Power energy storage technology potential huge Ma Yun Gates and other competition investments

Power energy storage technology potential huge Ma Yun Gates and other competition investments

According to reports, renewable energy technology has achieved great progress in the past few decades, and ultimately makes solar and wind energy in price and fossil fuel competition.. But when the sun is not bright or the wind is no longer scraping, they will not work.

. Tedwiley, a new energy storage company, which stripped from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said: “If you want to use renewable energy as the world supply power, we will find a method to overcome this kind of Vigify so that we can get energy when you want..

“This means that the battery is used to store excess energy to make up for the changes of supply, but these batteries can not only accommodate daily, but also can be stored for several weeks and even months.. FormeNergy is particularly concerned about battery technology for storage capacity.

The company is designing a new battery based on sulfur, which can store a few months of renewable energy, while cost is only a small part of the current cost.. Billgates, Jeffbezos, Ma Yun (Jackma) and Riddbranson, Riddbranson, have been investive.

. Although the cost of lithium-ion batteries has dropped sharply in the past decade, their cost is still too high, not enough to cover longer usage, so that renewable energy is an important energy source of our power grid..

For this reason, Professor MIT (MIT), FORMENERGY Jointly founded YET-Mingchiang confirmed that one of the solutions that the company is seeking is “sulfur-flowbattery”. FormerNergy CEO Wili has found a battery entrepreneurial company Aquonenergy before Willi, and gains Gates’ funding. Willi admitted: “If the idea of ​​sulfur streaming battery is successful, it may completely rendering the power industry.

“The experimental results of Early sulfur battery in Chiang Yingming show that the rechargeable battery can be produced using sulfur replacement.. Sulfur is natural by-products of natural gas and refining, not only reserves, but also specially in long-term storage energy.

. He and Ph.D.

, the Energy Storage Mode Expert Mark Ferrara (MARCOFERRAR) concludes that renewable energy power generation, including this storage technology can change the global energy network, Completely replacing stone fuel. So far, FORMENERGY has never been willing to disclose specific details about new technologies..

Fluid batteries typically consist of two tanks containing some form, electroactive chemical elements. The liquid is pumped through a central charging chamber containing a positive and negative electrode (anode and cathode), which is also where energy storage and energy release process occurred..

The charging chamber is separated by a layer of film to two parts to ensure that the liquid does not touch each other.. The advantages of fluid batteries include easy to expand, long periodless life.

The disadvantage is that the energy density is low, and the components cost is higher.. The sulfur used by FormeNergy is inexpensive and rich, which greatly reduces costs.

. As described in “PV-Magazine” magazine, the battery uses sulfur in the anode, using an oxygenated liquid salt in the cathode..

Oxygen into and out cathode makes battery discharge and charging. Jiang Yeming explained: “This battery can inhale and exhale air, but it does not exhale carbon dioxide, but exhaled oxygen. The purpose of this is to create charge balance by absorbing oxygen into and out systems.

. “Formenergy current battery samples have only coffee cups so big.”.

The scalability of fluid batteries means that they can upgrade to the storage capacity of the grid level. In 2017, Jiang Yeming said: “The storage chemical cost of fluid batteries is the lowest in the battery..

“The cost is as low as $ 1 / kWh. Even if the cost of the edge system is added, the total cost of the battery may be as low as 10 US dollars / kWh, and the most advanced lithium-ion battery costs are currently used..

Storage is rapidly becoming “Holy Cup” in the field of renewable energy. Intermittent energy production of renewable energy (sunlight is sufficient or greater, the energy is higher, and the opposite is lower) makes it imperative to find the way to store energy..

Not just to store for a day or two, but over time, seasonal production will also change. Other technologies, such as pumping energy storage and compressed air storage, the current minimum cost is $ 100 / kWh, but geographic factors have seriously affected their potential. If the idea of ​​Elonmusk is correct, then the lithium ion battery is also close to this benchmark, but these batteries still have certain limitations on energy storage capacity.

. So far, FORMENERGY has raised $ 11 million, including 9 million US dollars from breakthrough energy companies (BEV), which is built by the above-mentioned science and technology giants..

The goal of this $ 1 billion risk investment fund is to invest in technologies to address climate change.. BEV said on the website: “Our goal is to create financial returns for our investment, each investment may significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We understand that doing so to create strength and flexibility, we are eager to help develop future energy solutions in a novel way.. “Other members of BEV include GeorgeSoros, Markzuckerberg, Sun Zhengyi (Masayoshison) and Michaelbloomberg.

So far, the fund has been invested in Formenergy, and another energy storage startup quideTenergy. If the fund keeps this investment speed, it will further promote the development of renewable energy. Renewable energy is currently the biggest development bottleneck is a storage problem.

With the continuous innovation and advancement of battery technology, we can store more solar and wind energy is just a problem.

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