Power lithium battery 10 security issues and solutions

Power lithium battery 10 security issues and solutions

1. Solutions C-Group C Group C Group: Core, Battery Module Standardization By standardization can improve several aspects: (1) design, focus on the design of the battery, concentrate; (2) Production equipment, The degree of standardization of the equipment will also be higher accordingly, the equipment company products iterate faster; (3) Continuous improvement and related experience promotion This improves the safety technology level in the battery industry. Group D: The standardization of the standardized battery cells can reduce the repetition of low-level labor.

Electrical core standardization itself has great improvements to the safety performance of the battery, more manufacturers do the same standard battery, and the cost of the battery will decline, and the safety will improve.. From urgency and achieving, it is more urgent.

. 2. Group Safety Solutions D Groups D: Thermal Management Design is very important for battery safety.

The heat management design is good, the heat is balanced, and the BMS is very small, but the temperature before different batteries can be different. The voltage difference caused by the voltage is balanced because the battery is the temperature of the electrochemical energy, the positive is positive, the negative is negative correlation, the voltage difference is that the positive limit is greater, so the temperature of the temperature on its voltage is very big. Of course, the welding process is also an important aspect, and the welding process will result in the imbalance of internal resistance, so from these dimensions to improve its group safety.

. Group F group: Pack’s electrical management, thermal management security issues ultimately to break down to battery modules, using systematic methods to consider the safety of cells and PACK, BMS wants to do accurate detection, control and early warning for each battery. At the same time, it is impossible to ignore its life because of the safety of the battery, and we must ensure the safety of the battery.

. If there is no good life, I lost the reason for the use of lithium-ion batteries..

3. Solutions to battery management C Group C Group: BMS security policy lynds the battery system and develops corresponding security objectives, and performs measurement, identification, and processing security policies according to the target and verify. If the industry focuses on this work, it is possible to increase the level of battery safety in a short time.

. Group F: BMS detects, control, and warnings, we should fundamentally consider that the lithium-ion battery itself is unsafe. It is guilty for it.

It itself is an unsafe energy device, on the basis of BMS control. External heat loss, timely fire extinguishing mechanism and device, such as a fire, start the fire extinguishing device. 4.

Designing safety solutions F group: system design science, reasonable, production process control various battery materials, battery structure has excellent disadvantages, only different degrees of security impact, as long as designing science, manufacturing is sure Experience can create power lithium batteries that can be accepted by safety. 5. Resolution of charging safety A group: New battery fast medical check function Vehicle charging to perform 80% -90% to perform large current detection Physical examination.

Pack is made of a large current pulse charging and discharge, making a large current pulse charging at the end of the charging, making a large current pulse discharge, through this method, inconsistent battery combination Location, it may be a problem with the battery, may be problematic, or there is a problem with the data line, and these large current pulses will show some abnormalities.. Apply this method to the user, because the user ends with no detectable means except the charging pile.

Group D: The battery is electrically pulsed in the initial stage of the battery to detect the current of SOE and SOH charging of different batteries. In the initial stage of charging, it is pulse detection to it, discovers inconsistency, and issues a safety alert in advance..

Because in the initial stage of charging, the battery pack is normal temperature. When the charging end, the temperature of the battery PACK may have increased by 10 ¡ã or 15 ¡ã, resulting in unbalanced battery voltage, so it can detect its inconsistency in the error, smaller. In addition, in real-time diagnosis, detection, detection, detection, charging pile, and power grid, and fully guarantee the safety of charging safety.

6. Use a safe solution E group: How to guarantee people safety (1) in the single heat loss condition (1) There are some mature design methods: fire prevention materials, fire protection, fire-resistant treatment, As can be seen in the design of TSLA, it is indeed possible to delay the process of thermal out of control to a certain extent, delay the process of delaying the single heat loss to the whole set of heat loss..

(2) New personnel escape time, actively do some tests: smoke detection, chemical composition detection, thermal detection, etc.. (3) Do restriction processing: Do not allow the driver to use the regular power, through the limit of power mode, so that the car has certain motivation, but the power is weak, you can stop.

(4) New fire extinguishing equipment: At present, the national standard of electric passenger car is promoting new fire extinguishing equipment. The new fire extinguishing device may also have a good part, because now the design of the battery box will increase the explosion-proof valve, if sprayed a lot of gas or airgel It will cause internal pressure to increase, it may break the explosion-proof valve, bring another problem. If you accidentally detect the single heat loss, spray these things, may result in the scrap of the entire set of batteries, if the sprayed gas, liquid or semi-gel substance is more good choice to the battery, I hope there is this material Ability to achieve this effect.

(5) Vehicle design: In terms of vehicle design, new safety escape devices, electric vehicles and traditional cars are different, battery as the unique power source of electric vehicles, in the case of thermal out-of control, push electricity by cutting power, The door may not beaten, so if the vehicle is designed, if it can add fast, easy to open escape door or other escape device is also a viable option.. 7.

Solving Solutions D Groups D Group: BMS Monitoring, VCU Response, Big Data Analysis Car VCU VCU Response. When there is a safety problem, the driver can stop parking, or do some corresponding actions, and upload the BMS information collected by the VCU to the cloud for big data analysis, VCU has a smart learning process, improve the reliable security warning. sex.

8. Solution B Group: B Group: Develop daily maintenance processes and national relevant laws stipulate that there are very urgent and necessary vehicles, there are many standards without everyday maintenance or standards without national mandatory detection..

Traditional cars have forced testing, electric vehicles as new things, related safety, reliability has not reached the level of traditional cars, exactly every 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year to test, what project should be detected ( System sealing, electrical reliability, connection reliability, etc. must be detected, this is lacking relevant standards. More selling points now is that electric cars do not need to be maintained, but in fact, this completely and safe consciousness has launched, therefore, the state should formulate standards for mandatory detection, and the vehicle factory should also have forced testing project requirements.

. From feasibility, the national or industry formulate relevant standards, the vehicle factory develops testing, maintenance projects or manuals, is relatively easy to implement. 9.

Solving Solving Ideas for Safety Protection E Group: Overcharge, Overheating, Connection Security Problems (1) Solution to Over – Charge Problem BMS, Charging Machine, VCU Protection, the easiest is to protect by BMS, if BMS is not used It can be protected by a charging machine, and it can also be intervened by the vehicle VCU.. About the problem of over-charge, what is easier to solve from the technical solution, and the effect is also obvious.

(2) Solution to overheating problems During charging, overheating caused by overheating or connection impedance of the battery body causes thermal out-of control. The problem of overheating is to solve from two aspects, one is to reduce the density of the battery, reduce the connection impedance, which is essentially reduced risk; the second is to strengthen heat dissipation, we hope to take more effective during charging The heat dissipation measure, for example, by strengthening the air-cooled or liquid-cold measures, it can reduce the possibility of thermal out of control during the charging process, as well as temperature sampling, temperature sampling is accurate, how effective, reliably sampling the temperature point, this Maybe you have to match our hot emulation and actual test results..

(3) The problem of connecting the fault has occurred in Shanghai, and the flying line is charged and charging, and there is an accident that is charged in the underground garage. In fact, it is very large with the charging connection..

Charging the plug of the charging gun, as well as a plug in the ordinary car charger, if used for a long time, if the connection is unreliable will be hot. At present, there is already a requirement in the charging national standard, adding temperature sensors on the charging gun to collect the temperature of the charging gun during the charging process..

There is also the life of the charging gun and the plug socket to be strictly calculated and verified, and it is necessary to meet the service life requirements of the whole vehicle.. Daily inspection and maintenance, can determine that the contact of the plug socket has been reduced below a number, if it has been reduced to the security value, then it is certain to replace, and the charging connection problem is solved in these ways.

. 10. Safety level divided solutions C Group C Group C Groups: Industry Chain Cooperation, Ceremony Factory and Spare Parts Company Establish a specialized division of labor and collaborative systems in accordance with the requirements of the automotive industry, from APQP, PPAP, etc.

, according to the requirements of the automotive industry, The responsibility is clear, realizing the product full life cycle can be monitored, traceable, and from cooperation model changes to improve the safety level of the power lithium batter.

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