Power charging lithium battery PACK process and instance

Power charging lithium battery PACK process and instance

In the context of the new country, the demand for lithium-ion batteries is getting bigger and larger. Many lead-acid batteries have also launched lithium-e-electric products; in fact, the lithium-ion battery pack crafts are not difficult, master this technology you can assemble the battery, no longer just It is no longer subject to people in the role of the manufacturer “battery porter”, the profits and after-sales are not subject to people; master a technology, there is “lithium” to go through the world. 1Pack Composition includes battery packs, bus bar, soft connection, protection board, outer packaging, output (including connector), cyancy paper, plastic bracket, etc.

, together with a joint composition of Pack. 2PACK Features 1 Battery Group Pack requires battery with high consistency (capacity, internal resistance, voltage, discharge curve, life). 2 The cycle life of the battery pack Pack is lower than the cycle life of a single battery.

. 3 Use (including charging, discharge current, charging mode, temperature, etc.) 4 under limited conditions, the battery voltage and capacity have a large increase in battery voltage and capacity, and it must be protected, and it is charged equalization, temperature, voltage.

And overcurrent monitoring. 5 Battery Pack must reach the design of the design, capacity requirements. 3PACK method 1 string and consists: the battery is passed and connected in series.

Convergence, the voltage is constant, the voltage is doubled in series, the capacity is unchanged, such as 3.6V / 10AH battery by single N18650 / 2AH through 5 and composed. First compact string: parallel due to internal resistance, heat dissipation will affect the battery cycle life in parallel.

However, a single battery failure is automatically exited. In addition to the reduction in capacity, it does not affect the use of parallel, and the work is more strict..

When a unit battery is short-circuited in parallel, it is very large to cause the wrapped circuit current, usually plus fuse protection technology to prevent. After the first string: according to the “set of battery capacity, it is first in series, such as 1/3 of the unit, finally in parallel, lowered the probability of large capacity battery pack. 2 Electrical Ball Requirements: Select the corresponding cell according to its own design requirements, and the battery requirements are consistent, the model is consistent, the capacity, internal resistance, and the voltage value difference is not more than 2%.

. In general, the battery is lost in parallel, the capacity loss is 2% -5%, the more the number of batteries, the more capacity loss..

Whether it is a soft packaging battery or a cylindrical battery, it is necessary to combine a combination of consistent, affecting the battery capacity, and the lowest capacity of the battery determines the capacity of the entire set of batteries.. Require large current discharge performance.

The motor start current is 3 times the normal operating current, and the large current discharge can improve motor power performance.. Request battery heat dissipation.

There are many batteries, the temperature rise of the battery in the battery box is not easy to spread, resulting in uneven temperature between each battery, no discharge characteristics, long-term battery performance. Production process level. Battery can withstand the vibration impact of bump road.

High production process, especially the spot welding process. After the welding is completed, test it to prevent deficiency welding, demold. 3Pack process: The battery is implemented in two ways, one is a commonly used welding method by laser welding or ultrasonic welding or pulse welding, the advantages are better reliability, but not easy to replace.

Second, through elastic metal sheets, the advantage is that no welding, battery replacement is easy, disadvantage can cause contact failure. Pack instance 4 charge and discharge time charging time (hour) = (battery capacity AHX charging coefficient) / charging current A discharge ratio: the discharge time of the battery is expressed or the hour coefficient required for the rated capacity of a certain discharge current To represent. Among them, the discharge ratio = rated capacity / discharge current 5 Slow assembly package package package Pack process, such as nickel, copper-aluminum composite bus, copper discharge, total total negative exchange flow, aluminum bus bar, also Use copper soft connection, aluminum soft connection, copper foil soft connection, etc.

. Working quality of bus and soft connection should be evaluated from these aspects. 1 Whether the material material is composite requirement, the bus row material is not up to the standard, and it is necessary to confirm whether the composite ROHS related requirements should be confirmed.

. 2 Key size processing is in place. Ultrafaw of key sizes may not cause a safe distance between high pressure devices during assembly, and cause serious safety hazards.

3 combination of hard-connected hard zones and stress absorption of soft areas. 4 The actual processing soft connection and the overcurrent capacity of the bus bar reaches the design standard, whether there is a damage in the insulated thermoplastic casing.

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