rules’ standards need to be established

Power lithium battery 'car rules' standards need to be established

Recently, due to the quality and safety of new energy power lithium batteries, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is about Jiangsu Zhihang New Energy Co., Ltd., requiring self-investigation.

Related data show that only 3 months from May to July this year, the statistics of new energy vehicles national regulatory platform found 79 electric car safety accidents, involving 96 vehicles. Electric vehicles have taken from multiple combustion, and the fire is more accounted in the battery..

The battery is called the “heart” of electric vehicles. At present, my country has not yet established a standard standard standard for powerful lithium battery manufacturing vehicles, and it is urgent to standardize the process and process standard from battery production..

The author learned that the technical standards of traditional battery manufacturers are derived from digital consumer electronics, and then the battery technology is gradually expanded, applied to electric bicycles and automotive fields.. In the rapid development of the battery industry, the use of lithium-ion batteries in the consumer field, mostly single and use the environment is not complicated, not bad, and good results have been achieved.

. However, the application is in the automotive field, not only in the face of complex driving conditions and harsh usage environments, but hundreds or even thousands of battery strings are used in parallel, which is to ensure battery production safety..

Although there is a battery manufacturing standard in the head battery production, but from the overall look, the standards that are uneven will also make the industry flood safety hazards.. The development of new energy vehicles is unstoppable.

In recent years, the two models of the development of Audi pure electric vehicles will be announced; the Lexus car exhibition debuts the first pure electric production car and will enter my country; the Great Wall BMW joint venture project light-speed automobile project started, domestic mini pure electric vehicles will come to life. At the same time, the first-line second-line brand pure electric army has flooded into our market, and the domestic car companies are not willing to show weakness..

At the Guangzhou Auto Show, no matter the traditional car company or the new power of the car, 500 yuan is launched.. It is foreseeable that future new energy vehicles compete will focus on battery life and safety.

. In addition, with my country’s power lithium battery subsidies, “white list” cancellation and other policy adjustments have gradually implemented, Japan and South Korea’s power lithium battery giants began to track my country’s new energy auto market, my country’s powered lithium battery is to compete in the competitive market Strive to make a place in the industry to develop a “car grade” standard to improve the manufacturing level of my country’s power lithium battery industry. What is the manufacture of car grade standards, the current industry has not unified.

According to industry, the application of new technologies is not simple in the automotive applications. It is necessary to develop from the requirements of the whole vehicle, and change the raw materials used in lithium-ion batteries, the accuracy of manufacturing, production and subsequent test standards, charging, etc..

The author notes that in recent years, the dynamic lithium battery companies and related field experts are also thinking and practicing this issue.. And at the same time, some battery companies have also begun to force, such as the recently put into production of honeycomb energy models AI intelligent power lithium battery factory, etc.

, want to do every technology, manufacturing, etc.. The power lithium battery industry enters a new round of deeper shuffle, in this round of shuffling, there must be responsible, and the company is responsible for the establishment of the industry “car standard standard”, to create a good industry ecology, for the world Supply template.


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